Can’t Link Spotify to Alexa (HERE’S HOW TO FIX IT!)

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🎶 Are you eager to jam out to your favorite Spotify tunes on Amazon Alexa, but hitting a snag trying to link your account? No worries! You’re exactly where you need to be.

🌟 Let’s dive in and get those tunes playing!

Having Trouble Linking Spotify to Alexa? Let’s Fix That!

If you find yourself scratching your head because your Spotify won’t link to Alexa, here’s a simple fix to try first.

Step-by-Step Solution:

  1. Start with Your Spotify Account: Open a web browser, log in to your Spotify account, and remove Alexa’s access. This is like hitting the reset button on their connection.
  2. Dive into the Alexa App: Grab your phone, open the Alexa app, and follow this path: MENU > SETTINGS > MUSIC & PODCASTS > SPOTIFY > ENABLE TO USE. This sequence is like giving Alexa the green light to access your Spotify jams.

But What If You’ve Done This Before?

Sometimes, even after you’ve linked Alexa to Spotify, Alexa acts like they’ve never met. If Alexa keeps saying, “Your Spotify account needs to be linked first,” don’t fret. Follow these steps:

  1. Revoke and Restart: Use this link to log into Spotify and revoke Alexa’s access.
  2. Navigate Through the Alexa App: Open the Alexa app, tap on “MORE” in the bottom right corner, scroll to “SETTINGS,” then select “MUSIC & PODCASTS.”
  3. Re-enable Spotify: Choose “SPOTIFY” and hit “ENABLE.”
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Still No Luck? Try a Quick Alexa Reset:

If Alexa is still being stubborn, try unplugging it for about 30 seconds and plugging it back in. It’s like giving Alexa a quick nap.

Last Resort: Factory Reset Alexa

If all else fails, it’s time to reset Alexa completely. Press the action button for 15-20 seconds until you hear Alexa start talking about setup mode or resetting. After the reset, Alexa will guide you through the setup process in the app, and you can try linking Spotify again.

Are You Using Alexa Outside the U.S.? That Might Be the Issue!

Often, the problem is because Alexa and Spotify aren’t fully on speaking terms outside the U.S. Here are two tricks you can try:

  1. Use a VPN: Change your location to the U.S. with a VPN service. Restart your phone, and you might see Spotify pop up in the Alexa services list.
  2. Change Your Phone’s Language: Some users found that switching their iPhone’s language to “US English” made Spotify reappear. It’s a bit quirky, but it might just do the trick!

Remember, technology can be finicky, but with a little patience and these steps, you should have your favorite Spotify tunes playing through Alexa in no time!

How to Connect Spotify to Alexa

Getting Spotify to play through your Alexa might seem tricky, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. Let’s make sure you’ve got every step down pat!

Here’s How You Do It:

  1. Start in the Alexa App: Open the app and tap “MORE” at the bottom right.
  2. Head to Settings: Scroll to find and select “SETTINGS.”
  3. Find the Music Section: In Settings, choose “MUSIC & PODCASTS.”
  4. Linking Time: Click on “Link New Service” and then the “+” sign.
  5. Choose Spotify: Select “SPOTIFY” and then “ENABLE TO USE.”
  6. Log In to Spotify: Enter your Spotify username and password.
  7. Done and Dusted! That’s it! Your Spotify is now ready to serenade you through Alexa.
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Make Spotify Your Go-To on Alexa

After linking, you’ll get a prompt to set Spotify as your default music service. This means whenever you ask Alexa to play a song, it’ll automatically choose Spotify without you having to specify. If you skip this, Alexa will default to Amazon Music. But don’t worry, you can always change this later. Here’s how:

  1. Back to Settings: Open the Alexa app, select “MORE,” then “SETTINGS.”
  2. Music Settings: Go to “MUSIC & PODCASTS” and then “DEFAULT SERVICES.”
  3. Switch to Spotify: Tap “CHANGE” under Music and pick Spotify from the list.

No Premium? No Problem!

Guess what? You don’t need Spotify Premium to groove with Alexa. A free Spotify account works just fine. If you’re in a hurry, use your Facebook account to sign up quickly on the Spotify website.

However, keep in mind that the free version does come with ads and some limitations in control.

But, Here’s a Clever Trick…

I’ve got a neat workaround for those control limitations. It involves the Spotify desktop player. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, now’s the time.

Once it’s up and running:

  • Open the “Connected Device” tab in the desktop player.
  • Connect it to your Alexa.
  • Voilà! Now you can pick exactly what plays from your Alexa.

Exploring Alexa Voice Commands for Spotify

Now for the fun part! Try these voice commands:

  • “Play my Discover Weekly on Spotify.”
  • “Turn up the volume on Spotify.”
  • “Play some rock music on Spotify.”
  • “Pause this song on Spotify.”

Tip: Set Spotify as your default on Alexa to skip saying “Spotify” in every command.

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For a more comprehensive list of commands, check out CNET’s guide for Alexa and Spotify. It’s a treasure trove of tips to enhance your music experience!

Wrapping Up: Your Quick Guide to Linking Spotify and Alexa

Linking Spotify to your Alexa is a breeze, especially if you already have a Spotify account. Whether it’s a free account or premium, you’re all set to go in about a minute.

Key Takeaways:

  • No Premium? No Worries: A free Spotify account works perfectly with Alexa.
  • Desktop Player Advantage: Use the “Connected Devices” feature on Spotify’s desktop player for more control over your music selection.
  • Set It and Forget It: Make Spotify your default player in the Alexa app to avoid having to mention “Spotify” every time you want to hear a tune.

Occasionally, you might hit a snag while syncing. Don’t sweat it! A factory reset of your Alexa is a surefire way to start fresh.

I hope this guide has been a valuable resource in enhancing your music listening experience with Alexa and Spotify. Thanks for sticking with me through this musical journey. Here’s to many hours of effortless, enjoyable tunes!

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