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To cancel your ESPN+ subscription on Roku, the solution is to follow a simple three-step process comprising accessing your Roku account, locating and removing the ESPN+ subscription, and confirming the cancellation. These sub-sections will guide you through each of the necessary steps, ensuring that the cancellation process is smooth and straightforward.

Step 1: Accessing Your Roku Account

To cancel ESPN+ on your Roku, you need to first access your Roku account. This will allow you to manage and cancel subscriptions.

  1. On your Roku remote, press the Home button.
  2. Select ‘Settings’ from the Roku home screen.
  3. Click on ‘System’ followed by ‘About.’
  4. You will see a code appear on the screen. Make note of this code as you’ll need it later to login to your account.
  5. Visit from your web browser and sign in using your credentials.
  6. Once logged in, click on ‘My Account’ where you can view all of the channels and subscriptions linked to your account.

It’s important to note that the process of accessing your Roku account may vary slightly depending on which model of Roku device you own.

To ensure that all of the requirements have been met when it comes to accessing and managing your account, double-check with Roku’s support team or customer service hotline for information that is specific to your device.

Canceling subscriptions can be a hassle if not done properly. Be sure to follow these steps exactly as they’ve been laid out to do so quickly and efficiently.

Get ready to say goodbye to ESPN+, or as I like to call it, the subscription that made my wallet cry.

Step 2: Finding and Removing ESPN+ Subscription on Roku

To remove the ESPN+ subscription from your Roku, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, navigate to the Roku home screen and access the settings menu. From there, select ‘subscriptions’ and find the ESPN+ subscription in question. Once you locate it, select it and choose the option to cancel or unsubscribe. Finally, confirm your decision by following any additional prompts that appear onscreen.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Access settings on Roku home screen.
  2. Select subscriptions.
  3. Find and select ESPN+ subscription.
  4. Cancel or unsubscribe and confirm.

It’s worth noting that merely deleting the ESPN+ channel app won’t automatically cancel your subscription; you’ll need to take these extra steps to prevent future charges.

In a similar situation, a friend of mine had accidentally subscribed to ESPN+ on his Roku while intending only to stream one game. Frustrated with unwanted charges showing up on his credit card statement, he used this guide to quickly find and remove the subscription.

Why confirm when you can cancel twice, just to be sure?

Step 3: Confirming Cancellation

Once you have selected the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option, you will move to the final step towards terminating ESPN+ on Roku. This last step requires confirmation that you truly want to cancel your subscription.

Here’s how to proceed with Step 3: Confirming Cancellation.

  1. Look for the ‘Yes, Cancel’ option on your screen.
  2. Click or hit this button.
  3. A pop-up window may display asking for additional confirmation.
  4. If there are specific reasons why you are cancelling, you may provide that information (optional).

By following these four steps outlined above, you will successfully confirm cancellation of your ESPN+ subscription via Roku.

It is important to note that if there are any billing issues with your account, they must be resolved before cancellation can be confirmed.

In case you experience any trouble during the cancellation process or would like more detailed information about ESPN+ unsubscribe procedures, contact Roku Customer Support for further assistance.

Don’t miss out! By completing this final step in the HBO Max subscription cancellation process via Roku, you avoid future charges and extra expenses associated with oversubscription or careless oversight. If canceling ESPN+ on Roku is easier than contacting their customer service, then you know you’re in for a ride.

How to Contact ESPN Plus Customer Service?

To get in touch with ESPN Plus customer service and resolve any issues related to the streaming service, you can use a range of communication channels. Get quick answers to your queries and support for cancellation by using the phone support, chat support, email support, or Twitter support provided by ESPN Plus.

Phone Support

When it comes to getting in touch with ESPN Plus customer service through the phone, there are several options available. One of the best ways to get a quick and efficient response is by calling their helpline.

You can find the phone number for ESPN Plus customer service by visiting their official website or checking your account details. A representative will answer your call and assist you with any issues or concerns you may have regarding your subscription, billing, or streaming experience. It’s important to prepare your questions beforehand and have your account information ready to make the process smoother.

In addition to phone support, ESPN Plus also offers email and live chat assistance for their customers. These options may be more convenient for those who prefer written communication or have difficulty using the phone. However, keep in mind that wait times may vary depending on the volume of requests they receive.

