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Best Watches Under 200 Dollars


Discount Best Watches under 200 Dollars – Top 5 Best-Selling Watches for You – You always wanted that one special watches which comes into your budget as well as gives an overall awesome look on you. If you cannot afford the luxury brands of Rolex and Omega watches, don’t worry.

We get an awesome collection of Best Watches under 200 Dollars which not only fit into your budget but also get amazing features and standard quality. In this article, we get Top 5 Best Selling Watches and our reviews on them, through which you can get a clear picture of what actually you want.

There are certain factors which are to be considered before buying a watch online. Four of the factors which we think, very important are Design, Quality, Cost, and Variety. With respect to these four factors, consider a few things before buying any watch.

Thing to Know Before Buying Watches:

  • Check the design of the watch before you buy one. If you are a man, it’s important for you to understand that designs vary for different occasions. You can go with a luxury or smart watch for office wear. But for outdoor and sports purpose, it’s important to choose a proper one which is water resistant and strong.
  • Check with the time capabilities of the watch you choose. If it’s a smart watch, you need to know the features it is offering and if the product is worth what you pay.
  • Always remember that spending more bucks will not give you the quality and a relatively affordable watch is not always low on quality. Many luxury brands like Rolex may offer you a product for $1000. But some other brands may offer you the exact similar product for the much affordable price. Choose wisely.
  • Check with the quality of the product you are choosing to buy online. Sometimes, the product you order online may have internal manufacturing problems with respect to the timer and battery. Make sure you file a complaint as soon as possible.
  • Select the material of the watch wisely. It is always important to consider the material with which the chain/straps of the watch is made of.

Discount Best Watches under 200 Dollars – Top 5 Best-Selling Watches for You

Now that you know the things to be considered before buying Watches under 200 Dollars, Check out the following List of Top 5 Best Selling Watches:

Pebble Time Smartwatch

If you are looking out for a smart watch, this can just be the one you want. Pebble Time Smartwatch comes with an affordable price of $169.99. It has some attractive features like Water Resistance up to 30 meters and a Built-in microphone which allow you to take voice notes. The best part is that it also sends voice replies via SMS, Gmail, Facebook messenger and Whatsapp.


  • 7 days of Battery Life
  • 30 Meters Water Resistance
  • LED Display
  • Easy Buttons
  • Vibrator for Alerts and Alarms
  • USB Enabled Charging Slot
  • Microphone for taking voice notes and replying to messages

Casio Men’s PRW-3000-1ACR Protrek Sports Watch

From one of the most popular brands of Casio, this particular product calls itself a Protrek watch which is ideal for sports persons. With Tough Solar power and up to 100M water resistance, this product is even suitable for divers. You can set up to five alarms every day. The best part of this product is its Solar rechargeable. Once completely charged, it works for complete 7 months.


  • Solar Rechargeable Battery which has a battery life of 7 months, once completely charged.
  • LED Display
  • Can set up to Five Alarms
  • Easy Button Operation
  • 100m Water Resistance

Seiko Men’s SSC017 Solar Dive Stainless Steel Dive Watch

Yet another amazing product from our list of Best Watches under 200 Dollars is the Seiko Men’s SSC017 Solar Dive Stainless Steel Dive Watch which is specifically for deep divers. This watch provides water resistance up to 200 m. Perfect for navy officers, water sports, and diving. However, it may not be perfect for Scuba Diving and very deep water activity.


  • Battery Assistance with Solar Power
  • Dial has Hours, Minutes and Seconds marker
  • 200m Water Resistance
  • Analog Display

Seiko Men’s SSC081 Adventure-Solar Classic Casual Watch

Another piece from Seiko which we found the second best is Seiko Men’s SSC081 Adventure-Solar Classic Casual Watch. This piece comes at just $154.85 with awesome features like water resistance up to 330feet. Swimmers can choose this product for snorkeling and everyday swimming. With Analog display and a leather strap, this will be suitable for rough users and sports persons.


  • 100 m water resistance( Suitable for swimming)
  • Alarm Enabled
  • Solar powered battery

Motorola Moto 360 – Black Leather Smart Watch

Here comes the topper of our list of Best Watches under 200 Dollars. Motorola Moto 360 comes at just $148.25 with awesome features like voice recording, time updates, health and fitness tracker and many more. This would be a perfect choice for anyone who wants a smart watch under budget. This works amazingly well.


  • Bluetooth assistance( Can be paired with any android device)
  • Health and Fitness Tracking enabled
  • Voice recorder and voice response
  • Set Alarms and Updates

So this is the awesome list of Best Watches Under 200 Dollars. Hope you find the one that you need and the one which suits you best. Always remember to check the quality of the watch, but not the brand.

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