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Best HD Camcorders: GoPro Hero4 Black, Silver, Session Reviews


Best HD Camcorders: GoPro Hero4 Black, Silver, Session Reviews – Best Action Cams – Are you keen on adventures like surfing, skiing and cycling? Do you want to record yourself, when you are in action? Videos shot with GoPro Hero4 seem to be everywhere. Let’s thank the fact that these rugged, tiny cameras have the ability to shoot almost at all places. Though there are many other models in action cameras, GoPro is one of the leading cameras. Read what the reviews say about the Hero4 action camera by GoPro.

Best HD Camcorders: GoPro Hero4 Black, Silver, Session Reviews – Best Action Cams


This action camera is the most advanced that has ever been constructed. It can capture 12MP pictures and record videos in different quality. It also has super slow motion capture. It can be operated using a smart remote. Also, the camera has WiFi, which is inbuilt and also connectivity via Bluetooth, to the GoPro application, which is available for free download. The camera is waterproof up to a depth of 131 feet, underwater. It has various features like time lapse video, SuperView ™, night lapse or night photo, Protune ™ for videos as well as photographs and also audio with high performance.

GoPro HERO4 SILVER Starter Bundle

The starter bundle consists of a quick clip; head strap mount, the action camera GoPro HERO4 Silver, a power battery as well as a dual charger. The camera has a touch display, which is inbuilt. The photo capturing is powerful as well as fast. It has inbuilt Bluetooth and WiFi also. It is highly durable and has the waterproof ability, up to 131 feet deep under the water. The camera has three settings for FOV, which are ultra – wide, medium and narrow.

GoPro HERO4 Session

Of all the GoPro action cameras constructed till date, this is the smallest as well as the lightest. It is extremely durable and shows waterproof quality up to 33 feet under the water. It has a single button, easy control for capturing images, videos as well as for power up. It can be used to shoot high-quality professional videos.

What to know before buying?

You need to know the following before buying an action camera.

  1. The action camera refers to a rugged, tiny video camera, which is light in weight and has the ability for the production of wide – angle, high – quality videos in almost all surroundings. These cameras support a large number of varied mounting, which enables fixing them to anything. Fix it on your chest, your helmet or on a surfboard. This makes action camera extremely popular for recording action sports.
  2. Depending on the size of the sensor, the wide angle lens of action cameras can give a 140-degree field of view. The GoPro Hero4 black, though, gives 170 degrees of field of view.
  3. The requirement in action cameras is its ability to work effectively in all environments. GoPro is impressively waterproof even 131 feet under the water.
  4. The time period for which action cameras can shoot is also necessary to note. Battery life is not generally quoted by the manufacturers. But, it is greatly affected by the use of its different features.
  5. Where the camera can be mount is also necessary. Because the action cameras are usually used to record the adventurous activities, they cannot be held in the hand and require to be safely and securely mounted on a surface from which it can record clearly. You need to find a specific mount for your bike, helmet or surfboard or any other equipment to be used in the activity you are pursuing.

GoPro Hero4 action cams can be used to record whenever you are in action. These are quality records that you will really love later. GoPro is the leading name when we are talking of action cameras. If you really want to buy an action camera, make sure it is powerful and efficient like GoPro! Shooting with these cameras will make you feel like some amazing professional!

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