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9 Top Dumbbells Workouts Routines You Should Know


Who wants to go to those crowded gyms anymore? When you don’t have the time for those elaborate workouts at the gym dumbbell workouts routines at home work best. How many times have those especially ill-equipped gyms have disappointed you? dumbbell exercises.

When you get the equipment at home, you don’t have to care about beating the traffic blues. Dumbbell training is the secret weapon for many fitness freaks today. Wondering what exercises you can perform? Here’s an overview.

Alternate Bicep Curls


This is one of the most classic dumbbell exercises that tones up your muscles just fine. There are many variations in this one. You can strengthen your biceps and to some extent your forearms. These curls allow supination with every repetition. You have to start with a neutral grip and turn your wrists inwards as you move to the top. Why the twist? It works for better contraction.

To begin with, stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand. This would be on your sides. Keep your chest out and elbows tight. Now curl one weight toward the shoulder as you go up. Tighten your biceps at the top. Repeat with the opposite arm. As you come down, twist your wrist back to normal. Try and get the weights as high as possible. This will strengthen your muscles all the way down to your arm. You can either raise both dumbbells together or take turns. If you are raising them together, the arms should be facing each other throughout the movement.

Shoulder Press

This is a useful exercise for your shoulders. It makes them strong and at the same time gives them a shape. But only if done right. You can either do it while sitting down or just stand and do it. The rules are the same for both.

So if you are standing, you have to hold a dumbbell in each hand and raise the hands at the same time. Now push your arms towards your shoulders parallel to them like you are pushing a boulder. Even if the weight is less, the movement and pressure should be that of pushing a heavy weight. Be careful about the weight you choose in this one.


This is great for shoulder strength, martial artists and overall rotational core. This is one of your best exercises as it raises your endurance to many other workouts too. So how do you do it? Press a dumbbell overhead in one arm. Keep this straight. Set your feet apart and turn them outwards.

Total Body Dumbbell Workout Routine.


Look upward to the dumbbell and touch the opposite leg. Return to the same position and repeat. This is different for both men and women.

If you are a male beginner, use 20 percent of your bodyweight and allow five reps. For women, using 15 percent of body weight with five reps per arm is the perfect way to start.

Straddle Press

This is a favourite exercise for firming your hips and hamstrings. This one also makes you more flexible than other exercises. You begin by sitting on the ground in a straddle (one leg on either side) position. Hold a dumbbell at your shoulder height and press it overhead. Do not lead towards the back. Just keep your legs straight as you exercise.

Repeat this on both sides. Men who are starting with this shouldn’t use more than 13 percent or their bodyweight. And women should go with 5. Allow 5 reps each and see the difference. The proportions can change according to your body weight and stamina.

Wrist Curl

The wrist curls are a magical way to get your forearms in order. If you think you don’t know how to go about it, well,
it’s very straightforward. You need to sit at the edge of a bench and lay your forearms flat on it. You also have the

option to stand in front of a mirror and stretch your arms parallel to the floor at the height of your shoulders. Now and grasp a dumbbell in each hand and then twist your wrist. You will soon feel a noticeable difference in your arms too.

Dumbbell Shrug

There’s no rocket science to this. The motion is only a few inches. The up-and-down movement needs to be controlled. You can’t do it casually, else you won’t find the right stress in your muscles. The point is, when you are using dumbbells, the neutral grip won’t help in putting the right pressure on your shoulders. This would be comfortable, and you will not see any results.

But do not roll your shoulders, this can cause your shoulders to pain.

Overhead Dumbbell Extension

This is one of the best exercises. You just have to move your arm overhead and do it right to put some pressure on the back arm muscle. And this also stresses the long head of the triceps. You just have to sit straight up on an upright bench. Put your feet flat and hold a dumbbell overhead stretching your arm up straight.

Bend your elbow slightly and lower the weight behind your head. You need to form this at a 90-degree angle. Make sure that you can feel the stretch in your triceps. Repeat for each arm and try the version with both arms.

Beginner Dumbbell Workout Routine

Dumbbell Deadlift

If you are just making your foray in the world of dumbbell workouts, you will realise that there is no need to overload the dumbbells unnecessarily. You can take your first baby steps with the pair that you feel most comfortable with. And once you are ok with the weight, increase it gradually, maybe per week or every five days.

It is important not to overload on heavy weights right away. Start with about ten reps of each exercise. Concentrate on mobility for the most part. You don’t want improper movements to affect your workout.

You can start your routine as a beginner with some of the most fundamental exercises, like squats, where you squat to an overhead press and workout on your legs and hips. And then you have the bend over workout that is an excellent option when you want sexy shoulders and a powerful back. This one requires you to squeeze your shoulders as you work out which makes it worth your time. There’s another workout where you can fine tune your triceps.

Best Dumbbell Workouts for Men

Dumbbells are great when it comes to chest presses. This is a movement that are great for your chest. There is a workout called the ladder triset and is a great way to exhaust your chest in many ways.

If you want the best Dumbbell Workout Routine for Men, simply grab an adjustable bench and start with medium weights. You can boost it up to an eight-rep at the best. There are not many reps required as this is all about lifting heavier dumbbells.

Dumbbell workouts are the best for your back. You can now lift those dumbbells for the right posture. Just by using high-rep training routine, you can make your own regime. Dumbbells make you back stronger and increase endurance.This is among one of the Best Dumbbell Workouts for Men.

Talk about Dumbbell Workout Routine for Men and you can’t miss shoulders.

When you are using dumbbells for shoulders, you can start with seated shoulder press. It’s an up-tempo set. You can take 10 seconds off in between. 10 seconds rest between sets. Grab the dumbbells in each hand, and lift them up in a perfect movement. Press your way up, hold for 5 seconds, and back. Repeat 8-10 times.

3 Day Dumbbell Workout Routine

Day 1

Start with two basic exercises. This begins with chest and shoulders. Go with ten reps of 4 rounds each. You can start with exercises like bench press, flys, Bent over and shoulder press. This is the ideal way to kick-start your workout routine.

Day 2
The next day is to start with arms and back. You are fit enough to workout on these body parts. Begin with dumbbell rows, deadlifts, grip push ups and dumbbell curls. This is a perfect way to start the second day. But the repetitions for grip pushes and deadlifts will vary. Know what suits your body type and stamina best, and go for it!

Day 3
This is the day for your legs. Tune them up with everything from squats to calf raises. The repetitions can vary everything from 10 to 15. On this day, you will feel the difference 3 Day Dumbbell Workout Routine brings.


There is no better way to workout at home than adjustable dumbbells workouts routines. You will find your muscles grow tighter and more strong each day. We all know how important it is to have more active muscles when it comes to fitness. This is why these routines help you in making your barbell training better. You do not have to be at any of those gyms anymore if you know the right exercises to do.

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