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How To Download Songs From SoundCloud


SoundCloud, the best online Music website available in the techsphere. SoundCloud allows you to create your own channel on which you can upload your recored songs and much more things. It’s actually a user friendly mp3 hub where all of your music related lust can be fulfilled with a very well manner.

SoundCloud has over 10 million registered users and all the International celebrities have their own personal channels here where they upload their new songs and much more things. Apart from this, there are some restrictions where you are not allowed to download some MP3s directly. Being questioned many times by the users, we have decided to come up with a new tutorial which can guide you on How to download songs from SoundCloud. So let’s get on to the tutorial and see how it can be possible!

How To Download Songs from SoundCloud

Download Songs from SoundCloud

How to download Songs from SoundCloud for PC?

SoundCloud looks good on PCs. I am pretty much sure that you do like to listening to your favourite stuffs being online right from your PC. And it is always good to download songs on your PC so that you cane exchange them with your phones and other equipments. So make sure to follow the below given steps if you want to download songs from SoundCloud on your PC. Here we go!

Step 1 :

Login to your SoundCloud profile. You can login here with your own personal user name and password or you can directly login through Facebook or Twitter.

Step 2 :

Now, go to the song which you want it to get downloaded.

Step 3 :

After selecting the file, copy that particular file’s URL on your clipboard.

Step 4 :

Now, go to anything2mp3.com by opening a new Tab on your PC.

Step 5 :

On the given box, paste the copied link and click on to the convert button.

Step 6 :

Wait for the conversation to be completed. After a while, you would be allowed to click on to the Download button in the next page.

Congratulations! You have learned the way of downloading your favourite MP3 songs from your PC. Now, what if you want to download it on your phone? Well, basically there are two types of smartphones available in the tech world, an Android smartphone and an Apple’s iPhone. Let’s see how can we download songs right from these smartphones.

How to download songs from SoundCloud to Android smartphone?

Android is known for its amazing services as an open source platform. There are over 40% of smartphones run on Android operating system. More than this, people do like to own an Android device compares to all the other platforms because of its user interface. Android is way more user friendly than other platforms. One interesting thing about Android is its Google Play Store. It’s a hub for Millions of apps and games for your Android smartphone. You can download your favourite apps and games for free right from this hub instantly. Well, you can download SoundCloud Songs too from here.

To download your favourite MP3 songs from Android device, there’s an official app called SoundCloud Downloader. You are requested to go to the link and download this app before to do anything. This app is very simple and you can download any types of MP3 files stored in SoundCloud for free without messing up more!

How to Download songs from SoundCloud to iPhone?

iPhone, World’s most popular smartphone device with all the awesomeness. People own a iPhone to do a hell lot of things within. It runs on iOS which is the most popular OS for smartphone at the present time. However, it’s not made for common people as Android. Everything costs something if you are using an Apple device. To download songs from SoundCloud to your iPhone, there’s a same app called SoundCloud Downloader. This time you have to pay something to get this app installed on your iPhone, as SoundCloud downloader is not available for free for Apple devices. You have to pay $1.99 to get this app installed on your iDevice.

Making use of this app is pretty simple. It will redirect your profile and from there you can select the songs which you want them to be downloaded on your phone. It gives you the same quality as uploaded and this is the best feature about this app.

What’s your take? What device are you using to listen to your favourite songs from SoundCloud? Do you know any other way of downloading MP3s from SoundCloud? If there’s any, do let us know. We would like to interact with you regarding the same thing. Meanwhile, if you have any other questions or queries to be asked, feel free to let us know. We would like to get them solved as soon as possible. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed!

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