How to Change Your Gmail Email Name (Screenshots Included)

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David Hughes
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Ready to update the name linked to your email address? We’re here to help! 🚀 Below, you’ll find simple steps on how to tweak your email name and username.

Excited? Let’s get started! 👇

Email names vs Usernames

When you send an email, people see two things that identify you:

  • Email Name: This is the name that shows up when you send an email. For example, if your email name is “Steve from TechImpose,” that’s what your recipients see in their inbox! 📧
  • Username: This is your actual email address, like

Finding Your Email Details: Can’t remember your email name or username? No worries! Just go to Settings > See all Settings > Accounts and Import > Send email as to find them.

Changing Your Email Name and Username:

  • The Good News: You can easily change your Gmail name and your Google Account name!
  • The Bad News: Changing your Gmail username? That’s a bit tricky. It’s mostly not possible, except under special circumstances. We’ll explain more about this later. 🚫

Stay tuned to learn how to make these changes! 🌟

How to change your Gmail name

Want to make sure your Gmail shows the name you prefer when you send messages? Just follow these easy steps:

  • Open Gmail: Log into your account.
  • Head to Settings: Click on Settings and then select See all settings.
  • Access Accounts: Navigate to the Accounts and Import tab.
  • Edit Info: Find the Send mail as option and click on Edit info.
  • Enter New Name: Type in the new name you want to use.
  • Save: Don’t forget to hit Save changes to make it official!

🎉 Congratulations! You’ve successfully updated your email name in Gmail. The next time you send an email, your new name will be displayed.

But wait, there’s a catch… Sometimes, you might not be able to change your name. This could be because:

  • Company Policy: Your workplace might restrict name changes to prevent misuse, like someone renaming themselves “King of Pop.”
  • Too Many Changes: If you’ve changed your name too many times recently, you might need to wait 24 to 48 hours before trying again.

Important Tips:

  • Desktop Only: Remember, you can’t change your email name from the Gmail app; you need to do it from a computer.
  • Contacts List: If someone has saved you under a different name in their contacts, they’ll still see that name, not your new one.

How to change your Google Account name

Your Google Account name pops up across various Google services like Gmail, YouTube, and Drive. Want to tweak it? You can change it as often as you like! Here’s a quick guide:

  • Sign In: Head over to your Google Account.
  • Personal Info: Click on Personal info.
  • Edit Name: Under Basic info, find Name and click Edit.
  • Make Changes: Update your first, last, or both names as needed.
  • Save: Hit Save to confirm your new name.

🎉 All Set! You’ve successfully changed your Google Account name. If you still see your old name, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies to update the change.

Tip: Not sure of your current Google Account name? Just sign in to your primary Gmail account and hover over your profile picture to check.

How to change your Gmail username

Once you set up a Gmail address, it’s usually permanent. Google doesn’t allow changes to your username, with few exceptions.

So, are you stuck with your old username? Not quite! While you can’t directly change your Gmail username, there are creative workarounds:

Trying to Edit Directly

  • Log in to your Google Account.
  • Go to Personal Info: Click on Personal info.
  • Email Section: Navigate to Contact info and select Email.
  • Attempt to Edit: Click Edit under Google Account email, and try entering a new email. Hit Save.

Note: Often, Google will say, “You can’t change this address.” If this happens, don’t worry!

Alternative Solutions

  • Add an Alias: This lets you send emails from a new address while keeping your original account active.
  • Create a New Gmail Address: You can set up a new Gmail and forward all emails from your old address to the new one. This way, you won’t miss any messages!


  • Creating an alias allows flexibility without needing to sign out of your primary account.
  • Setting up email forwarding ensures that emails sent to your old address will still reach you.

How to choose the right email name

You’ve learned about email names versus usernames and how to change them. But what should your new email name be? Your sender name is the first thing your recipients see, along with your email’s subject line. It’s crucial because before opening the email, your recipient will look at your name and think:

  • Is this sender legitimate?
  • Do I know this person?

Choosing the right email name is vital because it inspires trust. Here’s how to pick one that boosts your chances of getting your emails opened:

Guidelines for Choosing an Email Name

  • Keep It Short: Aim for a name that’s under 20-25 characters to avoid it being cut off.

1. Company Name: Instantly recognizable, using your company name builds brand recognition and trust.

  • Example: If your company is “GizmoTech,” simply using “GizmoTech” or “The GizmoTech Team” offers familiarity and a touch of warmth.

Remember, the key is to choose a name that reflects your identity or brand and makes it clear who is sending the email. This will help set the right expectations and build trust with your recipients.

2. First Name at Company

Adding a personal touch to your emails can be as simple as including your first name before the company’s name.

  • Example: Like “Steve from TechImpose.” We use this format in our onboarding emails at TechImpose. It suggests the emails are from a real person, enhancing engagement and trust.

This method not only personalizes the message but also improves open rates because it feels more individualized.

3. First Name + Last Name

Taking personalization a step further, why not use your full name?

  • When to Use This: Opt for your full name if it’s a recognizable brand on its own. This is ideal for:
    • Personal email communications
    • Thought leaders, celebrities, or influencers
    • Freelancers

Using your full name as your sender name is effective when your personal identity is crucial to your professional brand.


Navigating the world of email identities can seem complex, but with the right guidance, it’s quite manageable. Whether you’re tweaking your Gmail name to reflect a recent change, exploring how to handle a Gmail username, or selecting the most effective sender name, the goal is always clear communication and trust.

Remember, your email name is the first impression in the digital world. Make it count! Choose a name that resonates with your brand and adds a personal touch to enhance openness and engagement from your recipients. While some changes are straightforward, others might require creative solutions like adding an alias or creating a new account.

Don’t hesitate to revisit these steps as needed to ensure your email identity aligns with your current goals and audience expectations. Happy emailing! 💌


What is the difference between an email name and a username?

Your email name is the display name that recipients see when you send them an email. The username, on the other hand, is part of your email address and typically cannot be changed once set.

How can I change my Gmail name?

You can change your Gmail name by going to Settings in your Gmail account, selecting See all settings, navigating to the Accounts and Import tab, clicking Edit info under Send mail as, entering your new name, and saving the changes.

Can I change my Gmail username?

Generally, you cannot change your Gmail username. However, you can create a new Gmail address or add an alias to send emails from a different address while keeping the same account.

What should I consider when choosing a new email name?

Choose an email name that inspires trust and is recognizable. It should be short enough to avoid being truncated and reflect your brand or personal identity.

Are there any limitations to changing my Google Account name?

There are no limits to how many times you can change your Google Account name. You can edit it via the Personal info section in your Google Account settings.

What if my new email name doesn’t show up immediately?

If your new email or Google Account name doesn’t appear immediately, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. Also, remember that if people have saved your old name in their contacts, they will continue to see that name unless they update it.

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