Does Buffalo Logistics Deliver on Weekends?

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Hey there! So, you’re waiting for a package from Buffalo Logistics and wondering if it’ll arrive over the weekend? Let’s chat about that!

Here’s the thing: Buffalo Logistics doesn’t deliver on weekends. That means no packages on Saturday or Sunday. Bummer, right?

Same story there. No deliveries or pick-ups on public holidays. It’s a break time for them!

Yes! If you have something to drop off, you can still use their drop boxes over the weekend. But, and this is a little heads-up, they won’t pick up stuff from those boxes until Monday to Friday.

So, looks like if your package doesn’t arrive by Friday, you might have to wait a bit more. But hey, at least now you know!

Does Buffalo Logistics Deliver on Weekends – Guide

So, you’ve got questions about Buffalo Logistics and their weekend services? Let’s dive right in and clear things up.

In simple words: No, they don’t. Buffalo Logistics mentions straight up on their website that they don’t deliver on Saturdays, Sundays, or even on Public Holidays.

Imagine this: if your package reaches a Buffalo Logistics center late on a Friday afternoon, guess what? It’ll just chill there until Monday morning before it gets delivered. And if you send a package via Buffalo on a Friday afternoon, it’s going to wait around too. It won’t start its journey to the next stop until the drivers are back in action on Monday. In short, the weekend is off-limits for Buffalo’s operations.

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Want to Pick Up Your Buffalo Package Over the Weekend?

Got some bad news here. Buffalo doesn’t open its customer service doors over the weekend. So even if you’re super eager and see on the tracking that your package is sitting there waiting, you can’t pop over and get it. You’ll need to wait until Monday or make sure you or someone else is available to receive it when it’s delivered.

Thinking of Dropping Off a Package with Buffalo on the Weekend?

Here’s the deal: You can’t drop off packages at their main facilities on weekends since they’re closed. But, there’s a tiny silver lining. If you’re lucky to have a Buffalo drop box nearby, you can leave your package there. Just remember, it’s going to sit tight in that box until a driver collects it on the next working day.

Hope that clears things up! If you’ve got any more questions, just let me know!

Wrapping It Up

Alright, let’s sum this up! When it comes to Buffalo Logistics, it’s pretty straightforward: no deliveries on weekends or Public Holidays. Period.

Got something urgent? Make sure it’s on its way so it reaches its destination by Friday. If not, you’ll be playing the waiting game until Monday.

And just so you know, as of now, Buffalo Logistics isn’t planning on adding weekends to their delivery days.

Hope this helps! If you need more info, just holler! 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Buffalo Logistics deliver on weekends?

Yes, Buffalo Logistics offers weekend delivery services upon request

2. Is there an extra charge for weekend delivery?

There may be an additional charge for weekend delivery depending on the distance and urgency of the delivery request.

3. How do I request weekend delivery?

You can request weekend delivery either online or through our customer service hotline.

4. What are Buffalo Logistics' weekend delivery hours?

Our weekend delivery hours are typically from 9am to 5pm. However, we may be able to accommodate specific time frame requests upon inquiry.

5. Is weekend delivery available for all shipment types?

Weekend delivery is available for most types of shipments including, but not limited to, expedited, ground, and air freight.

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