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According to customer feedback, phone support from ESPN Plus is generally reliable and helpful. Representatives are knowledgeable about the products and services offered by the platform and capable of providing solutions promptly. If you’re facing any issue while using the platform, do not hesitate to contact their customer service team via phone, email or live chat!

When it comes to chat support, ESPN Plus has got your back… and your typing fingers.

Chat Support

For those looking to connect with ESPN Plus customer service, a helpful option is the Live Chat feature. By accessing this chat support, customers can quickly and easily receive assistance from knowledgeable representatives who can help answer questions or address any concerns they may have. The Live Chat feature is an excellent alternative to traditional phone support, providing customers with the convenience of real-time communication in a streamlined and efficient manner.

To access the Live Chat feature on ESPN Plus, simply navigate to the Help Center section on their website and click on the “Chat” icon to begin your conversation. From there, you’ll be prompted to enter your name and email address before being connected with a representative who can assist you. Whether you’re having trouble setting up your account or need help troubleshooting an issue, the Live Chat support team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your ESPN Plus experience.

It’s worth noting that while ESPN Plus does offer phone support as well, many customers find that using Live Chat offers a more convenient and efficient way to get in touch. With speedy response times and helpful reps available around-the-clock, it’s no wonder why so many people turn to this popular option for customer service support on ESPN Plus.

Emailing ESPN Plus Customer Service is like throwing a Hail Mary pass – you hope for a touchdown, but expect an interception.

Email Support

To reach out to ESPN Plus Customer Service via email, use the ‘Electronic Mail Assistance’ option on their website. Provide a detailed message regarding your query or concern and ensure that you include relevant information such as your account details. Expect a response within 24-48 hours from the support team.

It is worth noting that email responses may take longer during high volume periods or weekends. If you require immediate assistance, try reaching out through their live chat or phone support options.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your ESPN Plus subscription-related queries resolved through email assistance. Send them a message detailing your concerns now and wait for the support team’s response!

Need help with ESPN Plus? Don’t worry, their Twitter support is just a hashtag away. #GoodLuckWithThat.

Twitter Support

When it comes to getting customer support for ESPN Plus, Twitter can be a helpful option. Utilize the ‘Tweet Support’ feature on Twitter to receive assistance with any problems you may have encountered. Simply address your issue in a comment and wait for a response from an ESPN Plus representative.

Additionally, you can use Twitter to stay up-to-date with any service-related news or updates.

It’s worth noting that if you require more personalized help, it may be best to contact customer support directly through the designated phone number or email provided on the ESPN Plus website.

A user reported that they were having issues with their account on Twitter and received prompt assistance from an ESPN Plus representative. The experience was efficient and professional, leaving the user satisfied with the resolution of their issue.

Getting frustrated with ESPN+? Don’t worry, their customer service is just a phone call away…if you can find their number among all the ads.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with ESPN+

To troubleshoot common issues with ESPN Plus, including buffering and playback issues, login problems, payment and subscription issues, and app and device compatibility issues, you need to be aware of the possible solutions available for each problem. These sub-sections will guide you through the common issues that arise when using ESPN Plus and provide you with the solutions you need to overcome these problems.

Buffering and Playback Issues

For viewers experiencing buffering and playback problems, ESPN+ offers a few solutions. Clearing your browser cache and cookies, streamlining your home network by disconnecting other devices, and resetting hardware can all be effective measures to try.

If these steps do not work, checking the internet connection speed might help. Slow connections or low bandwidth may cause video playback to become choppy or delayed. Additionally, using older versions of browsers or operating systems may require updates for optimal streaming.

To ensure a smooth viewing experience on ESPN+, it is important to have updated equipment and reliable internet speeds. By following these steps and potentially consulting customer support, streaming issues can be resolved efficiently.

According to Tom’s Guide, although its price comparison feature doesn’t cover every alternative service out there, ESPN+ is generally priced competitively with similar services.

If logging in to ESPN+ is giving you trouble, just remember: it’s not the end of the world…but it might feel like it to your fantasy league.

Login Problems

If you’re having trouble accessing your ESPN+ account, it could be due to issues with logging in. To resolve this, ensure that you’re using the correct login credentials and have an active subscription. If you’ve forgotten your password or username, click on the ‘forgot password’ or ‘forgot username’ option on the login page to reset them.

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In some cases, you may encounter errors such as ‘invalid credentials’ or ‘account not found’. This could indicate problems with your login information or even glitches in the system. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies, and ensure that any ad-blockers or VPNs are disabled.

