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SHAREit for Windows 10/8.1/7 Download App


SHAREit for Windows 10: – After receiving a lot of emails related to suggesting some solution to use SHAREit For Windows 10, we have come up with the ultimate solution to sort the problem among windows lovers. So, just go with throughout the article and you are done.

From past few years, people are using USB cables, Cloud Drives, Internet, Bluetooth , Social messengers , Wi-Fi connection and other for sharing files between multiple devices. It’s very hard to use this services every time when we share files because of our busy schedules, lack of Internet or USB cables, Bluetooth connectivity problems or any other.

So it would be better if we have an application that can offer all these feature in the single app. Luckily we have that awesome app called SHAREit. It is the best and popular application all over the Internet and App Stores as well because of it’s features and ease.

Since you have been waiting for a guide which can help you to download SHAREit For Windows 10. We understand the need to use it on PC as we need to transfer a lot of files from Windows to Android and other devices and vice versa. We have already covered a tutorial on SHAREit For PC but if you are looking for the exclusive article on SHAREit For Windows 10 then keep on reading the article.


After the release of SHAREit on Android Platform, the windows users have been continuously demanding its PC version to be released and as a result of which, SHAREit For Windows have been released now by the officials. Due to its massive user base of Windows, SHAREit App is going to be a big hit in the entire world.

You know, this is really a game changer app for Windows based PCs and before this, it was a killer job to share files between two PCs, Mobile to PCs and others. But now you neither need any USB cable nor need any portable storage device to transfer files. All you need is to have Share it App installed on both devices no matter if it is a mobile or PC, and start sharing your files with ultra fast speed. That’s it.

SHAREit for Windows 10/8.1/7 Download App:-

You should not doubt on its credibility as it is developed and marketed by Lenovo (Yes, it is trusted and official App). Lenovo has made available the following app for all platforms like Android, PC, Windows, Windows Phone, Mac, iPhone, iPad and iOS too.

We have already covered its downloading and using part, so we are not going to cover that thing again. Better you should visit Download SHAREit For Windows to read its download and usage instructions.

So after reading that you must now make sure that your system is up to date and Android Devices also qualifies the minimum requirements for usage. To use its latest version of SHAREit App, Android Device should have a minimum of 1 GB of RAM.

The daily transfer gigs will be going to love the SHAREit App once you start using it. If you need to send files at a large level, We are sure; you are going to get addicted to SHAREit for Windows 10.

Again, the good news is that SHAREit For Windows 10 is available for free of cost and you don’t need to worry about anything. Just use the SHAREit For Windows 10 like a boss. SHAREit App has all features which a paid app rarely owns. So, just get addicted to its lighting fast speed.

SHAREit for Windows 10/7/8.1 Download Official Links:

We are going to provide you with both 32-Bit and 64-Bit version of the software. Just make sure you download right kind of software into your PC.

Don’t know what kind of windows version you are using?

Simply go to desktop > Right Click on Computer Icon > Properties.

See here what type of operating system you have installed. Just follow the same link and download SHAREit for Windows 10.


Final Thought on SHAREit App for Windows 10:-

Downloading and Installing SHAREit For Windows 10 is damn easy, and one should not be confused with it if you have gone through the entire tutorial given above. We have provided step by step and straightforward method to get it installed.

SHAREit app is also available for Android, iPhone and Windows Desktop. So, now it is straightforward to share files between cross platforms. This is the ultimate feature of SHAREit App.

Tell us about your experience with downloading and installing SHAREit For Windows 10. Kindly help us by sharing the article on your Facebook timeline and telling it to your friends. Your small contribution can help us to help more peoples like you on Social Media. Stay in touch for latest news and updates here. Thanks for surviving with us till here. You are awesome. Thanks, Bye 😀

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