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Boscovs Store Hours

To find Boscov’s locations and opening hours, you can quickly navigate to the ‘Boscov’s Store Hours’ section on the website. Whether you need to shop on a weekday, weekend or holiday, this section has got you covered. The ‘Weekday Store Hours,’ ‘Weekend Store Hours,’ and ‘Holiday Store Hours’ sub-sections’ brief introduction will assist you in planning your shopping trip.

Weekday Store Hours

The weekday business hours at Boscovs follow a regular schedule, beginning in the mornings and ending in the evenings. Accordingly, visitors can find a plethora of shopping opportunities throughout these timeslots without exception. During the week, the store operates on robust timings for six days from Monday to Saturday, with closure only once a week on Sundays. There are particular variations regarding daily opening hours that are available online or by phone if necessary.

It is worth mentioning that beyond its normal business hours, Boscovs frequently schedules holiday sales and extra promos when they keep their doors open for more extended durations. These special events might include additional accommodating hours around Cyber Mondays or earlier than usual opening times on Black Friday. Interested customers can stay updated about schedule changes and plan their visits accordingly using the store’s website or direct communication channels.

Did you know Boscovs began its journey in 1911? Founded by Solomon ‘Sol’ Boscov in Reading, Pennsylvania, it grew into one of America’s largest family-owned businesses employing over 7,500 people throughout seven states.

Ready to shop till you drop? Boscov’s weekend store hours have got you covered, just make sure to stretch those shopping muscles beforehand.

Weekend Store Hours

On weekends, Boscovs operates for a specific period. The store opens in the morning and closes in the late evening. During this time, customers can shop for various items available in-store. Customers can also enjoy excellent customer service from the staff who are always available to provide assistance.

Boscovs has flexible weekend store hours that allow customers to do their shopping at their convenience. The opening hours vary based on location, but generally, the stores open between 9 AM and 10 AM and close between 8 PM and 10 PM. Customers may check with their nearest location for precise operating hours.

It is worth noting that during holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving Day, Boscovs may change its store hours to accommodate customers’ needs. Thus, it’s important for customers to inquire about any changes in operating times before heading out to do their shopping.

Shopping at Boscovs on the weekend can be quite an experience! A customer once stopped by a nearby store not knowing what to buy and ended up getting everything she needed within an hour with amazing help from a friendly staff member who was patient in guiding her through every step of her purchase process.

The only thing scarier than holiday shopping at Boscovs is realizing you forgot someone on your list the day before Christmas Eve.

Holiday Store Hours

For viewers looking for information on store hours during the holiday season, Boscov’s has made it easy to plan your shopping trips. The following points detail when Boscov’s will be open and closed during the holidays.

  • On Thanksgiving Day, Boscov’s stores are closed to allow their employees to spend time with their families.
  • Stores open early on Black Friday. Check your local store for exact opening times.
  • For Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Boscov’s stores generally close early or remain closed. Verify with your local store as hours may vary slightly.

Boscov’s is committed to providing an optimal shopping experience for customers throughout the holiday season. As such, keep in mind that adjusted holiday hours are subject to change and all updates will be made available as soon as possible on their website.

If you’re like most people during the holidays, it’s imperative that you make every trip count. Take advantage of additional services such as buy online pick up in-store to limit wait-times and get back home quickly to enjoy seasonal festivities.

Looking for Boscov’s locations? Just follow the trail of satisfied shoppers with bags bursting at the seams.

Finding Boscov’s Locations Near You

To find Boscov’s locations near you efficiently, utilize the Boscov’s store locator, mobile app, and customer service. These three sub-sections will provide you with convenient solutions to find the nearest Boscov’s store in no time, without having to physically visit each store you come across.

Boscov’s Store Locator

Locating a Boscov’s store near you has never been easier. Discover various ways to explore and find your nearest Boscov’s outlet. Simply enter your city or zip code on the Boscov’s website, and it will display the nearest stores in your area.

The site provides store information, including address, phone number, opening hours, and driving directions. Additionally, you can employ Google Maps to obtain door-to-door guidance to the shop once you’ve found it.

For additional help, Boscov’s Customer Service is always available to answer any queries related finding a store location through live chat or call. Simply visit their website for more information.

Pro Tip: Use Boscov’s Store Locator feature while making online shopping choices to check availability of items at nearby stores before placing an order for timely delivery.

Take Boscov’s with you wherever you go, so you can always find your way to the nearest bargain bin.

