The Five Content Streams to Use to Promote Your Business

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By Mark Collins 4 Min Read
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When running your business, you have probably realized that content is king. By developing a steady stream of content that people want to engage with, you can easily boost the amount of people who want to use your business. Whether you are a seasoned content creator, someone aiming to work in the content industry, or a CEO looking for ways to boost the bottom line of your business, this guide has you covered on the five content streams you could use to promote your company.


As the huge rise of YouTube has shown, video has a massive potential for engagement with users, with the content that you put out able to bring in a vast amount of users, to take on a life of its own and to provide a unique revenue stream. The only downside to video is, especially compared to the other content streams listed on this article, its relatively expensive cost. You need to invest in good camera equipment, video editing software, and more if you want to produce a video of high quality.


Podcasts have boomed in recent years as people enjoy listening to shows while they work, run or during their daily commute. You can easily create a podcast promoting your own show with just a few key elements: a good microphone, videoconferencing software to bring in guests and some form of editing platform. For an even cheaper option, you can throw the raw conversation up live without having to do much editing at all, as people are far more forgiving of an amateurish podcast than amateurish video.

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Blog Posts 

Blog posts are the bread and butter of any good content marketing strategy. You can use them to write about the topics that are closest to your company’s heart, and you can do them relatively quickly. There are just a few points to bear in mind, like hiring a quality content writer, making sure that everything is SEO-optimized and formatting the post correctly online. You can also invite members of your community to contribute their own thoughts, generating quality content for your site for free. Nonetheless, as ALT agency point out, this should be coupled with a well-designed website at every single level.


As the rise of Substack has shown, people around the world are hungry for quality newsletters that drop straight into their inbox. This can be the same for your business, creating content that alerts people to what is going on in your company as well as providing an interesting to read source of information for them.

Social Media  

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, it’s important to have content streams that are tailored for all four of the major social media platforms. This doesn’t necessarily have to be text, as it can also work for cleverly curated photos or video streams. The trick is to find the social media platform that best aligns with your customer base and then create content that is tailored towards them. Make sure that it’s very interactive so that they feel engaged.

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