Blink Sync Module Offline (Easy Way to Reconnect!)

David Hughes
By David Hughes 15 Min Read

Hey there! Do you have a Blink camera at home? If you do, you might have noticed something a bit annoying: your Blink Sync Module sometimes just stops working and goes offline. Don’t worry, it’s a super common issue. I’ve had to deal with it a few times myself.

The Good News: There’s an Easy Fix!

When your Blink Sync Module decides to take an unexpected break, there’s a simple trick to get it back on track. All you need to do is give it a quick restart, also known as power-cycling. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Unplug the Power: Start by taking the Sync Module out of its power socket. Just pull the plug out, easy-peasy!
  2. Wait a Bit: Now, just hang tight for about 10 seconds. Maybe count to ten slowly or just take a few deep breaths.
  3. Plug It Back In: After those 10 seconds are up, plug the Sync Module back into the power socket.

Once you’ve done that, your Sync Module will start rebooting. Keep an eye out for a solid blue and green light – that’s the sign you’re looking for. It means everything is going smoothly!

🕒 Give It Time: Remember, your Sync Module is like us after waking up; it needs a little time to get going. So, be patient and allow it some time to reconnect successfully.

Power-cycle your Sync Module

Got a Blink Sync Module that’s not cooperating? Here’s the first thing you should try: power-cycling. Now, you might be wondering, “What’s power-cycling?” It’s just a fancy way of saying turning something off and then back on. It’s like hitting the reset button on your favorite video game when it gets stuck.

Power-Cycling: Quick and Often Effective!

Believe it or not, power-cycling can fix the problem for more than half of you out there! It’s super simple, yet a lot of folks don’t try it. Maybe it seems too easy or too good to be true, but trust me, it’s worth a shot.

Here’s How to Do It:

  1. Unplug the Power Cord: First up, find the power cord at the back of your Blink Sync Module and unplug it. Just pull it out from the socket.
  2. The Waiting Game: Now, wait around 10 seconds. During this time, your Sync Module is getting a quick rest.
  3. Plug It Back In: After those 10 seconds, it’s time to wake it up. Plug the power cord back into the Sync Module.

What to Look For:

  • After you plug it back in, your Sync Module will start rebooting.
  • Keep an eye out for a solid blue and green light – that’s the jackpot! It means your Sync Module is back online and ready to go.
  • But, if you see a solid blue light with a blinking green one, it’s not quite there yet. This means you’ll need to set it up again, just like when you first got it.
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Reset your Sync Module

So, power-cycling didn’t do the trick? No worries! The next thing to try is resetting your Sync Module. This is like giving it a fresh start. Here’s how you can do it:

Finding the Reset Button:

  1. Look for the Button: The reset button is a little sneaky. It’s hiding either on the side of the Sync Module, just above the USB port, or it’s on the back at the bottom. It’s pretty small, so you’ll need to look closely.
  2. Press the Button: Once you’ve found the button, it’s time to press it. You can use the end of a ballpoint pen or straighten out a paper clip to help you. Gently push the reset button until you feel a click.
  3. Hold for 5 Seconds: Keep that button pressed for about 5 seconds. Imagine you’re counting slowly to five – one elephant, two elephants, and so on.

What Happens Next:

  • After you press the button, you’ll see the Sync Module flash a red light. This is its way of saying, “I’m resetting!”
  • Wait for about 15 seconds, and then you should see a blinking blue light along with a solid green light. This means your Sync Module is ready to roll again.

Re-adding the Sync Module in the App:

  • Once you see the blinking blue and solid green light, it’s time to grab your phone.
  • Open the Blink app and follow the steps to re-add your Sync Module.

Power-cycle your WiFi router/modem

Okay, so it looks like power-cycling and resetting your Blink Sync Module didn’t solve the problem. No stress! The next thing we can try is to restart your WiFi router or modem. This is because sometimes the issue isn’t with your Sync Module but with your internet connection.

Here’s How to Power-Cycle Your Router/Modem:

  1. Unplug the Power: Start by unplugging your WiFi router or modem from its power source. Just like unplugging a lamp or a toaster, it’s that simple.
  2. Wait a Little Longer This Time: Now, you’ll need to wait about 60 seconds. This is a bit longer than when we reset the Sync Module, but it’s important. During this time, any leftover power in your router/modem gets a chance to drain out completely.
  3. Plug It Back In: After the 60 seconds are up, plug your router/modem back into the power source.

Why Do We Wait?

  • Waiting helps to clear out the memory of your router/modem.
  • It ends any tasks that were stuck and reloads the firmware, which is like the brain of your router/modem.
  • This full reboot can help your router/modem to reconnect properly with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Checking the Results:

  • After your router/modem boots up again, take a look at your Blink Sync Module.
  • If you see a solid blue and green light, it means success! Your Sync Module should be back online.
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Move Sync Module to a new location

Alright, if moving your Sync Module didn’t help, it’s time for a little change of scenery. Moving your Sync Module to a new location could be the game-changer we’re looking for. Let’s dive into how to do it right.