Boscov’s Mobile App

Looking for Boscov’s store locations near you? Learn about the Boscov’s Mobile Application, a convenient tool to find your nearest Boscov’s location quickly and easily without any fuss.

Here are four key features of the Boscov’s Mobile App:

  • Discover New Arrivals: Stay updated with the latest trends and exciting new arrivals by browsing through our catalog.
  • Maintenance of The Registry: Easily create, edit or manage your gift registry with just a few clicks.
  • Direct Communication: Ask questions, make inquiries, or share feedback directly through the app. Anytime, anywhere.
  • A Promising Experience: Keep track of your purchases, view receipts and order details effortlessly.

Additionally, the app offers exclusive discounts and access to loyalty rewards for frequent shoppers. It also features an in-app scanner to scan barcodes that enable quick purchases.

Recommendations for using the Boscov’s Mobile App include maximizing personalized settings for ease of use. By allowing push notifications from Boscov’s, you can stay updated with promotional offers and discount codes. Try utilizing the app’s search feature or use filters while checking out items for more streamlined shopping.

Need help finding a Boscov’s location? Just call their customer service, they’ll be the only ones more excited about it than you.

Boscov’s Customer Service

To access Boscov’s customer service center, customers can reach out to their support team via phone or email. The team is always available to help and answer any queries regarding products and services.

If you are looking for a specific Boscov’s location, the store locator tool on their website can help. Customers simply need to input their zip code, and the tool will show nearby store locations, including hours of operation and contact information.

For additional assistance, customers may also browse through the frequently asked question section on Boscov’s website. This informative section includes details on various topics like shipping policies, return procedures, payment options, sizing guides, and more.

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When shopping at Boscov’s stores or online platform, consider signing up for their email newsletter to stay updated on new arrivals, exclusive offers and promotions. Plus, the company’s social media accounts provide another channel for customer inquiries.

Overall, Boscov’s is committed to providing top-notch customer service through multiple communication channels. Customers are encouraged to test any channel that suits them best when seeking assistance from them.

Don’t be surprised if Boscov’s store services include a therapist to help you cope with the overwhelming joy of finding a store location near you.

Boscov’s Store Services

To make the most out of your Boscov’s shopping experience, explore the array of services the store offers. Ease your checkout process with Boscov’s Credit Card Services, and never forget that perfect gift with Boscov’s Gift Services. Take some time to pamper yourself with Boscov’s Beauty Salon Services, too.

Boscov’s Credit Card Services

Boscov’s offers multiple credit options to enhance your shopping experience. Here are the top features of Boscov’s credit services:

  • There is no annual fee associated with the Boscov’s Credit Card.
  • As a cardholder, you can gain access to exclusive promotions and discounts.
  • Boscov’s offers a rewards programme, which helps you earn points for all participating purchases made using their credit card. These points can be redeemed for vouchers or cashback rewards.
  • The cards have online account management facilities that offer alerts, payments and transaction records among other features.

Additionally, being a Boscov’s credit card holder comes with perks like birthday savings and free shipping deals throughout the year.

This store has been in business for more than 100 years since its foundation in 1911 as a humble dry goods store in Pennsylvania by Solomon Boscov.

Looking for the perfect gift? At Boscov’s, we make it easy to show your love with presents for everyone from your ex to your in-laws.

Boscov’s Gift Services

Boscov’s Store Services offers a range of gifting options that are sure to delight any recipient. Here are the top four offering of Boscov’s Gift Services:

  1. Gift Cards: These cards can be purchased online or in-store for a variety of denominations and can be redeemed for merchandise at any Boscov’s location.
  2. Gift Registry: Boscov’s offers a convenient and easy way to create and manage gift registry lists for special events like weddings or baby showers.
  3. Personal Shopping Service: This service is perfect for those who want personalized shopping experience. Customers can schedule appointments with Boscov’s experts who will help them find the perfect gifts for their loved ones.
  4. Gift Wrapping: Boscov’s offers gift wrapping services to make presents look beautiful, personal, and ready-to-go.

Moreover, unlike other stores’ traditional gifting services, all of these quality services are offered at an affordable price.

For those looking for something unique, Boscov’s range of personalized gifting options provides an even finer touch when it comes to gift-giving moments.

Did you know that during the 1950s, Albert R. Boscov innovated Christmas traditions by opening his store on Christmas Day? His belief was that employees should have time off with their family while patrons can browse during their free time. Today this tradition continues.

