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CAP Barbell 40-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review


Experts call this one your perfect workout buddy. Its distinct neoprene grip that makes the handle extremely comfortable distinguishes it. It’s one of the most convenient pairs of dumbbells to use at home. If you are looking for durability, the cast iron this one is made of will assure you it’s here to stay. Have you had problems in storing dumbbells in the past? Then these will surprise you. Available in 40 lbs, the cap adjustable dumbbell set Review is here to give you all the info you need. This is all you could have asked for.

The 40 lbs. Dumbbell Set by Cap Barbell is available with a case for easy storage when not in use. The dumbbell is available in 40 lbs. It can be used for a wide variety of workouts. The handles are easy to thread and hence provides a secure fit instantly. The nylon ankle strap offers extra support while working out.

Features & Specifications

  • Storage: Cap Dumbbell set comes with a plastic case that makes it convenient to store the dumbbells when not in use. This case is made of durable solid plastic and is built to last.
  • Ankle strap: The nylon ankle strap that comes with the dumbbells makes working out more comfortable and convenient.
  • Neoprene handle: Worried about the grip of dumbbells? This is It is made of neoprene to make sure it is more convenient than other options.
  • Cast Iron plates: They are made of solid cast iron with exclusive baked enamel finish for better results. This makes the dumbbells stand out and gives them a finished look.
  • Adjustability: These can be adjusted easily with four 2.5 lb plates, four 6 lb plates, 4 spin-lock collars and 2 threaded solid dumbbell handles.
  • Secure: The thread-on handles are uniquely made to ensure that the fit of the dumbbell is safe and it never falls off during intense workouts.

Here’s Your In-depth Cap Dumbbell Set Review


For anyone who wants a regular pair of comfortable dumbbells to work with, this is your best call. Talk about mechanism and quality, the overall look will surprise you. They are finished well and that doesn’t mean the makers have compromised on the quality standards. You will not find such an exceptional combination of quality and grip in other models. And there are many other aspects to explore in these dumbbells.

If there’s one thing that these dumbbells give you, it is value for your money. They are a high-quality set of dumbbells in the price. You can put extra weight on at an affordable price if 20 lbs in each hand are not enough for you.

These dumbbells come with plates and bar with a classy baked black enamel coating on them. You can use them all you want and no signs of any chipped parts anywhere. The dumbbells are nice and smooth.

Solution to Odor

There is a solution to avoid the odor that cap dumbbell set often is criticised for. Just make sure you don’t use it at more than 120 degrees F.

When you are working out in the sun, put them away in a shed to ensure that you do not let the parts get too hot. And when they are in the sun, put the parts away from each other to avoid any stinking smell.


  • Attractive – These are made keeping the look in mind for sure. The bar and plates come with a beautiful baked black enamel finish. This makes the dumbbells stand out.
  • Durability – Don’t worry about the cap dumbbell set as these won’t wear off. You will never experience the dumbbells chip off from the sides as most others do.
  • Convenient – The dumbbells come with star-shaped collars. Screw these to the ends of the bar and you just have to twirl them a few times for a steady grip. This is smooth and does not take much time and effort. And the rubber grips on bars are rock solid and smooth in texture.


  • Odor – These can be a bit smelly to use sometimes. But that’s the case with all cast iron products in fitness. This is a problem only if you are ultra sensitive about odors.
  • Lock Mechanism – Sometimes the screws may come loose. Although the weights don’t fall off, the weights can rattle as you work out which can be annoying.


Overall, a great bet. When you want a lightweight set for everyday use, this cap dumbbell set is your pick. These are meant for beginners and trainers who are just beginning to set the pace with their workouts. Not really a great option for advanced trainers, but ideal for simpler exercises. They won’t disappoint you for sure.

These are one of the best dumbbells you can find in this price range and they are built to last. You might find little issues like the odor, but then there’s always a good way to use it to avoid it from producing stink.

And this cap adjustable dumbbell set Review covers most aspects of the dumbbells. Compare them to other models and you will find that these are great value for money. What more can you ask for?

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