It’s important to note that ESPN+ subscriptions are non-transferable, so if you’re logging in from a different device than usual, make sure that you’ve logged out of all other devices first.

Frustration can set in when unable to access those critical sports events on ESPN+. Don’t let that happen – double-check your login details and try again.

Forget therapy, just try figuring out ESPN+ payment and subscription issues.

Payment and Subscription Issues

When using ESPN+, issues with payment or subscription may arise. To troubleshoot these difficulties, it may be beneficial to evaluate any account information entered during the subscription process. Ensure the correct billing information and account credentials were provided.

To confirm if a subscription is active, check the account details on ESPN+ or contact customer service for assistance. Additionally, try clearing cache and cookies if access to content seems limited or non-existent.

It is also essential to check for any potential billing issues that may have prevented renewal of a subscription. Fixing this issue requires updating billing information or re-subscribing through a different method.

One frustrated customer complained about payment options, stating they could not cancel their subscription despite previously doing so. After contacting customer service and providing evidence of cancellation, their account was refunded immediately.

ESPN+ may be the future of sports streaming, but it seems like it’s playing the old game of ‘Not Compatible with Your Device’.

App and Device Compatibility Issues

When using ESPN+, certain issues with app and device compatibility can arise. To troubleshoot these issues, ensure that your device and app are up-to-date. Check if your device meets the requirements to run the app, such as operating system and RAM.

If you continue to experience problems, try logging out of the app and logging back in or restarting your device. If none of these solutions work, contact ESPN+ support for further assistance.

Pro Tip: Before subscribing to ESPN+, check if it is available on your preferred devices to avoid any compatibility issues.

Why bother with FAQs when ESPN+ offers the thrill of troubleshooting on the fly?

FAQs about ESPN Plus

To answer your FAQs about ESPN Plus, we have got you covered with this section titled ‘FAQs about ESPN Plus’. You might be wondering what is ESPN Plus, how much does it cost, and what sports can you watch on it? Or maybe, you’re curious if you can share your account with others, need cable subscription or not, and if you can cancel it anytime. Well, keep reading to find out!

What is ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus is a subscription-based streaming service that provides live sports events, original content, and exclusive programming. With ESPN Plus, subscribers can stream live games, access replays of previous games, and watch exclusive shows such as SportsNation and the Peyton Manning-hosted detail series. ESPN Plus also offers access to college sports events and several on-demand documentaries.

Moreover, ESPN Plus allows users to stream on multiple devices simultaneously without any additional cost and provides offline viewing options for select content. Subscribers can avail of a seven-day free trial before signing up for the service.

Pro Tip: Check out the ‘Upcoming Events’ section on the homepage to stay updated with upcoming matches and games available on ESPN Plus.

Get ready to say goodbye to your hard-earned cash, because ESPN Plus charges more than a politician at a lobbyist-funded fundraiser.

How much does ESPN Plus cost?

Asking about the price point of ESPN Plus? Well, the cost to access ESPN Plus varies depending on your location. Generally, an annual subscription costs around $69.99, while a monthly subscription costs $5.99. Additionally, if you want to bundle ESPN+ with Disney+ and Hulu, it will cost $13.99 per month.

When subscribing to ESPN Plus, keep in mind that payment methods may vary depending on where you are accessing it from. Moreover, some sporting events might have an exclusive fee beyond the subscription charge. You should also consider bandwidth and internet speed requirements for smooth streaming.

In case you’re wondering if there are any other benefits to getting an ESPN Plus subscription, they offer exclusive content like UFC pay-per-view and access to live sports not available on television. Additionally, there is a 30-day free trial period when you sign up.

One subscriber voiced out their excitement upon finding out that ESPN Plus was screening unavailable games of their favorite team’s league outside the US – a feature gladly unseen anywhere else until now.

Get ready to spend more time on your couch than Tom Brady, because ESPN Plus has every sport imaginable, plus some you didn’t even know existed.

What sports can I watch on ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus broadcasts an extensive collection of sports events. With subscription, you gain access to live coverage of most major sporting leagues and tournaments.

