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3D Printers To Boost Your Product Designs


As an aspiring inventor, I had a great idea about 10 years ago that would have been perfect for a local grocery store chain. I needed a prototype of my product so I asked around and my friends referred me to a designer who was interested in my idea. She had a little production shop so I thought it was perfect.

I met with her on several occasions to review my idea in hopes that she would build it for me. However, she had her own ideas about how it should look and feel so we ended up arguing over the details instead of just making the darn prototype. A few months later, another company’s similar product was in the grocery store and my opportunity was lost forever.

Getting a product made 10 years ago had two major hurdles: expensive equipment or minimum orders. If you wanted something made you needed to contact a manufacturing plant or call up China and order 500 of something. Fast forward to today when 3D printers are at a stage where their price is affordable for the average small business in need of some excellent prototypes.

3D printing is considered to be the best and some of the most interesting advancements in marketing and design in the world today. This kind of technology helps in creating a small product part from just a scratch in just a few hours. Yes – this is what makes a personal 3D printer so popular and high in demand. With these printers, inventors or designer can move from the flat screen to the physical part they want in just a few steps. Designing is certainly simpler, easier and better with the use of these printers.


Product design has often been cumbersome as computers don’t allow us to ‘feel’ the product’s weight, size or texture. The advancements of these smart printers have resolved all kinds of issues which tend to arise between engineering and production. If you have already secured a 3D printer for your office, your business is definitely one step ahead of your competition that has yet to make the investment.

These printers are designed to offer great technology and a wonderful choice in the designing process of products. With these printers in your office, you are assured of complete focus and elimination of various barriers which you might come across during product development. The best features of these printers are their affordability, extreme utility and great 3D content. For instance, the cube 3D printer offer complete freedom in innovation and creativity, helping to build your product designs and allowing you to work at the office or at home.

If you still haven’t bought a 3D printer for your product design and development, you may be wasting a good deal of time and effort doing things the way of yesterday. Whether your company gets a 3D printer or not, it’s important for you to realize the pace of design that you now need to keep up with to be competitive.

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