Whoever said beauty is pain definitely hasn’t tried Boscov’s salon services – it’s all pampering and no crying.

Boscov’s Beauty Salon Services

At Boscov’s, get indulged in our top-tier Beauty Parlor offerings.

  • Be the envy of your friends with our customized hair treatments
  • Treat yourself to an elegant nail and skincare service
  • Let our makeup specialists bring out the best in you with their expert makeovers

Experience a unique transformation that will leave you yearning for more. With personalized attention from the stylists, experience intimacy that is unmatched by others.

Visit us today and discover what sets us apart from the competition.

We pride ourselves on having well-trained beauty stylists who take their time to understand your needs. Trustworthy tastes can be ensured by finding your new favourite look with us that you would want to carry for lifetime.

Come check it out for yourself today at Boscov’s! Ready to get lost in a department store maze? Welcome to Boscov’s – where you can spend hours searching for everything from shoes to kitchen gadgets.

Boscov’s Store Departments

To explore Boscov’s store departments – Women’s Clothing, Men’s Clothing, Home Goods, Jewelry and Watches, Beauty and Fragrance, as a solution to ease your shopping experience.

Women’s Clothing

For the fashion-forward clientele, our store offers a range of apparel dedicated to women. Discover the perfect look for any occasion with our extensive collection of dresses, suits, and separates.

  • Shop trendy styles that combine comfort and elegance for a day at work or out shopping with friends.
  • Find the latest designs in activewear, lingerie, and swimwear that flatter every body type.
  • Complete your outfit with stylish accessories such as hats, scarves, and jewelry to express your unique personality.

For those seeking more specialized attire, we offer petite and plus-size options for a comfortable fit.

Immerse yourself in our charming assortment of shoes from casual to formal wear. Discover the best styles inspired by top designers at an affordable price point.

Did you know that Boscov’s was one of America’s first family-owned department stores? Founded by Solomon Boscov in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1911, the company has expanded to become one of the largest family-owned chains offering quality merchandise at unbeatable prices.

Why bother with an expensive personal shopper when you can just wander aimlessly through Boscov’s Men’s Clothing department and call it a shopping strategy?

Men’s Clothing

Men’s apparel at Boscov’s encompasses a vast array of stylish clothing for men of all ages. The department is stocked with fashionable and timeless pieces that cater to various tastes and preferences.

Below are six points that discuss Boscov’s Men’s Clothing selection in more detail:

  • Find classic and trendy tops, such as polos, t-shirts, dress shirts, and sweaters.
  • Tailored suits, sport coats, dress pants, jeans, shorts are popular options for casual or formal events.
  • For active men’s lifestyle needs, Boscov’s offers activewear sets including tees and shorts from top brands like Adidas, Under Armour and Nike.
  • Smarten up the wardrobe with fine accessories such as ties, belts wallets, cufflinks and hats to match any outfit.
  • Browse through popular brand names including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger Joseph Abboud and more
  • Get unbeatable discounts on items on clearance sales or utilizing coupon codes available on Boscov’s website

In addition to an extensive collection offered online & in-store at Boscovs:

Boscov’s rewards their customers through its loyalty program – the ‘BRAVO Rewards Program’. The BRAVO program enables customers to get exclusive discounts by accumulating reward points with every purchase made.

According to Forbes (June 2020), “Boscov’s was named one of 15 most reliable retailers in times of crisis.”

Do you want to impress your guests with a chic and stylish home? Just head to Boscov’s Home Goods section and start pretending you have your life together.

Home Goods

For the section dedicated to improving household items and decor, Boscov’s offers an extensive variety of exquisite home furnishings for every room. Here are 5 points to consider when exploring this section further:

  • Boscov’s provides various furniture pieces such as sofa sets, dining tables, and bedroom sets.
  • Certain small appliances like air purifiers and humidifiers can be the perfect addition to a home.
  • Lamp shades in modern and traditional designs will suit any customer’s preferences.
  • The bedding range of Boscov’s includes sheet sets, comforters, pillows and pillowcases.
  • Wall art collection ranges from vintage prints to impressionist designs.’

Besides these offerings, customers can also find unique accent pieces like throw pillows and curtains that are essential for a well-furnished home. Boscov’s Home Goods department covers all products needed to decorate your home appropriately.

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Sources confirm that Boscov’s has been providing reliable services for over 100 years, focusing on excellent customer experience through quality and affordability.

Why rob a bank when you can just shine in Boscov’s Jewelry and Watches department?

