Amazon Prime Video Stuck On Loading Screen On TV (Do This!)

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Hey there! 🌟 Are you super excited to watch your favorite shows but super bummed because Amazon Prime Video just won’t load on your TV? We’ve all been there, and it’s no fun at all.

But don’t worry! In this guide, we’re going to dive into why Amazon Prime is playing hide and seek with us (spoiler: it’s hiding in the loading screen) and how we can get it back in action. Let’s turn those loading blues into streaming smiles! 📺✨

Why Is Amazon Prime Video Stuck On The Loading Screen?

Have you ever wondered, “Why is Amazon Prime Video just spinning and spinning on my TV and not showing my favorite shows?” Well, it’s a bit of a puzzle, but mostly it comes down to two main culprits: internet speed and the way your TV is set up.

Imagine your internet as a super-fast race car. If your car (internet) isn’t zippy enough, Amazon Prime Video might take forever to load. It’s like trying to race with a bicycle in a Formula 1 race – not going to win that one!

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Sometimes, it’s not about the speed; it’s about how your TV and streaming device are talking to each other. If they’re not speaking the same language (we mean the technical stuff), Prime Video might just give up and stick to the loading screen.

Ever noticed how sometimes your show starts, but then keeps stopping and starting? That’s buffering. It’s like when you’re trying to tell a story, but keep forgetting parts and have to pause. Annoying, right? Prime Video does that too when it’s having a tough time streaming your show smoothly.

How To Fix The Prime Video Stuck On The Loading Screen.

Method 1: Give Your Router A Performance Boost!

Ever feel like you need a quick break to refresh? Your internet router feels the same way! If Amazon Prime Video is stuck, try giving your router a little time-out. Here’s how:

Restarting Your Router: Like a Mini Vacation

  1. Unplug your router (it’s like telling it to take a quick nap).
  2. Wait for 30-60 seconds (count some sheep or do a quick dance!).
  3. Plug it back in (wake-up call!).

Once your router is back from its mini-break, check if Prime Video is ready to roll.

Why Does This Work? Think of your router like a busy bee. If it’s been working non-stop, it gets tired and slow. Restarting it is like giving it a fresh start, and suddenly, Prime Video might just work like magic!

Method 2: Restart The Prime Video App

If the app is stuck, give it a fresh start too. Restarting the app can fix glitches and let any updates settle in. It’s like pressing a reset button for a fresh start!

Method 3: Sign Out Of The Prime Video App

Sometimes, your Prime Video account just needs a little shake-up. Sign out and then sign back in. It’s a simple trick but can work wonders!

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Method 4: Restart Your TV

Your TV, like your router, needs a break too. Unplug it for a minute (yes, 60 whole seconds), then plug it back in. This can give your TV the boost it needs to stream smoothly.

Method 5: Update Your Prime Video App

Check for updates to your Prime Video app. Keeping the app updated ensures you have all the latest features and fixes.

Method 6: Update Your TV Software/Firmware

Ever thought your TV could be smarter? Updating its software or firmware is like giving your TV a new set of smarts! This helps because sometimes, Amazon Prime Video gets all muddled up if your TV’s brain (software) is out-of-date.

Why Upgrade?

  1. Avoid glitches with Prime Video.
  2. Enjoy new apps and a better TV experience.

Method 7: Close Open Apps

Your TV is like a party host. If there are too many apps open, it’s like having too many guests – things get crowded and messy. Close some apps to give Prime Video some breathing space. If you’ve already restarted your device, congrats, you’ve done this step!

Method 8: Use An Ethernet Cable

Wi-Fi is cool, but sometimes it’s like trying to catch a butterfly – it flutters around. An Ethernet cable is like a straight path – fast and reliable. Using a cable can make Prime Video load faster and smoother.

Method 9: Improve Your Wi-Fi Connection (If You Have To Use It)

Can’t use a cable? No problem! Let’s boost your Wi-Fi:

  1. Move your router closer to your TV – think of it as a Wi-Fi hug!
  2. Clear the path – make sure there’s nothing big blocking the signal.
  3. Add Wi-Fi extenders – they’re like little helpers spreading Wi-Fi love around your house.
  4. Limit how many devices are using Wi-Fi – it’s like rationing snacks at a party.
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Method 10: Turn Off Ad Blockers Or VPNs

Think of VPNs and Ad Blockers as traffic cones on a road. They’re helpful sometimes, but they can also block Prime Video from running properly. Turning them off is like clearing the road for a smooth drive.

Why Turn Them Off?

  1. They can stop Prime Video in its tracks.
  2. VPNs can make streaming slower – like driving with the handbrake on.

Method 11: Check That The Prime Video Servers Are Up And Running.

Sometimes the problem isn’t at your home; it’s with Prime Video itself. Imagine Prime Video as a friend who might be having an off day. Check if their servers are up and running.

How to Check? Look for a ‘Prime Video network status report’ online. It’s like checking the weather before you go out – it lets you know what to expect.

Method 12: Contact The Prime Video App Support

If all else fails and Prime Video is still being stubborn, it’s time to call in the experts. Contacting Prime Video App support is like asking a teacher for help with a tricky math problem. They’re there to guide you and get things sorted.

Wrapping Up: Your Prime Video Adventure Awaits!

So, we’ve explored a bunch of ways to get Amazon Prime Video unstuck. Remember, most of the time, it’s all about your internet behaving like a turtle instead of a hare, or your streaming device needing a little tweak.

Keep in Mind:

  1. Internet issues are often the main villain in this story.
  2. Your streaming device might just need a bit of adjusting.

We really hope that one of these tricks worked for you, and now you’re all set to dive back into your favorite shows and movies on Prime Video. Happy watching, and here’s to no more loading screens! 🎉✨

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