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Best Tricks To Make Your Mobile Unreachable


Due to some circumstances we don’t want to listen someone but the person is important to us. What should we do? The best way is to make our mobile not reachable. May be your mobile is the one device to contact with them and your mind doesn’t permit you to receive their call. So make your mobile unreachable. Come with me I will show you some tricks to make it unreachable.

Tricks To Make Your Mobile Unreachable

The first way is to remove your battery from mobile without making it switch off or keep the mobile in aeroplane mode. This is not possible for all kind of mobile. Some mobile says switched up. Test with another mobile to conform your trick to survive. Another trick is dialing a call by removing the battery cover, when it start ringing pull the battery. These are some of the easy tricks to make unreachable.

Here is another trick where you don’t need to remove your battery. Set up: Menu> Setting> Network and Operator setting> Network selection. There you will find Automatic and Manual. By default the mobile will be in Automatic, change that to Manual. It will search for the all possible networks. Then select any other network avoiding your own network. It will give you a massage and network will be lost. Now don’t use the phone and leave it. It is the best way to make mobile unreachable. You can move to Automatic when you need to use your phone. If you have aluminum wraps than cover the mobile with this wrap. It will avoid the network.

Another way is to forward your call to the dead land line phone and also to the dead SIM whose registration is failed. When this process is done the caller will find your mobile not reachable and your phone will be found out of coverage area. Or you will take a GPRS pack and download apps, which will make unreachable.

Cell phone signal blocker pouch is the most affective trick which could be possible with the help of the third party. This is the best application to jam the network signal. You can download that by amazon app store. Search a no network place in your home and keep your mobile, which will jam the network. It can be a room in the basement or any iron box. Before using this trick you must have a trail.

If your SIM is not under the battery than pull out the SIM and again insert it. It will show not reachable. To make it reachable you have to restart your mobile. If you are an Android user than you can go for the reject list. Make a list of contact number and put them in reject list. This facility is not available to all mobiles. So those mobile have that facility could use that.

These are some of the tricks to avoid the calls to which you don’t like to be in contact. Let them make call to you. They will listen “The mobile number you are calling is out of coverage area, please call back after some time”.

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