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Hey there, streaming enthusiasts! Are you always on the lookout for the next best thing to elevate your binge-watching sessions? If so, let’s chat about the Covenant Kodi Addon.

Covenant is like the cool new kid in the world of Kodi addons. Remember Exodus? Well, Covenant is kind of its younger, trendier sibling that’s taken over. It’s like when your favorite series gets a fresh new season, with more thrill and better graphics.

Features: Why Everyone’s Talking About It

  • User-Friendly Design: The fresh layout is super easy to navigate. It’s almost like flipping through a well-organized book.
  • Massive Library: If you’re the kind who loves endless choices, Covenant’s got you covered. Dive into a sea of high-quality video content.
  • Latest Kodi Versions: And guess what? This addon plays nicely with the newer Kodi versions like Nexus 20 and Matrix 19.4.

Whether you’re using a FireStick, a Windows PC, Android, Mac, Nvidia Shield, or any other device that’s buddies with Kodi, Covenant is ready to join the party.


Ready to dive into a world of endless content with the Covenant Addon? Here’s a simple guide to get you set up:

Note: Before we start, this method works great on most devices, whether it’s your FireStick, Windows computer, Android device, Mac, and so on.

  • Start with Basics: Launch your Kodi app and click on the gear-shaped icon which is the Settings Menu.
  • System Check: Next, you need to hit System Settings.
  • Enable Addons: On the left, there’s an option named Addons. Click on that.
  • Security First: Over to the right, there’s an Unknown Sources toggle. Make sure it’s switched on.
  • Warning Alert: A window will pop up with a warning. Don’t worry, just click Yes.
  • File Time: Back in the settings, spot the File Manager icon and give it a click.
  • Add a Source: Next, choose Add Source.
  • Repository URL: A new window will open. Enter this address: Confirm with OK.
    • Got Alternatives? There are other URLs too:
  • Name It: Label it as Kodil (or any name you prefer) and then press OK.
  • Back to Home: Use the Backspace key to return to Kodi’s main menu.
  • Addon Adventure: From the main menu, click Addons.
  • Package Installer: See that box icon on the top left? That’s the package installer. Click it.
  • Zip Installation: Choose Install from Zip File.
  • Select Your Source: Locate Kodil (or whatever you named it) and click. Find the file and click OK to begin the installation.
  • Repository Time: Head back to the Addons and hit the package installer again. This time, select Install from Repository.
  • Pick Your Repo: Go for the Kodil Repository and then dive into Video Addons.
  • Spotting Covenant: Scroll until you find Covenant. Click on it!
  • Last Installation: Now, just hit Install.
  • You Did It! Take a moment to pat yourself on the back. You’ve just added a world of content to your Kodi. Whether you’re on a computer or Fire TV, you’re all set to explore.
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Enjoy the shows, and remember, the world of streaming is vast and thrilling! Happy watching!

Troubleshooting Covenant: No Stream Available? We’ve Got Solutions!

Hello, dear streamers! If you’ve been experiencing issues with the Covenant Kodi Addon lately, you’re not alone. But guess what? There are fixes. So, let’s get that sorted!

Quick Fixes for Covenant Not Working:

1. Clearing Covenant’s Cache:

  • Start by launching the Covenant Kodi Addon.
  • Navigate and select Tools.
  • Choose ‘Covenant: Clear Providers’ and confirm by clicking ‘Yes’.
  • Now pick the ‘Covenant: Clear Cache’ option and once again, click ‘Yes’.

2. Switching Up the Default Action:

  • Open Covenant on your Kodi.
  • Scroll until you find Tools and click on it.
  • Next, pick ‘Settings: Playback’.
  • Here, you’ll need to change the ‘Default Action’ to ‘Directory’.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing the ‘No Stream Available’ Error:

  1. Launch Covenant.
  2. Head over to Tools.
  3. Then navigate to Settings > General.
  4. Ensure the Timeout is set to 30. If not, adjust it.
  5. Now, click on the Playback option next to the Timeout setting.
  6. Turn on Hosters with captchas.
  7. Ensure the max quality is set to 1080p.
  8. Confirm with OK.
  9. Proceed by selecting Covenant clear cache and click Yes.
  10. Next up, select covenant: Clear Providers and confirm with Yes.
  11. Finally, go ahead and enjoy your favorite content on Covenant.

The Conclusion: Our Two Cents

Covenant truly stands tall among Kodi addons, especially since it stepped up to take the place of Exodus. It’s designed to provide you with an unparalleled viewing experience, sourcing videos from various corners of the internet. The simplicity of its interface, combined with its vast video collection, ensures that entertainment is just a few clicks away.

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Thanks for stopping by! We hope this guide proves useful. Got more questions or feedback? We’re all ears! Drop your thoughts in the comments, and we’ll be right there with you. Happy streaming!

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