How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify (2022!)

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By David Hughes 6 Min Read

So, you’ve made a Spotify playlist and it’s starting to get popular, right? You must be curious about who’s liking and following it. Let’s talk about that!

Can You See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist?

Here’s the thing: Spotify doesn’t let you see the names of people who liked your playlist. Bummer, I know. You can only see how many likes your playlist has. To find this out, go to Your Library, tap your profile icon, and then click on View Profile and Playlists. You’ll see the total number of likes under each playlist name.

Sadly, Spotify used to let you see who liked your playlist way back in 2013, but not anymore.

What About Seeing Individual Followers?

Well, the only feature in Spotify that shows individual names or profiles is the list of people who follow your account or profile. This is different from who likes your playlist, though.

People Really Want This Feature Back!

Fun fact: There was a feature request made back in 2013 asking Spotify to bring back this feature. Since then, over 22,000 Spotify users have voted for it and more than 1,700 comments have been made asking for its return. Just last week, someone even pleaded for this feature to be added back. Spotify’s last official response was in 2019, saying they’re not planning to add it back anytime soon.

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Why Won’t Spotify Add This Feature?

Honestly, it’s not clear why Spotify won’t let us see who likes our playlists. What we do know is they don’t seem to have plans to add this feature any time soon, even with all the public demand.

But hey, if you want to try and make a difference, add your vote to that feature request and ask Spotify why they haven’t added it yet. You never know, right?

Watch Out for Misleading Info!

There’s a lot of clickbait out there claiming there’s a workaround to see who liked your playlist, but trust me, there isn’t. I’ve spent hours on YouTube and reading articles, and none of them have a real solution. Some suggest tracking new followers and comparing them to your playlist likes, but that’s not reliable at all.

What You Can Actually Do

Your best move? Vote and comment on the feature request and hope for the best.

But, you can still see how many people liked or followed your playlist. Open Spotify, go to Your Library, tap your profile icon, and then select View Profile. You’ll see all your playlists and the number of likes or followers each has. Just so you know, on the mobile app, they’re called “likes,” but on the desktop version, they’re referred to as “followers.”

Also, if you’re curious about who follows you on Spotify, you can easily check that by going to Your Library, tapping your profile icon, and selecting View Profile. Click on Followers, and you’ll see a list of everyone following you.

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Conclusion: The Mystery of Spotify’s Missing Feature

Back in 2013, Spotify had this cool feature where you could see who liked or followed your playlists. It was great because you could see exactly who was jamming to your tunes. But then, Spotify decided to remove it. Now, all we get is the number of likes or followers on our playlists, not the names.

Guess what? Almost every year since Spotify removed this feature, people have been asking for it back. We’re talking about over 22,000 votes for this! It’s like one of the top things Spotify users want.

Spotify’s last word on this was in 2019, saying “Not Right Now” to this feature request. And since then, nothing. No updates, no changes. It seems like they’re not planning to bring this feature back anytime soon.

And to make things a bit more frustrating, there aren’t any reliable hacks or tricks to find out who’s liking your playlists. We’re all in the same boat here.

So, why do you think Spotify is ignoring what so many of its users want? Is it a technical thing, or something else? I’m super curious to hear your thoughts. Drop a comment below and let’s chat about it!

Remember, even without this feature, your Spotify playlists are still reaching people’s ears and hearts. Keep creating those awesome playlists, and who knows, maybe one day Spotify will listen to us and bring the feature back! 🎶🤞🏼

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