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Download SHAREit Android App For PC Free (Official Link)


Download SHAREit: – Today, we are back with another article which is Download SHAREit App For Android and PC from Google Play Store. No doubt that you want to install SHAREit on Android Phone. So, let’s dive into it.

SHAREit is so popular app that it is impossible to see a Android Phone without it. It is such useful app that you can’t ignore its functionalities and features. Right? And probably, after hearing so much, you have finally made your mind to Download SHAREit on Android Phone.

The latest version of SHAREit App has been launched and it is far better than its previous versions in terms of features, UI and performance. SHAREit has added much more features in its 3.0 version and now it is much more useful than ever. Latest version has been offering many features including linking to PC with one touch.

All smart phone users can easily transfer files or mobile app sharing between multiple platform devices. It’s some what called as cross platform device sharing app. So we can share files among Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. It may be Android to iOS or iOS to WIndows or iOS to Mac or between any of these platforms. How pretty it is right? Yeah! it’s perfect.

Share any kind of files including photos, videos, music, documents, contacts, etc. even mobile apps also. It is 100% free, doesn’t kill your carrier mobile data, free of USB cables and Internet (Wi-Fi) or any other connection. It works by connecting devices via direct wireless connection created by automatically.

Since, you are going to Download SHAREit on Android Phone directly, we suggest you to open it in your Android Phone now as you will be given a direct Google Play Store Link so that you can Download SHAREit on your Android Phone now. If you have already done that, then you are good to go.

Download SHAREit Android App Free

If you are new to SHAREit and don’t know how to send files between Android Devices and from PC to Android and vice-versa, We suggest you to read our Send files from PC to Android using Download SHAREit App article.

SHAREit comes with many features and you can send files at lighting fast speed after installing it. This is the major reason behind its success. So, let’s move ahead and Download SHAREit on Android from Google Play Store.

The best part of Android App is that it comes free of cost and even without any in-app purchases. Means you can enjoy this app like you have brought it. Lenovo have made everything awesome to feed the users.

Download SHAREit for Android Free :-

You can download SHAREit Android App from the URL given below. Once you click on it, it will open in your browser, then will ask to access the URL with Google Play Store, Allow and it will open Download SHAREit Android App dialog box for you on your Android Phone.

Click and Download SHAREit Android App link below.

SHAREit for Android Download (Google Play Store)

Download SHAREit App For PC Free:-

Download SHAREit App for Android is very easy and doesn’t include any complicated step. But if we assume that you were on PC and not on your Android Phone?

Well, we have a unique solution to that problem too for now. And, actually, it is much more preferred as compared to installing SHAREit on Android directly.

You can Download SHAREit Android APK App by visiting from your PC and download offline version of SHAREit Android App on your PC. You can save it on your PC and whenever you format or hard reset your Phone, you can install it from your PC. Isn’t that cool? Huh.

Features of SHAREit App Android :

Accept the fact or not, you might have heard about it once anywhere. SHAREit has really replaced the traditional way of sending files between mobile phones, Smartphones and even from PC to Android Phone and vice-versa. Forget about ancient invention Bluetooth or Traditional USB Cable for sending files between devices, here comes SHAREit App.

Let’s discuss some great features of this amazing app and find the actual reasons why it is damn popular among PC and Android Lovers:-

  • Apps like SHAREit uses the technology of Wi-Fi Direct, which never get any kind of malware into your PC or Android Phone.
  • For security and privacy purposes, it uses private connection to communicate between devices so that others in range can never be aware of what’s going on and what’s is being shared among particular devices.
  • This is how the app offers security and complete privacy. Unless, you share the app with someone, it will never be sharing anything with anyone.

You will never face any privacy related problem while Download SHAREit App according to its Developer. Be sure while using it. You know with whom you’re connecting and sending & receiving files from.

Final Thought about Download SHAREit Android App Free:-

So, do you agree with us on SHAREit App? We have been explaining each and everything about SHAREit App, its characteristics and its awesomeness. Why should everyone know about it and need to install it on their PC for sharing files like images, videos, music files, documents etc. with ultra fast speed.

We hope you really liked the article on how to download SHAREit Android App on Android and PC too. This is the best method to download and install Android App.

I hope you found the answer to the query of your question after reading this article. Thanks to Lenovo for introducing such an awesome app to its users. Please don’t forget to share it with your friends and let them know about us. Keep on reading our blog for the latest news related to SHAREit App.

Thanks for reading the whole article. Bye 😀

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