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File Sharing Made Easy With The Launch of


It doesn’t matter whether you are a photographer, a musician or a designer; sharing files with your colleagues or superiors has become an important step in completing several tasks. As a result, people do require a great program that will enable this process for them. Well, a great solution for you could be represented by Shared. This is a fantastic tool, which will help you transfer files faster than you have imagined. If you are curious to know more about it, the following lines will let you know what Shared could do for you.


Just from its name it is easy for people to realize that this program will let its users share files. However, things don’t stop here. Documents are easy to share, the process is extremely fast and people will manage to save their time. So, as you can see, if you will go for this file hosting tool, you will be able to upload files and to share them instantly.

Shared could also offer its customers the privacy they need. This means that if you will upload and share your files through this program everything will be kept private. Not to mention that the owner of the account is the only one who will decide which files will be shared and with whom. As a result, one should definitely trust Shared when transferring their files, because everything is safe and secure with them.

Are you afraid that the installation process will be too painstaking and time consuming? Well, you shouldn’t be, since there is no such thing here. All you will have to do is to create a free account and afterwards you will be able to use this free storage tool for uploading, sharing or accessing your media, from any device you desire.

As far as money is concerned, people who don’t have a huge budget for their business could use their free edition. However, if there are some who would like unlimited advantages, such as up to 2 TB of storage, they should definitely go for a Pro account. There is a 24 hour trial on these plans and besides prices are quite affordable, since they start from $9.95 per month.

And another thing that Shared could do for you is: to provide you with a way of earning extra money. They have a referral program in which you could earn 30% from the sale of your friends who sign up for a Pro account. Anybody could enter this program; it is not mandatory for these people to be Pro users.


As far as the ways in which you could refer this website you have a few options, too. For instance you could send a unique referral link to your friends or you could post it on various social networks. If you own a website you could place their ads on your web page and thus you will increase your revenue potential. Also, you may email your friends or you may share your media.

To conclude, you should definitely use this toolkit to upload, to organize and to share your files, because as you can see it is easy, fast and full of benefits.

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