Dedicated Hosting And Unmetered Dedicated Servers

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There are several advantages of why you should choose dedicated hosting servers. First of all, dedicated hosting, in comparison with shared hosting, is more reliable in terms of performance. In shared hosting, typically, there is one server, and the performance on your site depends on the performance of various other sites hosted by the server. Check out for more useful information.

Your site’s performance will be affected by the high traffic generated on the other sites, and usually, this will slow down your site. This is a big negative for the customers who come to visit your site, and it can only bring frustration on their part of not being able to access the data quickly and efficiently.

What are the potential advantages of dedicated servers?

Logically, when we talk about dedicated hosting or dedicated servers, it’s the opposite – resource sharing with other sites is excluded. Another advantage is having absolute control over the server. Since you are buying the server and paying good money for it, the benefit is controlling what happens with it. Whether we talk about various features or software and application installation – personal customization is a big plus.

The level of security is fundamental when it comes to dedicated hosting. Neighboring sites aren’t a threat because they don’t exist in this case! Another significant advantage is that depending on your website’s needs, customizing different security measures is possible. Click here for more information.

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If you have any problems, don’t worry at all! Customer support is usually available all the time, even 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the whole year. This comes with the price – the importance of your site shouldn’t be in any jeopardy, and any issue that your site might encounter can be fixed immediately and promptly.

Are there some disadvantages?

Sadly, not everything has only pros but also cons. In this case, the price can present a slight issue. Since the server is centered on one particular site, and resource sharing between that site and other sites is excluded, this major advantage is generally reflected in the price. If you are a beginner or trying to start your own business or even manage websites, this solution is not an economical one. So, you should check your piggy bank and potentially save up for later purchases.

Technical knowledge is a must when it comes to managing and operating a dedicated server. Set-ups, management, installation, administration, and maintenance require knowledge on a higher level. Unlike in shared hosting, where the service provider is in charge of the aforementioned things, and you don’t have to worry, this is not the case with dedicated servers. Of course, hiring service providers is a possible solution, but this can hit you hard on your wallet.

What is the difference between metered and unmetered bandwidth allocation?

Business start-ups, especially server set-ups for websites, are closely correlated with the network and bandwidth allocation. Choosing the right option is essential in these situations. You can generally encounter two choices for your server: traffic and bandwidth allocation – where metered or unmetered allocations come in the picture.

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Let’s make a simple example. When it comes to metered bandwidth, you have a limited amount of traffic of, let’s say, “X” TB on a 1Gpbs connection, whereas when we talk about unmetered bandwidth, the amount of traffic is unmetered on the same 1Gpbs connection. A big advantage is that the right amount of traffic is used so that your server accomplishes its tasks.

Bandwidth is a term used for the speed of data transferred between servers. Limitation by bandwidth and not by traffic is called an unmetered plan. When we talk about metered plans, if the consumers have used up all the traffic allocation, there is a risk of extra charges. On the other hand, with unmetered plans, an upper limit of data transfer is set.

Metered plans may be suitable for some business sites or various publication sites, but unmetered plans are the ideal solution in other situations. Game hosting, various news media sites, different blogs, media businesses, large video streaming, or even any sites that attract a large audience can benefit from unmetered plans.

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