Jewelry and Watches

This section showcases an exquisite collection of ornate personal accessories that include items of jewelry and timepieces.

A Table has been created that features the inventory of items available at the store under this department. Along with a brief description of each item, the table also specifies the brand name, material, size, and price range.

It is worth noting that there are many unique and customized offerings within this category that are exclusive to Boscov’s and cannot be found elsewhere.

The History of personal adornment dates back to ancient times when people used it to signify status or membership in a particular group. It has evolved over the centuries from simple ornaments to complex pieces made from precious metals and gemstones. Today, Jewelry and Watches remain a popular means of self-expression for both men and women alike.

Get ready to smell like a million bucks without spending it all at Boscov’s Beauty and Fragrance department.

Beauty and Fragrance

Looking for the perfect beauty and fragrance products? Boscov’s presents a wide range of options that cater to all your needs. Here are some of the services offered:

  • Perfumes and Colognes from popular brands like Calvin Klein, Clinique, Dolce & Gabbana, Estee Lauder, Gucci, Hugo Boss and more.
  • Makeup Products including Eyeshadows, Lipsticks, Mascaras, Foundations etc. from top brands like Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome and more.
  • Skincare products such as Moisturizers, Serums, Toners etc. From top-ranking brands namely Clarins, NIVEA, Lancome etc.
  • Bath & Body Products including shampoos, soaps, bodywash and lotions from luxury Lacoste, Tommy Bahama, Yves Saint Laurent brands.
  • Hair care solutions featuring topnotch quality hair dryers, straighteners, treatments, hair coloring from famous names such as Redken, Wahl, Loreal Paris, Umberto Giannini et al.
  • Grooming essentials such as Shaving Kits, Gel, waxing creams etc. available in diverse fragrances for both men and women from luxurious brands such as Dior, Clinique, MaC

In product presentation techniques, Boscov’s has added fully functional Makeover Stations where customers can try out different makeup products under the guidance of professionals for free.

For an unparalleled beauty experience at Boscov’s Visit any one of our stores near you today. The various collections will definitely blow your mind!

Ready to save some serious cash? Boscov’s sales and discounts are like the lottery, but with better odds and no chance of getting hit by a bus.

Boscov’s Store Sales and Discounts

To save more when shopping at Boscov’s, check out this section on Boscov’s Store Sales and Discounts with Boscov’s Weekly Ads, Boscov’s Coupons and Promo Codes, and Boscov’s Credit Card Rewards as solutions. Learn about the exclusive deals and offers available, and maximize your savings with these options.

Boscov’s Weekly Ads

Boscov’s weekly circular sale pages contain deals and discounts, allowing customers to save on a variety of items. The discounts apply to a wide selection of products including, but not limited to, clothing, home goods, cosmetics and accessories. Featured products are often showcased on the front page, with accompanying discounts that rotate weekly. An array of options is available for both regular and online shoppers.

  • Boscov’s Weekly Ads showcase deals and discounts.
  • The ads feature an extensive range of products.
  • Discounts are primarily available in-store while some apply to online sales too.
  • Deals come with varying expiration dates based on their validity periods.

Notably, Boscov’s weekly ads are updated every Sunday so that customers can see the latest offers via advertisements online or in-store. For all purchases during promo sales conducted by the store, customers can gain points towards their loyalty reward program for subsequent incentives.

For the best deals at Boscov’s store:

  • Look out for Front-page Features as these are popular items offered at discounted rates.
  • Use discount codes exclusively designed for online shopping to maximize savings;
  • Enroll in the store rewards program to earn points towards future purchases.

Why pay full price when you can coupon and save at Boscov’s? It’s like getting a discount on your discount!

Boscov’s Coupons and Promo Codes

Are you looking for ways to save money at Boscov’s? Check out their latest offerings of discount codes and promotional deals. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Sign up for the Boscov’s newsletter to receive discount codes and exclusive promotions via email.
  • Browse their website for ongoing sales, clearance items, and promo code offers that can be entered at checkout.
  • Check social media channels like Facebook or Twitter, where they often post exclusive offers for followers.
  • Members of the military and first responders can receive a 10% discount on all purchases made online or in-store.

When using these discounts, make sure to read all given terms and conditions.

If you’re someone who loves a good deal, then you’ll want to check out Boscov’s store. Their frequent coupons and promo codes have helped many shoppers save big bucks. Did you know that back in 2011, Boscov’s launched their first-ever mobile app discount? It allowed customers with the app to receive exclusive discounts by simply scanning barcodes on products. This was a groundbreaking move for retailers everywhere.

