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Get Free YouTube Views And Subscribers With A Little Work


This article reveals all my secrets and tips to get your YouTube video views soaring THROUGH THE ROOF! So, you’re sitting there staring at your video that has gotten 1 view in the last 24 hours.

Sigh, now what?

Well, I’m no Shay Carl or Shane Dawson but I have learned a lot of ways to get super easy, fast traffic to your YouTube videos! With my 5 steps, you could become a YouTube Partner and start collecting some cash! Wooohooo! Get more YouTube Video Views NOW!

How To Get More YouTube Views

Now, while costly programs can be very helpful to you, there are many free tips and secrets you need to know. I have been on YouTube for over 1 year now and have earned partnership! My highest viewed video is up to 984,454 views now which went viral for no reason, shhh 🙂 ! Let me teach you how to make your way to the top!

1. Titles

I have noticed some people just upload their videos and leave the title!


  • “Funny dancer in florida.wmv”
  • “MyMovie.mpg”
  • “My video”

Do you WANT to look lazy? Because you do :]

One way to get the perfect title is to first do your research! Go to YouTube search and find similar videos that are successful AND use Google Adwords which is an awesome tool to find the perfect keywords people are searching for on Google! In my experience, the more keywords you have in the title, the better (maybe 3-5 words).

2. Tags and Descriptions

This is where people fail to understand how YouTube works so listen up! Just because you typed in 10 tag words, doesn’t mean YouTube will find your video in the search. You MUST also put tag words in your description. The reason is, there is a restriction limit on how many tags you may use while your description can be as long as you want. Take advantage!

Example: A Weight Loss Video

Get More YouTube Video Views

Pure Genius! Just make sure you describe your video in two sentences, and then add the keywords so in the search people don’t see them! You say you want more views on YouTube? Think of every word having to deal with your video WHAAABAMMM!


This is the MOST IMPORTANT secret! Using a certain thumbnail picture for your video can either make you or break you. If you’re looking for a video about baby polar bears, are you going to click on the thumbnail with the cute polar bear face or the one where you don’t have a clue WHAT IT IS? Hmmmm…common sense!

Either choose between the 3 thumbnails they give you or if that’s not good enough, re-do the video to have a better shot for your thumbnail. The thumbnails stop at random times so I suggest you make the same length video and record the intervals. Check out How To Position Thumbnails in Your Video.

4. Buying YouTube Views

You may be thinking, is this chick serious? But yes, I am! I have bought thousands of video views, subscribers, and channel views off Ebay (SO CHEAP TOO!!) Now there are many websites to buy from but Ebay is the most legit because you have Ebay Buyer Protection, so if they fail to deliver your views you automatically get your money back! *Happy Dance*

5. Friends

You may be thinking what is so important about having friends on YOUTUBE?! But it is, and there are many friend adding softwares to download online. The more friends you have, the more channel and video views you get, the more potential subscribers, the more messages with your videos to send, and the more popular you look! Does that answer your question? =P So, here we go to review the one I bought…Famoid

Here is Famoid’s Website for you to have a glance at if you’d like!

I am pretty sure they have promotions going on all the time so keep your eyes peeled! The one perk Famoid has for me, is you can subscribe and add a user as a friend [AT THE SAME TIME] Phewww that saves extra work! This is not illegal to use as long as you have the YouTube restriction time limit checked at all times.

In conclusion, I say give it a chance and check out all the cool features it has to offer. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it!

I “Gather” subscribers from top YouTubers then add/ subscribe them ALL DAY. You seriously don’t have to touch it. I leave my Tube Toolbox running all day and night. In the past week I have subscribed to and added over 2000 people! Don’t have too much fun!

Choose the video you want to promote the most and put it as your FEATURED video on your YouTube CHANNEL with “AUTOPLAY FEATURED VIDEO” checked.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you at least got one thing out of my article! Best of luck for you to get more views on YouTube…and if you don’t make partnership right away, they will usually offer to pay you for individual videos. Don’t give up! Getting accepted in the partnership program takes between 1 week to 1 year to process [ICK! I know!]

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