Two Key Things to Keep in Mind:

  1. Distance from Your WiFi Router/Modem: The Sync Module needs to be close enough to your WiFi router or modem. This is how it gets all the important info from the Blink servers.
  2. Distance from Your Blink Cameras: It also needs to be in a good spot to chat with your Blink cameras using radio waves.

Understanding the Signal Strength:

  • Your Sync Module talks to your WiFi and sends commands to your cameras.
  • Your cameras then send back images and notifications through WiFi.
  • To make sure everything works smoothly, you want to see at least three bars of signal strength on your Sync Module and your cameras. This means they’re getting a good connection.

Picking the Best Location:

  • Try to place your Sync Module somewhere close to your router/modem.
  • Keep your cameras within 100 feet (about 33 meters) of the Sync Module. This helps them stay connected and communicate efficiently.

Watch Out for Signal Blockers:

  • Things like brick walls, steel structures, and concrete can weaken the signal.
  • Other electronics can also mess with the connection, so be careful about where you place the Sync Module. For instance, avoid putting it in the basement or right behind your TV.

Experiment with Placement:

  • You might need to play around with the placement of your Sync Module and cameras a bit. Move them around until you find the spots where they work best.

So, take a little time to experiment with different locations for your Sync Module. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt – you’re searching for that perfect spot where everything works just right! 📍📡🎥

Delete Sync Module then re-add

If your Blink Sync Module is still being stubborn and staying offline, it might be time for a fresh start. This means deleting your Sync Module from the Blink app and then adding it back again. It’s like hitting the reset button on a video game – sometimes starting from scratch is the best way to fix things.

Here’s How to Do It:

  1. Open the Blink App: Grab your smartphone or tablet and open up the Blink app. It’s your control center for all things Blink!
  2. Find the Sync Module Settings: In the app, scroll down until you see the option for “Sync Module” near the bottom. Give that a tap.
  3. Delete the Sync Module: In the Sync Module settings, you’ll see an option at the bottom that says “Delete Sync Module.” Click on that. It’s like telling your app, “Hey, let’s forget this one and start over.”
  4. Confirm the Deletion: You’ll be asked to either scan or manually enter the serial number from the back of your Sync Module. This is just to make sure you’re deleting the right device. After entering the number, you’ll get a prompt to confirm the deletion. Go ahead and confirm.
  5. Re-Add the Sync Module: Once it’s deleted, it’s time to add it back. Follow the instructions in the Blink app to re-add your Sync Module.
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Change WiFi networks

If you’ve tried everything and your Blink Sync Module is still offline, there’s one more trick we can try: switching to a different WiFi network. This is especially important to consider because Blink devices have a specific WiFi preference.

Understanding WiFi Compatibility:

  • Blink products, including your Sync Module, can only connect to 2.4GHz WiFi networks.
  • Many new routers/modems provide dual-band networks, meaning they have both a 2.4GHz network and a 5GHz network.
  • Remember, your Sync Module won’t work with the 5GHz network. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – it just won’t fit!

How to Change Your WiFi Network:

  1. Open the Blink App: Grab your smartphone or tablet and open the Blink app.
  2. Find the Sync Module Settings: Scroll to the bottom until you find “Sync Module” and tap on it.
  3. Change WiFi Network: In the Sync Module settings, look for the option that says “Change WiFi Network.” Tap on this to start the process.
  4. Select the Right Network: You’ll see a list of available WiFi networks. Make sure you pick the correct 2.4GHz network.
  5. Enter the WiFi Password: Double-check that you have the right WiFi password. It’s like the key to your WiFi’s door – without it, you can’t get in!

So, your Blink Sync Module decided to take a little break and went offline? No problem! Here’s a quick guide to bring it back to life:

  1. Restart the Sync Module: Start with power-cycling your Blink Sync Module. Just unplug it, wait a bit, and plug it back in.
  2. Reset the Sync Module: If restarting doesn’t work, try resetting it. Find the reset button, press it with a pen or paperclip, and hold for a few seconds.
  3. Restart Your WiFi: Sometimes the issue is with your WiFi. Unplug your router/modem, wait for 60 seconds, and plug it back in.
  4. Find a New Spot: Move your Sync Module to a location with better signal strength, ideally closer to your router and within 100 feet of your cameras.
  5. Delete and Re-Add in the App: If it’s still not working, delete the Sync Module from your Blink app and then re-add it.
  6. Check WiFi Settings: Make sure your Sync Module is connected to a 2.4GHz WiFi network, not a 5GHz one.

By following these steps, I’m pretty confident you’ll get your Sync Module up and running again. And remember, keeping your Sync Module close to your router/modem and ensuring your cameras are within 100ft can make a huge difference. Here’s to getting your Blink system back online and keeping an eye on what matters most! 🌐🔧📹👍

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