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The Benefits Of Drinking Water


Welcome to my simple guide I wrote to help you learn easily about the benefits of drinking water and daily water intake. Here you’ll find how just a few more glasses of water each day can prevent some serious disorders and health issues.

I hope it’ll refresh your memory about all those “water means life” type of things you’ve been hearing during your school years and later on in life. Maybe you’ll find yourself somewhere in my points below, drinking water as much as you should or maybe not quite.

However, should this lens make you start drinking more water and feel better because of it, my mission of writing it will be accomplished.

Body Cells Replenishment

Water fills both inner and inter cellular space in our entire body, so it’s obviously very important to maintain the healthy level of it. Blood vessels are those that deliver water to cells. However, when there’s not enough water in the blood system to begin with, body reacts with the natural self defense. It basically pushes up the blood pressure in order to allow blood vessel to inject as little water as they have left, through tiny holes of the cell membrane into the cell to restore the inner water level. Now imagine that happening all over your body at the very same time.

So proper daily water intake in order to prevent high blood pressure is definitely something that should be taken seriously.


By drinking enough water every day, we enable our body to literally flush all the toxins away. By doing so, we indirectly prevent all kinds of possible disorders that may occur in case of dehydration. For example, we avoid unpleasant headaches that happen when body needs water, fatigue and lack of energy in general. Enough water is essential for the kidneys to work properly i.e. to eliminate the mentioned toxins through urine. So, if your daily water intake is lower than it should be, less urine is produced and more toxins stay circulating through your body, causing digestion disorders, overweight and many more.

Body Temperature Regulation


Water is the main regulatory component when it comes to body temperature. Muscles contractions and metabolic processes produce significant heat and water lowers the temperature by absorbing and transmitting the heat through lungs and skin (breathing, sweating). For example, with every liter (approx. 0.3 gallon) of sweat that comes out of the body, approx. 600 kcal of heat is released and the regular body temperature is maintained at the average of 37 degrees C (98.6 degrees F).

Joint And Eye Lubrication – More Benefits Of Drinking Water

Moisturizing of eyes and joint is essential for their proper functioning.

Water is for joint what an oil is for a machine. It allows them to move smoothly and to avoid traumas more successfully.

When it comes to our eyes, water is necessary for flushing away all the dust and dirt, but also any bacterias which might cause an eye infection.

Tissues Protection Against Trauma

Optimally accumulated water in our body helps it to significantly reduce consequences of traumas such as bruises, sudden blood loss or inflammation. It helps body to release tissue debris caused by trauma and that way it shortens the healing period. The reason far water being so helpful in these situations is again very simple – our blood contains over 80% of water and in case of bleeding that’s the first component that must be renewed.

The best example of “cushion effect” water has in our body is the example of the amniotic fluid that protects the fetus during the pregnancy.

“OK, so what should my exact daily water intake be?”

0.5 oz per each pound of your body weight (that’s 75 oz for a 150 lb person, or 9 regular size glasses)

Learn The Benefits Of Drinking Water – It’s For Your Own Good

The easiest way of testing if you drink enough water is by the color of your urine. If it’s transparent or light yellow your water intake is sufficient, but if it’s dark yellow then you should drink more water.

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