Does Onn TV Have Bluetooth? (Solved!)

David Hughes
By David Hughes 7 Min Read

Hey There, Onn TV Fans!

Wondering if Your Onn TV Can Do the Bluetooth Dance? 📺🕺

I know a bunch of you have been scratching your heads, asking, “Does my Onn TV have Bluetooth?” Well, I put on my detective hat and did some digging just for you!

The Short Answer? No Bluetooth on Onn TVs… yet. 😔

But don’t worry! I’ve found some clever tricks to make your Onn TV act like it’s got Bluetooth. Stay tuned!

Can I Use Bluetooth With My Onn TV?

So, your Onn TV doesn’t come with Bluetooth right out of the box. Bummer, right? But hold up, there’s good news! You can still buddy up your TV with Bluetooth devices. How? With a little help from some cool gadgets.

Option 1: Use a Streaming Stick Like Roku or Apple TV 🖥️🎶

Think of a streaming stick as a magical wand that gives your TV extra powers. If you have a streaming stick (like Roku TV or Apple TV) that loves Bluetooth, you’re in luck. You can connect your phone, computer, or even a Bluetooth speaker to it. Then, voila! The sound from your TV can play through your speaker. Pretty neat, huh?

But Wait, What If I Don’t Have a Streaming Stick?

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No streaming device, no problem! If you’re thinking, “I want to play my TV’s sound through a Bluetooth speaker,” don’t sweat it. There are other tricks to make this happen. Let’s dive into those in the next part of our adventure!

How To Use Bluetooth With Onn TV

Method 1. Bluetooth Audio Adapter

If you want to make your Onn TV friends with a Bluetooth speaker, here’s a nifty gadget to help:

  1. Get a Bluetooth Audio Adapter: First, you’ll need an audio adapter that’s all about Bluetooth. Make sure it can talk both ways (input and output).
  2. Plug It In: Connect your fancy adapter to your Onn TV. You can either plug it into the headphone jack or the RCA output. Easy peasy!
  3. Pair and Play: Now, pair up your Bluetooth speaker with the adapter. It’s like introducing two pals at a party. Once they’re friends, the TV sound will flow through your speaker. Music to your ears!

Method 2. TV Soundbar With Bluetooth

This one’s a tag-team effort, but it’s worth it!

  1. Gather Your Gear: You’ll need a Soundbar (think Roku Soundbar) and a trusty Bluetooth speaker.
  2. Connect the Soundbar: Hook up your Soundbar to your Onn TV using an audio cable. You’ve got options: HDMI ARC, optical cable, or RCA cable. Your TV will love the company!
  3. Pair with the Speaker: Now, it’s time to introduce your Bluetooth speaker to the Soundbar. They’ll become fast friends. This setup will send all the TV sound through the Soundbar, and your Bluetooth speaker will play it like a pro.
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Yep, it might sound a tad tricky, but with a bit of teamwork, your TV will be the star of the show with Bluetooth sound!

Method 3. Use The Private Listening Feature

If you’re lucky enough to have a Roku Plus Series TV, you can use the Private Listening feature to connect Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to your Onn TV. Here’s the scoop, but you’ll need the Roku Mobile app to make it happen:

  1. Get the Roku Mobile App: Head to your Mobile App Store and grab the Roku Mobile App. It’s your trusty sidekick for this adventure.
  2. Link Up: Connect the app to your Roku Streaming device through your home’s WiFi. They’ll become best buddies.
  3. Plug and Play: Open the app and plug your headphones into your mobile device. Watch out for a headphone icon that magically appears on your TV screen. Give it a tap to turn Private Listening on or off. Now, you can enjoy TV audio in peace without bothering anyone else!

Method 4. Use Bluetooth Transmitter

Bluetooth Transmitters are like the matchmakers of the tech world. They help your Onn TV fall in love with Bluetooth devices. Here’s how:

  1. Plug It In: Stick the Bluetooth Transmitter into the audio jack on the back of your Onn TV. Easy-peasy!
  2. Power Up: Press the power button on the Bluetooth transmitter to wake it up.
  3. Pair and Listen: Now, it’s time to introduce your Bluetooth speaker or headphones to the transmitter. They’ll be dancing to the same tune in no time. Enjoy that sweet, high-definition sound!
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Method 5: Contact Onn TV Support

If all else fails, don’t be shy! Reach out to the Onn TV superheroes over at customer support. Tell them all about the tricky TV situation you’re facing, and they’ll swoop in to save the day. They might have some secret tricks up their sleeves to solve your problem!

In Conclusion: Onn TV and the Bluetooth Quest 📺🎶

You might stumble upon some online articles claiming that Onn TV comes with built-in Bluetooth, but here’s the real deal as of July 2023: Nope, no Onn TV model is packing Bluetooth straight out of the box.

So, how do you make your TV groove with a Bluetooth speaker or other nifty devices? We’ve spilled the beans on the methods above!

But here’s the cool part: manufacturers like to keep an ear out for their customers’ feedback and the latest tech trends. Who knows, maybe future Onn TV models will strut their stuff with Bluetooth functionality! 🤞

Rest assured, if that happens, we’ll be the first to give you the scoop right here on this blog.

We hope this article has been your trusty guide on the journey to connect Bluetooth with your Onn TV. If you have more questions or need updates in the future, stay tuned! We’ve got your back.

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