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Top 10 Free MS Office Alternatives For Windows


MS-Office is used almost every day for all the word processing work but its high price can’t be afford by all the users, specially the basic users who need it for working their small assignments like things. So not only MS-Office but many other such softwares are available on the internet, top 10 of those softwares are listed below:

Top 10 Free MS Office Alternatives

1. SoftMaker FreeOffice

The Softmaker FreeOffice is an efficient and highly reliable tool to let the user perform all types of documents’ operations like creating documents, performing Excel calculations, designing presentations and all other MS Office features. It is an user-friendly and easy to use application with many good features in it.

2. LibreOffice

For all the document related operations whether it is creating simple documents, spreadsheets, presentations or managing a database, this software is one of the best in this category. It is a free software with all the features similar to MS Office and that are handy with an intuitive interface provided for the user.

3. Kingsoft Office Suite

One of the best in the softwares similar to MS Office, the Kingsoft Office Suite is an affordable and highly compatible document handling tool. The presentations, spreadsheets and ordinary documents are effectively managed and edited using this software and also unlike the other freeware there are no pop-ups in it.

4. Google Docs

The successful Google Company has now launched an web application to manage the documents, design presentations and create surveys effectively from anywhere, anytime. Also with their Google Drive app these documents can be accessed and managed from anywhere. An highly advanced alternative for MS Office.

Access google docs from

5. Apache OpenOffice

The Apache OpenOffice includes several desktop applications like word processor, presentation builder, spreadsheet program, drawing program and many other similar features to create and manage your work using the documents available in it. It is an open source and so any knowledgeable developer can benefit from this source.

6. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is another web based document creating and managing application similar to the Google Docs. The application allows to easily create, organize, manage and share the documents of all types like simple, presentations or spreadsheets etc. The documents can be accessed from anywhere through the website

7. SSuite Office

SSuite office is a free application for word processing that features in it almost all the required tools like creating presentations, managing spreadsheets and editing simple documents, and this all in a small and fast package. The interface used is simple and easy to use by anyone with just basic knowledge.

8. AbiWord

AbiWord is an open-source and a free web processing software available on the internet. It is an easy to use application as the interface is almost similar to that of MS Word. Many plug-ins are available for it that can be downloaded to enhance the features even more.

9. GetDiz

GetDiz is another full-featured word processor and a good text editor with its simple and easy user interface and fast speed. Not as advanced as MS Office but still for a free software it can do almost all the word editing and managing work efficiently.

10. PaperPort

With its additional feature of reading, editing and sharing the PDF files as well, this freeware is an easy-to-use document managing and organizing software. With its scanning and organizing features you can get rid of all the bundles of hard copies stacked on your desk.

So these were the Top 10 Free MS Office Alternatives that can provide you almost the same features as present in Microsoft Office totally free.

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