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Economic Gaming Computer – Beginner Guide


Today computer is used for many interesting purposes, some of us use it for official work while others use it for entertainment by looking for interesting videos online from the ocean of variety called internet. Playing games on computer is favourite past time for a lot of us, though youngsters are more heavily in to this.

There is a lot of progress and innovation in game software and newer versions of popular games as well as games inspired from movies keep getting launched as an annual feature. Normally a cheap gaming pc may not be able to play all popular games at high or medium settings, while a top specification branded computer will be too costly.

Popular games require a good graphic card and also a good processor speed and configuration. These two requirements are most basic for nice gaming on a computer. It does not matter if the computer is a branded one or the owner has assembled it by buying all necessary parts, which are available easily. As long as the specifications of computer are good, particularly of processor and graphic card, it will work fine.

It becomes quite a decision to make if budget is not a problem, but if one is not looking to spend much and still want a good deal than an assembled one is the only option, as there is a huge difference in cost to specifications ratios of a branded and non-branded computer.

In the cost of basic branded computer, one can have a reasonable advance specification assembled computer. But, what is the way forward, go online and you will find so many detailed tutorial as to how to go about assembling a computer, anybody who can figure out screwdriver use, can do it, not a big deal so relax.

One can worry about issue of warranty which comes with a branded product, but there is some cheer for them also as some of the parts of assembled computer have their own individual warranty. And in any case when one is aiming for a cheap gaming pc with highest possible specifications in a small budget there has to be some compromise. Our initiative should be to get best value of money.

There is one more aspect to this subject and that is our person who is going to use gaming pc, he or she normally looks for fun and excitement and is least worried about worldly things like specifications, branded versus assembled, or for that matter mundane thing of warranty.

Man one should have priorities of life clear, and here our user is into gaming world, all that he wants is to have a computer who can play his most games with relative ease, and mind you as a conscious choice, this person is not willing to spend more than required. Here, sadly our branded system does not really gel with this segment of user, and assembled one seems to be right choice.

Thrills and excitement so much enjoyed by avid gamers are due to the game format and their different levels. On crossing levels after level, one gets a sense of achievement and expertise. It is wide open virtual world in games, with lot of freedom of action and things, which cannot be done in normal life, may be due to fear of law or society.

A person playing often gets powers like super human and fights the bad power in games, satisfying some underlying desires of most of us. In a way, it is healthy for our society that one gets his aggression vented through a game and lead real life peacefully. Our life is full of stress and frustrations and urban city life has also weakened family and social bonding, thus gaming is sort of antidote of stress.

Though one can have a good computer made with economy but still some people think that if it is cheap then it might not be good. Since it is a mind set issue, nothing much can be done for these individuals, they can carry on with their thinking. But, one need not worry as long as his needs for gaming are met by a computer with reasonable performance without costing much, it is alright.

Our history is filled with examples, where the traditional way of thinking was challenged, and won over a period of time. And in due time as lot of people begin to do the new thing, it becomes a trend and subsequently a tradition. Our objective of having a cheap gaming pc is shared by lot of people, while some of them will go ahead and find way to own one, other will continue to have doubts. This is the way our world functions.

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