7 Best Shared Calendar Apps Of 2024

David Hughes
David Hughes
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Need to stay organized and keep everyone in the loop? 📅

A shared calendar app is your go-to solution! Whether it’s for keeping your family updated, planning with friends, or tracking work deadlines with colleagues, these apps make it super easy.

Stay tuned as we dive into the best options available to help you stay connected and organized!

Best Shared Calendar Apps:

#1 Cozi Family Organizer: Best for Busy Families

Cozi Family Organizer is a free app that shines as an organizational tool for parents, helping manage every family member’s schedule in one centralized spot. It offers color-coded calendars to easily distinguish each person’s activities at a glance.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Well-organized setup Some features cost extra
Built-in shopping and to-do lists Ads (unless upgraded)
Available across major mobile platforms

Awesome Features:

  • Automated emails: Weekly or daily updates sent directly to your inbox.
  • Reminders: Never miss an important event.
  • Shared lists: Allows everyone to contribute to shopping and to-do lists.

Availability: Android, iPhone, Windows phone, or desktop.

📥 Download now for iOS or Android and simplify your family organization!

#2 Family Wall: Best for Keeping Up With Relatives’ Activities

Family Wall offers a blend of calendar and social media functionalities, making it a personal network for families. This app extends beyond scheduling to include task lists and instant messaging.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Social media-style setup Premium features cost extra
Create multiple groups

Premium Perks:

  • Location check-ins: Send updates on your whereabouts.
  • Multiple groups capability: Tailor interactions for different social circles.

📲 Download Family Wall for iOS or Android and connect more dynamically with your family and friends!

#3 Google Calendar: Best for Gmail Users

Google Calendar is celebrated for its straightforward functionality and Gmail integration, facilitating efficient schedule management and event creation.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Seamless Gmail Integration Notification issues on some devices
User-Friendly Design

Sharing Features:

  • Shared Calendars: Allows for easy viewing and updates by all participants across any device.

🌟 Download Google Calendar for iOS or Android to enhance productivity and streamline your schedule!

#4 iCloud Calendar: Best for Mac and iOS Users

iCloud Calendar is the go-to for those deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem, offering synchronization across all Apple devices and the ability to share schedules with non-iCloud users.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Seamless Integration with iCloud Apple-Only Compatibility
Send Calendars to Non-iCloud Users

Key Benefits:

  • Cross-Device Syncing: Updates appear across all devices.
  • Inclusive Sharing: Share your schedule beyond the Apple user base.

🌐 Sign in to iCloud and manage your appointments more effectively across your Apple devices!

Outlook Calendar is designed for serious scheduling, seamlessly integrating with your Outlook email for enhanced coordination and productivity.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Advanced Scheduling Tools Requires Microsoft 365 Subscription
Integrated with Outlook

Key Features:

  • Group Schedules: Create and manage group calendars to streamline collaborations.
  • Share Availability: Easily coordinate meetings by sharing when you’re available.

Availability: Available with a Microsoft 365 subscription, which includes access across iOS, Android, PC, or Mac.

🔗 Download Outlook Calendar and optimize your scheduling across devices.

#6 Zoho Calendar: Best for Growing Businesses

Why Zoho Calendar Stands Out: Zoho Calendar is an efficient part of the Zoho suite, ideal for managing busy schedules and syncing with existing calendar apps.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Automated Meeting Reminders Excessive Integrations
API Connectivity

Additional Features:

  • Calendar Sharing: Share your calendar via URL to keep teams and family updated.
  • Embed Schedules: Embed your calendar on websites for public events or team availability.

Download Zoho Calendar for a seamless integration into your business workflow, available for iOS and Android.

#7 Fantastical Calendar: Best Mac Alternative

Fantastical Calendar is a robust alternative for Apple users, offering advanced features and seamless syncing across all Apple devices.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
Autocomplete Suggestions Mac-Only for Desktop
Intuitive Interface Limited Free Version

Exciting Features:

  • Multiple Themes and Color-Coding: Easily organize and view your schedule.
  • Smart Suggestions: Efficiently find optimal times for meetings.
  • Interesting Calendars: Automatically integrates important events like TV shows and sports games.

📅 Download Fantastical for a comprehensive scheduling experience on macOS or iOS.


Choosing the right shared calendar app can revolutionize how you manage your daily activities, whether for personal use, coordinating with family, or handling business operations.

Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar are consistent favorites for users committed to their respective ecosystems, thanks to their seamless integration and solid performance.

The optimal calendar app for you hinges on your unique needs—be it advanced business functionalities, family scheduling, or straightforward task management.

We recommend diving in and testing these options yourself to discover which one truly helps you stay organized and connected most effectively.

🚀 Ready to take control of your schedule? Download the app that best fits your lifestyle today and start managing your time like a pro!


1. What is the best calendar app for families?

Cozi Family Organizer is highly recommended for families looking to manage their schedules effectively. It includes features like color-coded calendars and built-in shopping lists, making it easy for everyone to stay updated.

2. Can I use Outlook Calendar if I don’t have a Microsoft 365 subscription?

While Outlook Calendar is free with a Microsoft 365 subscription, its basic functionality might be limited without it. To fully enjoy its features, a subscription is recommended.

3. Are there any calendar apps that integrate well with Apple devices?

Fantastical Calendar and iCloud Calendar are excellent choices for Apple users. They offer seamless integration across all Apple devices, including Macs and Apple Watches.

4. Which calendar app offers the best tools for business scheduling?

Zoho Calendar is great for businesses, especially those in growth mode. It offers features like API connectivity to sync with other apps and automated meeting reminders.

5. Is there a free calendar app that also works for Android users?

Google Calendar is a free option that works well for both Android and iOS users. It provides efficient event management and integrates seamlessly with Gmail.

6. What are the unique features of Fantastical Calendar that might justify its cost?

Fantastical Calendar stands out with features like autocomplete suggestions, multiple themes, color-coding, and the Interesting Calendars tool, which automatically adds events related to your interests, such as TV shows and sports.

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