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Top 7 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Best Speakers: Top 7 Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers – Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers: No matter how expensive your smartphone or tablet is, the output of sound continues to remain a dismal affair. Hence, wireless Bluetooth speakers are your only option. And indeed, it’s a great one. Here we have listed seven best wireless Bluetooth speakers that can be paired up instantly with your smart devices and serve up to be a great companion when you are looking for some serious jam sessions or looking to boost your music output while traveling or relaxing at your home.

Best Speakers: Top 7 Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers – Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The BIG JAMBOX has the ability to easily transform any smart device into a unique hi-fi portable sound machine and works great for any Smartphone or tablet of your choice. Hence, it easily enhances both your viewing and listening pleasures. With JAMBOX, you can easily fill vast spaces with a loud sound output owing to its dual passive bass radiators and precision controlled drivers.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with rechargeable battery

An excellent choice for a wireless Bluetooth speaker system, that runs smoothly on rechargeable batteries. Sound boasts full on bass and is accompanied with great highs and mids. The ergonomics are too good to take your eyes off. However, sound enthusiasts can be a bit disappointed as this model doesn’t have any Line-in input.

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker (Color – Black)

Bose Sound Link Color Bluetooth speaker is certainly one of the very few Bluetooth speakers that boast fine craftsmanship and utility in equal proportions. The ergonomics depict great build quality and one can pair of devices by making effective use of voice prompts feature. The compact speaker promises to deliver a solid 8 hours of music from a single Li-ion battery.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III

If you believe in the power of music, then this is one great choice for a wireless Bluetooth speaker that has enhanced the sound output of your device and let you cast a spell of music like never before. Incomparable bass, compact design, great range (up to 30 feet) and extremely portable as it can easily fit into any small corner of your backpack without you having to push and reshuffle the position of your clothes and other accessories.

They say big things come in small packages. The old saying is just perfect for the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II (Carbon). A small speaker that gives a huge output owing to the presence of a built-in speakerphone and is complemented with the voice prompts that offers seamless connectivity for one and all smart devices.

Things to know before buying

It is important to know about the key features and the qualities of these wireless Bluetooth speakers before you buy them so that you can form a thorough understanding and form a good comparison so as to choose the best from the lot. The following questions shall help you gain ground.

  • What use can I put the Bluetooth speakers into?

  • Firstly, a Bluetooth speaker is an excellent piece of choice if your smartphone or tablet produces low sound.
  • A wireless Bluetooth speaker gives you freedom from hooking your gadget to a wall jack and thus contributes to unnecessary clutter.
  • Wireless Bluetooth speakers are also a great option for private parties and for listening to music while you are on the go.
  • One should always check for the range of battery that the Bluetooth speaker uses and the capacity so as to suffice your music play and duration as such.
  • Also, you should also check whether the brand of Bluetooth speaker that you buy offers a seamless Bluetooth connectivity
  • One should also ensure that the Bluetooth speaker should not only be loud, but it should also be crisp and clear.
  • Features of a Bluetooth speaker

  • Small and compact; easily move it from room to room or take with you
  • Up to 15 hours of continuous play on a single charge
  • Connects via Bluetooth or 3.5mm stereo cable

So what are you waiting for? Just take your best pick from the list above and start playing

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