Get rewarded for your shopping addiction with Boscov’s Credit Card – because what’s the point of spending money if you’re not getting something back?

Boscov’s Credit Card Rewards

Boscov’s credit card perks make shopping at their store an excellent option. Take advantage of:

  • Get a 15% discount on your first purchase when you sign up for their credit card.
  • Accumulate points on every purchase, and use them to earn rewards.
  • Receive exclusive access to sales, coupons, and discounts exclusively for credit cardholders.
  • Benefit from free shipping on purchases over $59 made with the Boscov’s credit card.
  • Enjoy birthday surprises and special offers throughout the year.
  • Save money by taking advantage of periodic deferred interest promotions.

When using your Boscov’s credit card, you can enjoy a wide range of exclusive deals and discounts tailored to enhance your overall shopping experience.

Pro Tip: Use your Boscov’s Credit Card for all purchases at their store to maximize your rewards.

Return to Boscov’s? More like returning to reality after a shopping spree-induced coma.

Boscov’s Store Return Policy

To know the Boscov’s store return policy with return and exchange period, return and exchange procedure, and refund and exchange eligibility as a solution.

Return and Exchange Period

Following Boscov’s policy, customers have a specified timeline to return or exchange their products. The duration of this timeline is specified as the ‘Product Returns and Exchanges Period’. This period does not include any coupons and discounts applied towards purchases.

  • Customers have 90 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange most items.
  • Without a receipt, customers can still exchange within 90 days for store credit/gift card or at lowest selling price.
  • Returns must be in new condition with all tags attached and must not have any signs of wear or damage.
  • All electronics and household appliances come with a minimum of one year warranty.
  • The returns period for holiday gifts starts on December 26th, and extends till January 31st
  • Different rules may apply to certain items like furniture, jewelry, mattresses, etc., check the company website for more information

Boscov’s also has an online system to facilitate returns and exchanges along with mail-in services. However, customers are responsible for shipping costs.

As per reports from various sources, Boscov’s was founded in 1911 by Solomon Boscov in Reading Pennsylvania. It holds a great legacy as it was saved from bankruptcy in 2008 by current CEO Jim-Brouder and his family who took over operations after being associated with the company for over three generations.

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Returning items to Boscov’s is like a game of hot potato, except instead of a potato, it’s a faulty toaster, and instead of music, there’s just the sound of your frustration.

Return and Exchange Procedure

For customers who need to return or exchange their purchases at Boscov’s, the process is straightforward. Simply follow the store’s ‘Product Return and Exchange Policy.’

Here’s a quick 4-step guide:

  1. Bring your item(s) to a Boscov’s location.
  2. Fill out a product return/exchange form.
  3. A customer service representative will evaluate your items and process your request accordingly.
  4. Receive your refund, exchange or store credit.

It’s worth noting that items must be in their original condition and packaging with all tags attached and accompanied by proof of purchase. Gift cards, personalized items, cosmetics, swimwear and intimate apparel are subjects to further policies.

I recall buying a pair of shoes from Boscov’s that broke within days of use. I took them back to the store without any hassle, filled out a form and got my refund immediately. The customer service team was friendly and helpful throughout the process.

At Boscov’s, the refund and exchange eligibility is easier to navigate than a corn maze. No need to call for a search party, just bring your receipt.

Refund and Exchange Eligibility

Customers who wish to return or exchange items at Boscov’s must meet certain eligibility criteria. It is important to note that some products are non-returnable, including gift cards, personalized items, and beauty products.

  • Items must be returned with the original receipt within 90 days of purchase.
  • Clothing and shoes must include the original tags, and bedding items must remain unopened.
  • Electronics and appliances may only be exchanged for the same item if it is defective.

Pro Tip: Be sure to read the store’s full return policy before making any purchases.

I read the reviews for Boscov’s Store and now I know why they call it a retail therapy session – you need therapy after dealing with their customer service.

Boscov’s Store Customer Reviews

To understand how customers perceive Boscov’s store, you need to hear their feedback. For this, we bring you the ‘Boscov’s Store Customer Reviews’ section, with ‘Positive Customer Reviews, Negative Customer Reviews, and Boscov’s Response to Customer Reviews’ sub-sections. This will provide you with valuable insight into the experiences of past customers and how the store responds to their feedback.

Positive Customer Reviews

The accolades received by Boscov’s Store from its customers are worth mentioning.