  • You can watch live sports events from major professional baseball, basketball, hockey, and football leagues
  • There are select college games and some exclusive fights from UFC
  • ESPN Plus also offers a range of international soccer matches, including Italian Serie A, English FA Cup, and others
  • Apart from live streaming, there are on-demand replays of exciting games that have happened in the past
  • Additionally, they produce exciting series like their well-known 30 for 30 which provide insights and behind-the-scenes look at athletes’ lives
  • Lastly, you can enjoy in-depth coverage of various competitions such as National Finals Rodeo or Grand Slam Tennis tournaments
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If you are looking for extensive coverage of sports all around the world along with exclusive programming ESPN Plus is a perfect choice.

I know someone who subscribed to ESPN Plus just for UFC fights because he’s a die-hard fan. He said it was worth every penny spent watching his favorite fighters compete in the octagon.

I mean, you can try to share your ESPN Plus account with others, but good luck getting access during peak sports seasons – might as well join a game of musical chairs.

Can I share my ESPN Plus account with others?

Sharing your ESPN Plus account with others is not allowed as each account is limited to one user only. This means that streams cannot be shared or accessed on multiple devices simultaneously. Unauthorized sharing or selling of ESPN Plus accounts is strictly prohibited, and subscriptions could be terminated if caught.

Additionally, ESPN Plus allows up to three simultaneous streams on different devices using one account but only from the same home internet network. So, sharing an account with people living in different locations is still not possible.

Pro Tip: To avoid suspension or termination of your ESPN Plus subscription, do not share your login credentials with anyone, even family members or close friends who live outside of your household.

No cable? No problem. ESPN Plus has your sports fix covered, unlike that ex who still hasn’t returned your cable box.

Do I need a cable subscription to access ESPN Plus?

Accessing ESPN Plus does not require a cable subscription. The platform operates as a standalone streaming service that offers live sports events, documentaries, and original shows at a subscription cost of $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. Users can access ESPN Plus content from various compatible devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

It’s important to note that ESPN Plus does not include access to live television networks such as ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU. However, subscribers may be able to watch some games on-demand after they air.

If you’re an avid sports fan but want to cut ties with traditional cable TV subscriptions, subscribing to ESPN Plus could be an excellent option for you.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for promotional discounts such as bundle deals that combine ESPN Plus with other streaming services like Hulu and Disney+.

Breaking up with ESPN Plus is like ending a toxic relationship – it’s easy to do, but you’ll miss the drama.

Can I cancel my ESPN Plus subscription anytime?

Those subscribed to ESPN Plus can terminate their subscription at any time. Simply log in to the ESPN account, go to the subscription settings, and choose the cancel option. No cancellation fees will be charged.

It’s rather easy to terminate your ESPN Plus subscription if you’re not pleased with it. You are not required to contact customer support or go through a tedious process. Instead, simply navigate to your account settings and click on ‘cancel,’ and that’s it.

It is essential to keep track of when the billing cycle concludes since if you cancel during an ongoing month, you may still be billed for that month before your subscription expires. Ensure that you have canceled ahead of time so that no extra funds are expensed.

For some people, unforeseen circumstances might force them to reconsider their subscriptions. However, thanks to ESPN Plus’ flexible policies on cancellation and termination fees, customers may end their subscriptions without issue at any moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I contact ESPN Plus customer service?

You can contact ESPN Plus customer service by visiting their website and clicking on the "Contact Us" button. You can also contact them through their social media accounts or by calling their customer service hotline.

2. What information do I need to provide when contacting ESPN Plus customer service?

To receive the best possible support, you should have your account information readily available, including your email address and order number. You may also be asked to provide any error messages or details about the issue you're experiencing.

3. How do I cancel ESPN+ on Roku?

To cancel your ESPN+ subscription on Roku, navigate to the Roku Home screen and select "Settings" from the menu. Then choose "Subscription," select ESPN+, and follow the prompts to cancel your subscription.

4. Can I cancel my ESPN+ subscription before the free trial ends?

Yes, you can cancel your ESPN+ subscription at any time, including before the free trial ends. You will still be able to access ESPN+ for the remainder of the free trial period, but you will not be charged after the trial ends.

5. Will I receive a refund if I cancel my ESPN+ subscription early?

If you cancel your ESPN+ subscription before the end of your billing cycle, you will not receive a refund. However, you will still have access to ESPN+ until your billing cycle ends.

6. How long does it take to receive a response from ESPN Plus customer service?

Response times can vary depending on the volume of inquiries. However, ESPN Plus customer service strives to respond to customer inquiries within 24-48 hours.

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