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Download Wassapp for PC – Use WhatsApp Messenger On Your Computer


Within a very short time period, the simple looking mobile chatting app, WhatsApp, has become highly famous all over the world. The people who love to be online on the Facebook or any other social media sites will defiantly like to have the WhatsApp on their mobile phone. Although, there are lots of other mobile chatting apps in the market that are free of cost for the lifetime, people prefer using the WhatsApp as it provides the very simple and sophisticated interface as well as flexible features that allow users to send not only the text files but also the images, video and media files.

Issue With WhatsApp

However, there is one issue with the people who prefer WhatsApp for their mobile chatting. When they are online using their desktop, there is no such app for the PC. Hence, they have to communicate with their friends using two different devices. However, some clever minds have come up with the solution. They use android emulator that can run the app just like it would have been on the mobile phone. Although, this trick work just fine on the PC as in case of the other devices, it makes the process messy and involves lots of files to be run at the same time, thus, hindering the performance of the system.

Wassapp For PC

To solve the problem, there is a wonderful app which not only resembles the exact interface of the official WhatsApp but also provide the same features for chatting. However, it is the unofficial app which is designed to combine the android algorithm as well as the coding files mirroring the official WhatsApp. The tool works in the similar way as that of the official WhatsApp. The only difference in both the app is on the platform. The WhatsApp is for the mobile platform; mainly for the Android Smartphone while the Wassapp is for the PCs. Interestingly, people do not have to use any android emulator with the Wassapp which makes it simple and easy to use portable application for PCs. Let’s see how people can install the Wassapp on PC and use it.


1. First step is to download Wassapp from the official website. You can also get it from the reliable source. The Wassapp is originally free of any type of spyware, malware or annoying pop ups and ads.

2. Once the download finishes. You will get the executable file as in the case of any other software tool. Just make sure that your PC meets the requirements of the application tool.

3. Double click on the file and run the installer. Follow the instruction to install the Wassapp on your PC.

4. Once the setup is done, open the file for the first start. It will be available on the desktop as the shortcut.

5. The first run of the Wassapp might be tricky depending upon if you have used the official WhatsApp before. If you have used it before, just enter the mobile number and password. Click on ‘Login’ button. Check the box for the remembering the password, depending upon your need.

6. The second case is when you have not used official WhatsApp on your Smartphone before. In such case, enter the phone number and password and click on ‘Register’ button. This might take time depending upon the internet speed on your PC. Once you get the confirmation, you will be redirected to the Wassapp page. This finishes your successful startup with Wassapp on PC.

Users of the Wassapp suggest using the official WhatsApp before using the Wassapp on your PC. This is because the app might show an error on registration for the first time due to some technical glitches. But, once you have done, it is the time to enjoy the ease of staying connected to your near and dear ones via chatting.

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