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The Best To-Do Things Apps And Checklists In Android


For people who like to sort out their list of activities for the day, there are ton of apps to help them with. Android developers have always been bringing up apps which work as a good alternative for the traditional pen and paper method. Here, we are showcasing some of the best, most popular checklist and things-to-do-list apps you can try in your smart phone.

#1 Evernote:


Its been more than 10 years, that Evernote first appeared on Play Store. Initially it was meant solely for taking down notes and keep an archive of all the valuable daily activities, but the app has surely gained popularity ever since and it can now be found in every smart phone.

The best parts are the sleek design and the presence of numerous features. The text editor can be easily synced with your other phones and PC. Even if you’d like to use it without your phone, you can simply go their website and do your work. This gets updated automatically.

#2 Astrid Tasks & To-do List:


Another to-do app with great features. The only thing which separates it from Evernote is that the features don’t keep popping up, giving you a smooth interface. Users can share their lists easily with their friends and colleagues with just one tap at the task bar. The “divide and conquer” feature is the best one for family members, where they can share and known about each other’s work.

#3 Google Keep:


This app has been recently launched, but is quickly picking up. The App allows users to quickly take down notes and recall it easily on any multi-platform as it is powered by the Google Drive Sync. It is useful to take down notes, voice notes, mix your notes with pictures for easier remembrance.

Upon comparing this to other check list apps, it appears as a very basic and easy to operate app with the same amount of features. This is new and is likely to grow more.

#4 Any.DO:


Not just the basic checklist features, but this app allow users to snooze upcoming tasks, sync with Google Tasks, take notes and collaborate with other users. The interface is quite attractive and its one app worth trying once. The calendar feature in the app works as a good scheduler.

#5 Todoist:


This app offers more or less the same features like any of the app above, the only thing which makes it stand out is that you can get an overviews of the past day’s activities. The app also has categorical list, where you can arrange your activities.

The app is very simple to use, easy to take down notes and it offers interactive widgets that are very comfortable and easy to use. The only negative point is that you wont be getting notifications and you wont be able to email your tasks until you get a paid version, which may cost you around $30 a year.

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