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Best Backup Apps For Android Free Download


There are times when people try and stifle and suck back their tears when one picks up one’s phone after noticing the extent of the broken state of one’s phone. With insured cellphones one can be sure of having another phone in hand in the next two weeks. But what actually matters is that the data and important information is lost for good. But with advent of backup utility applications it is observed that everyone these days prefer backing up their files. Some applications, in this domain have proved to be better than others. So given below is a list of some of the best backup apps for Android.

Best Backup Apps for Android


This application is one of the newest and reputed releases in this genre of applications. There are many features of this app which has branded it as one of the best. This application not only has the feature for backing the data up but also can synchronize data from one’s device to another. By default, this application stores the app data so that time is saved. The best thing is that it’s very simple to save data through this application, it’s just a swipe away. It doesn’t get any easier.

Helium – Download

Titanium backup

This is one of the classic apps and can be termed as one of the earliest in this genre. It is also one of the most popular applications for backup and restoration. It is liked by people who are into hacking their cellphones. This is not optimal for inexperienced android users as it requires some high end root. This application benefits those who look for a nice UI.

Titanium Backup – Download

My Backup

This is another such application which has been around since the earliest of days of Android. This has been a benchmark or milestone for other new backup apps that have been developed. The simplicity with which it stores the data and media on the internal storage or on cloud servers. There are innovative updates available for this application which can also manage sharing and syncing of data between more than one devices. This is fairly simple to use and apart from application storage it also supports alarms, system settings etc.

My Backup – Download

Ultimate Backup

Being an application providing lot of options it is rated as presently the best application in the category. The best feature is that it offers utility features and quite exciting User Interface customizations. Storage for many things like Apps, SMS, contacts,app data, and other phone data options are all taken care of. Rooted users have the liberty to even restore from their Android backups. Based on the looks this application has, it is leading the race by a mile.

Ultimate Backup – Download

App Backup & Restore

This is one of the simplest applications and does the work it is actually meant for and a little more. It is the best option for those who do not intend to restore or backup app data but are mainly worried about saving the applications backup without any fuss. This doesn’t give much of options which usually proves to be a great thing.

App Backup and Restore – Download

These applications are a necessity in a device and its advantages are numerous. One should always go ahead and try many more such best Backup Apps for Android and save their data.

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