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How To Root The Kindle Fire


So you finally want to root your Kindle? It’s time to install Android Market. It’s time to install Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s time we break free from the shackles from which bind us! We will be free! But only root if you really want these features (or any others). Know your risk before you go and root your Kindle. Then? Party!


Please note that by rooting your Kindle, you void the manufacturers warranty and suffer a slight possibility of bricking (a.k.a rendering useless) your device.

Prerequisites – What you need.

What you need.Before you begin this tutorial, we want you to know that you need several things.

  • We assume you have a Kindle Fire.
  • We hope you have a computer running a version of Windows. This is doable without Windows, although this tutorial is designed around Windows.
  • We ask you to download the Kindle ADB and the Kindle Fire Utility.

How To Root Your Kindle

  1. To root your Kindle, simply download the Kindle Fire Utility.
  2. Unzip the package, and move it to an easily accessible location.
  3. Go to your Kindle Fire, and under Settings>Device, click “Allow installation of applications from unknown sources”.
  4. Plug in your Kindle Fire, and once the screen pops up saying you are successfully connected, click disconnect. Though keep it connected.
  5. Click “install_drivers”, and click through until the install process is finished.
  6. Click on the “run” file in the Kindle Fire utility. It should have red text, and pop up a list of options.
  7. Type in 3, and hit enter.
  8. Watch the lines of text just fly by. You should after about 10-20 seconds see text you should see check your Kindle’s screen. Do it. You should be rooted. If not, then consult troubleshooting.

Download Links

Kindle Fire Utility: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1399889

Troubleshooting – When it just won’t work.

The drivers aren’t installing!: In the case the drivers aren’t installing, try several things. Reboot your computer. No luck? Then try a different computer. No luck? Rinse and repeat (both steps!).

The drivers installed but the Kindle Fire Utility says my Kindle Fire isn’t connected when I attempt to root!: Go to the main screen, and see if it says “ADB Status: Online”. It should say online, though if it doesn’t then you need to try to re install the drivers, reboot your computer/Kindle (rebooting the Kindle can help more than you may believe), or test to make sure your Kindle is plugged in properly. If none of those work, then try a different computer.

The computer didn’t root my Kindle!: Then try it again. As I have repeated many times before, repeat.

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