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Covenant Kodi Addon – How To Install Covenant On Kodi


Covenant Kodi Addon: The new era begins. Are you in upto date? Yes, today we are going to talk about the new sensation in the Kodi Addons Market, i.e., Covenant Addon. If you have used the Exodus Kodi addon in past, Covenant Addon is the new trusted & replaceable thing. We will be providing each and every steps in details on how to install Covenant Kodi Addon and get the job done. So, let’s get started and see what we have got for you:

The most popular addon on Kodi platform, EXODUS Kodi Addon, which has been dropped with some fanfare in mid-July this year has a new replacement addon, the Covenant Kodi Addon. This new addon is making some extra ordinary buzz in the market. First of all, it’s picking up where EXODUS Addon left off when it refused come back online. Although, the Exodus has been silently updated in the last few weeks but no one NOTICED. The new Covenant Addon is the next big thing. The great user-friendly interface and design is making it so popular.

So, let’s get started and see how to install Covenant Addon on Kodi:

Location :
Name: XvBMC Repository
URL: http://archive.org/download/repository.xvbmc

How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using New Repo XvBMC

1. In Main Menu located in the left side, click on System Icon

How To Install Covenant On Kodi Part 1

2. Choose File Manager

How To Install Covenant On Kodi Part 2

3. Choose Add Source.

How To Install Covenant On Kodi Part 3

4. From the given options, choose <NONE>

How To Install Covenant On Kodi Part 4

5. Enter the exact URL in the box: http://archive.org/download/repository.xvbmc

How To Install Covenant On Kodi Part 5

6. Now give it a name so that you can know what add-on is it. Preferred and Global name can be “xvbmc”

7. Now check if everything is correct. If yes, hit OK.

8. Return back to Home Screen and hit Add-Ons

9. Choose “Package Installer” Icon from the top left menu

10. Click on “Install from zip file”

11. New box will open, choose the “XVBMC” option.

12. Click “repository.xvbmc-4.2.0.zip”

13. Wait for few seconds when it shows “Add-On Installed” via a pop up window.

14. Click “Install from repository”

15. Click “XVBMC” (Add-ons) Repository

16. Choose “Video Addons”

17. Choose “Covenant”

18. Click “Install” now.

So, we hope the you have followed the exact procedure and installed Covenant Kodi Add-on now your device.

Features of Covenant Kodi Addon?

There are several reasons why you may need to download and install Covenant Kodi Addon. Some of the best features are as follows:

  • Search Feature.
  • Trakt Integration Supported
  • All Accounts Integrations Supported
  • Developer Supported

So, you are using EXODUS right now, you may need to take look at this too. It has got all the features of EXODUS addon plus it’s own new set of features. Also, you will have to switch to Covenant Addon sooner or later as EXODUS is out of the game now.

In Conclusion To Installing Covenant Addon on Kodi:

The Covenant Addon is LATEST generation of Exodus addon, which is known to be the best third party addons for kodi. While TVaddons forced to close, we now have the new addition from the Colossus repo to keep enjoying our favorite stuffs.

So guys, we have provided the complete informational article on how to Download and Install Covenant Kodi Addon on Kodi Krypton 17.3. If you are still facing any problem installing it on your Kodi, please feel free to comment us in the comment section below.

Well, thanks for walking with us till here. If we were able to sort out your problem, please share the article on your timeline or page and we will be happy to see your support. Keep visiting TechFela for more related updates on Kodi. Have a great time.

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