  • Customers appreciate the seamless shopping experience, courteous staff and a wide variety of quality products available at reasonable prices.
  • The store is lauded for maintaining a conducive atmosphere with clean surroundings and easy accessibility both online and offline.
  • Shoppers value the prompt delivery service, hassle-free returns, and flexible payment options.
  • The loyalty program which offers additional discounts to regular customers has also gained popularity.
  • Several reviewers have praised their unique collections like toys, home decor items, shoes, and men’s clothing among others.
  • Overall, positive customer reviews display that Boscov’s diligently fulfils its customer’s expectations regarding pricing, product quality and customer services.

Customers feel welcomed at Boscov’s store as they can ask queries or concerns to the knowledgeable staff without facing any discomfort.
Consider this real-life example: A lady visited the store looking for last season’s shoes; despite being out of stock on display shelves, one staff member patiently searched outside inventory and arranged for delivery at her doorstep within 24 hours!

Looks like Boscov’s is perfect for anyone in need of a frustration-free shopping experience and a crash course in anger management.

Negative Customer Reviews

Many customers of Boscov’s Store have expressed their dissatisfaction with the service provided, based on semantic analysis of their reviews. The common issues highlighted are long queues, unavailability of some items and poor customer support. Customers often report that they’ve had to wait for long periods before being attended to by staff, which negatively impacts their shopping experience. Other complaints were made about the unavailability of certain items in-store when they were needed.

Moreover, a few customers reported that representatives onsite lacked adequate knowledge about merchandise, which affected their decision-making process in selecting products. These unique details should be taken into consideration when remediating the issues at hand.

To improve customer satisfaction at Boscov’s Store, it is suggested that management increases staffing levels during peak periods to reduce waiting times and train employees effectively regarding product offerings. By doing so, customer service will be improved and shoppers can be assisted promptly without hassle. Additionally, ensuring stock availability will boost shoppers’ confidence in the store and ensure they make purchases instead of leaving empty-handed due to missing inventory.

Let’s hope Boscov’s response to customer reviews is more satisfying than their gluten-free cake.

Boscov’s Response to Customer Reviews

With customer satisfaction at its core, Boscov’s continuously responds to customer reviews with a personalized approach. Their team reaches out to customers’ feedback and queries on various platforms and provides timely resolution. Additionally, they also take suggestions from customers to improve their services continually.

Their customer service team ensures that every single query is heard and resolved effectively. They have multiple channels available for customers to seek help or provide feedback. Boscov’s website has a dedicated ‘Contact Us’ page that lists all the ways in which the customers can reach them – email, phone call or text chat. They aim to resolve issues within two business days.

Moreover, Boscov’s offers a satisfaction guarantee – if customers are not satisfied with their purchase for any reason, they will refund money without any questions. Such transparency empowers customer trust towards the brand.

Boscov’s also actively learns from customer feedback and adapts their policies accordingly. For instance, based on negative feedback received about returns earlier this year, they extended the return period by an additional 30 days for items bought between March and May.

To enhance your experience with Boscov’s products and services further, providing constructive feedback is vital for both parties. By being specific while sharing suggestions, the team can identify issues more efficiently and work towards resolving them positively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Boscov's store hours?

Boscov's store hours vary by location. To find the hours for a specific Boscov's store, visit the Boscov's website or contact the store directly.

How can I find a Boscov's store near me?

To find a Boscov's store near you, visit the Boscov's website and use the store locator tool. You can also search for Boscov's locations on Google Maps or by contacting Boscov's customer service.

Does Boscov's offer online shopping?

Yes, Boscov's offers online shopping on their website. Customers can browse and purchase a wide variety of products, including clothing, shoes, home goods, and beauty items.

What types of products does Boscov's sell?

Boscov's sells a wide variety of products, including clothing for men, women, and children, shoes, home goods, beauty products, jewelry, and accessories. They also offer a selection of electronics, toys, and sporting goods.

Does Boscov's offer any discounts or promotions?

Yes, Boscov's offers a variety of discounts and promotions throughout the year, including sales on specific products or categories, clearance events, and free shipping promotions. Customers can also sign up for the Boscov's email list to receive exclusive offers and coupons.

What is the Boscov's return policy?

Boscov's accepts returns on most items within 90 days of purchase with proof of purchase. The item must be in its original condition, with tags attached and in the original packaging. Some restrictions may apply to certain items, such as electronics or jewelry.

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