How Many People Can Watch Crunchyroll At Once (Solved!)

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Hey, Crunchyroll Fans! How Many Can Watch Together?

Ever wondered, “How many of us can watch Crunchyroll at the same time?” You’re not alone! Lots of Crunchyroll fans have this question because they want to share their account with family and friends.

Think about it: sharing your Crunchyroll subscription with buddies is like getting a group discount. Everyone loves saving money, right?

Good news! You can totally share your Crunchyroll with the people you care about. But there’s a big question: just how many folks can tune into Crunchyroll at the same time?

Crunchyroll Subscription Tiers

Let’s dive into Crunchyroll’s subscription plans. There are three main types: Free, Premium (also called “Fan”), and Premium+ (known as “Mega Fan”). Here’s what each one offers:

1. Free Plan – Totally Zero Cost!

Cost: Absolutely nothing, $0.00

What You Get:

  • Ads will pop up.
  • Limited shows from the Crunchyroll collection.
  • No reading manga online.
  • Watch on one device at a time.
  • No downloads for offline watching.

With the Free plan, you get a taste of Crunchyroll, but with some ads and fewer shows. New episodes might take a bit longer to arrive, and you won’t get the crispest video quality. And if lots of people try to watch, it might seem like the app isn’t working right.

2. Premium Plan (Fan) – For the True Anime Enthusiast!

Cost: $7.99 per month


  • Say goodbye to ads!
  • Unlimited anime from the whole Crunchyroll library.
  • Get new episodes super fast – just 1 hour after they air in Japan!
  • Dive into digital manga (available in English).
  • Stream on one device at a time.
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Going Premium means a smoother, ad-free watching experience. You’ll see all the episodes without waiting and enjoy them in high quality. Plus, get early access to the newest shows right after they air in Japan!

3. Premium+ Plan (Mega Fan) – The Ultimate Crunchyroll Experience!

Cost: $9.99 per month

Awesome Extras:

  • Everything the Premium plan offers.
  • Watch on up to 4 devices simultaneously.
  • Download shows for watching offline.

The Mega Fan plan is like the VIP ticket of Crunchyroll. You get all the Premium perks plus the ability to watch on more devices and download episodes to watch anywhere. On top of that, you get free shipping from the Crunchyroll Store, special discounts, and even VIP customer support.

How Many Users Can Use Crunchyroll At Once?

Wondering how many friends can join in on the Crunchyroll fun with just one account? Well, the answer is pretty cool – up to four devices can connect at the same time!

That means, if you’ve got one account, you and three of your pals can all watch your favorite shows on Crunchyroll together, but on your own screens.

But here’s a little twist: each person can only use two devices at the same time. And nope, two different people can’t watch on the same device at the exact same time.

Heads up: if you try to connect more than the allowed devices, you might face a hiccup with Crunchyroll not loading properly. It’s like trying to fit too many people in a small car – it just doesn’t work!

Can You Have Multiple Users On Crunchyroll?

Ever wondered if you can set up multiple users on Crunchyroll, just like Netflix or Disney+? Well, the answer is a big yes!

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Crunchyroll lets the main account holder create different profiles for different people. This means everyone gets their own space with their favorite settings, like:

  • Choosing the language they prefer.
  • Setting the maturity level (to keep things age-appropriate).
  • Picking the types of anime genres they love.

This is super handy for families. By setting the right filters, you can make sure everyone gets to watch what’s best for them.

Plus, it’s a breeze to set up a profile and customize it! You can tailor everything to match what you’re into, whether it’s action-packed adventures or magical fantasy worlds.

So, go ahead and personalize your Crunchyroll experience. It’s like having your own corner in the vast anime universe!

Can 2 People Watch The Same Show On Crunchyroll At The Same Time?

Guess what, anime fans? If you and a friend want to watch the same show on Crunchyroll at the same time, you totally can!

Crunchyroll’s Mega Fan plan is like a magic ticket for this. It lets several people watch the same anime – or different ones – at the same time. The trick? Just make sure you’re all connected to the same internet.

Here’s how to make it happen:

  1. First, you’ll need to switch on multi-device streaming.
  2. Head over to your Crunchyroll account settings.
  3. Look for the simultaneous playback option and turn it on.

Once you do this, you and a buddy can stream your favorite shows on up to two devices at the same time. It’s like having an anime party, but in different rooms!

How Many People Can Watch Crunchyroll At Once On Free

On Crunchyroll’s Fan subscription, which is totally free, there’s a catch: you can only watch on one device at a time. So, if your friend is already using your Crunchyroll account, you’ll have to wait your turn. It’s like a one-person ride – only one can enjoy it at a time!

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How Many People Can Watch Crunchyroll At Once On Premium And Premium+

Things get more exciting with the Mega Fan plan. This is where you can stream Crunchyroll on up to four devices at once! The number of screens you can watch on depends on your plan. Fan plan? Just one screen. Mega Fan? Up to four screens in action!

Can You Watch on Two Devices with a Basic Plan?

Want to watch Crunchyroll on two devices with a basic plan? Here’s the scoop: that’s a no-go. This cool feature is only available if you upgrade to a premium subscription. So, for the basic plan users, this is one dream that’ll have to wait.

Sharing Your Crunchyroll Accounts

Thinking of sharing your Crunchyroll account? Keep this in mind: the more people you share with, the fewer simultaneous streams you get. Each person watching eats up one of your available streams. For example, on a Mega Fan plan, if four devices are already streaming, you’ll need to wait for someone to stop before starting a new stream. It’s all about taking turns!

Wrapping Up: Crunchyroll’s Plans for Anime Fans

Alright, anime enthusiasts! Here’s the deal with Crunchyroll: they’ve got different subscription plans to fit what you love most about anime.

But remember, how many friends can join you for a Crunchyroll marathon depends on the plan you pick. Got the free plan? It’s a solo adventure. Upgraded to Mega Fan? Bring on the anime party with up to four screens!

And hey, if you’re ever puzzled or have questions about watching together on Crunchyroll, don’t sweat it. Just reach out to their customer support. They’re there to help make your anime watching smooth and fun.

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