What Does “Arrived at Sorting Center” Mean?

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What Does “Arrived at Sorting Center” Mean for Your AliExpress Order?

Hey there! So, you got a message about your AliExpress order that says “Arrived at Sorting Center.” What’s that all about, where’s your package, and do you need to do anything? Let’s find out!

Breaking Down “Arrived at Sorting Center”

When your AliExpress order reaches the “Arrived at Sorting Center” status, it means that your package has made its way to a big sorting place in China. This is where they group together lots of packages that are heading to the same place.

How Long Will Your Package Stay in This Status?

Well, here’s the thing: AliExpress standard delivery items can sometimes hang out at the sorting center for a while. It’s not uncommon for them to stay there for weeks.

Why the Wait?

There are a bunch of reasons for this. First, AliExpress says standard shipments can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. So, you might have to be patient.

The sorting center can also get really busy, which slows down the process of putting all the packages together. Plus, your package might be scheduled to go on a big ship, and that ship might not set sail for a while.

And there’s more – after all this sorting stuff, your package still has to go through customs and get loaded onto a cargo ship. Sometimes, you’ll get more updates during this part, but not always.

Hang in There, Even Though It’s Frustrating!

So, even though it can be super frustrating to see that “Arrived at Sorting Center” alert for a long time, it’s kinda normal for AliExpress standard delivery. Just keep an eye on your tracking and be patient – your package is on its way, even if it’s taking a bit longer than you hoped!

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Is There Anything You Should Do When You See the “Arrived at Sorting Center” Alert for Your AliExpress Order?

Alright, let’s talk about what you should do when you see that “Arrived at Sorting Center” status for your AliExpress order!

The Golden Rule: Be Patient!

First and foremost, take a deep breath and relax. Your package is still hanging out in China, and it’s got quite a journey ahead before it gets to you.

Here’s Some Wisdom from AliExpress Veterans:

You might hear some folks on Reddit and other places say something like, “Don’t stress, stop checking your tracking every minute, and only start thinking about what to do if your 60-day Buyer’s Guarantee is getting close to running out.”

So, What’s the 60-Day Buyer’s Guarantee?

Great question! This is a safety net for you. It’s a 60-day period where you can reach out to AliExpress and talk to the seller if your package hasn’t shown up. It’s kinda like an insurance policy.

Why 60 Days?

Well, it’s a sign of how long it can take for an average order to reach places like Europe or the Americas from China. It can be a bit of a wait sometimes.

Premium Delivery Should Be Faster, Right?

You might have gone for Premium delivery, which AliExpress says should take 1 to 2 weeks. These are faster because they fly on airplanes.

But What If Premium Delivery Is Stuck Too?

If your Premium delivery status hasn’t budged for more than that time and you still haven’t received your order, it’s time to contact the seller.

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What Could Cause Delays?

Delays can happen for various reasons, like customs stuff or issues at the sorting center. Sometimes, there are backlogs or not enough workers. Plus, recent events (like COVID developments in China) can also have an impact.

Remember, the 60-Day Buyer’s Guarantee Has Your Back!

No matter which type of delivery you picked, that 60-day guarantee is there for you. So, if you start to worry that something’s gone wrong with your shipment, reach out to the seller and make sure to open a dispute if needed.

In the end, patience is the name of the game when ordering stuff from faraway places like China. Your goodies will arrive, just hang in there! 📦✈️⏳🤝

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Arrived at Sorting Center” mean on AliExpress?

“Arrived at Sorting Center” means that your package has been received at the sorting center and is currently being sorted for delivery.

How long does it take for a shipment to arrive at the sorting center?

The arrival time at the sorting center depends on various factors such as the shipping method chosen, the origin and destination country, and the carrier. It can take anywhere from a few hours to several days.

What happens after my package arrives at the sorting center?

After your package arrives at the sorting center, it will be sorted and dispatched to the next facility for further processing and delivery.

What should I do if my package has been stuck at the sorting center for a long time?

If your package has been stuck at the sorting center for an unusually long time, you should contact the seller or carrier to inquire about its status and estimated delivery time.
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