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How To Improve Battery Life Of Smartphone


Day-to-day improvement of Smartphone technology has made them so tempting that everyone wants to own them. But in spite of so many advancements in Camera, Design, weight and performance, there is no Smartphone that can last longer than a day with a one time charge. In this post, I have tried to roll up a list of a few of the best tricks and tips that can help you to save and improve the battery life of your Smartphone.

1) Control the Brightness:

Get rid of brightest display and set the optimum display, which saves your battery life. There are many optimization apps available in the market which automatically adjusts the display brightness to an optimum level.

2) Cool it down:

Studies have proved that the battery gets damaged when exposed to hot temperature. So try to minimize the heat around your Smartphone by using cases, keeping away from direct sunlight and other ways.

3) Don’t overcharge:

Don’t overcharge your Smartphone, as it may reduce its battery life up to a considerable rate in some cases. Don’t charge it frequently and try to charge it before it reaches minimum level. Try to charge it around 30% or so.

4) Turn off Features when not in use:

To save your Smartphone battery life, turn off the features like Bluetooth, GPS, and WI-Fi when you are not using it. As every feature consumes the battery charge even if they are not in use.

5) Stay Up-to-dated:

The OS on which your Smartphone runs and even apps that you use, gets their updated versions from time to time. These updated versions are designed to consume lesser battery charge as compared to previous version. So, try to update your Smartphone OS and other frequently used apps to improve the battery life.

6) Built-in Power Saving Apps:

Built-in power saving apps allows the user to save battery charge for longer periods by providing various modes. Many Smartphones are equipped with Built-in power apps but if your Smartphone doesn’t possess one, you can install it from the app store and get benefited.

7) Kill Unnecessary Background apps:

The multi-tasking of Smartphones allows us to operate a number of apps at one time. But using more apps will decrease the battery charge. So, always keep the track of apps that you use and kill unnecessary background apps.

8) Opting Airplane mode Smartly:

Selecting Airplane mode smartly can drastically save your Smartphone’s battery life. So always use it smartly, for example while passing through a low network area;switch to airplane mode will stop LTE to search for network (as it will keep on searching even if there isn’t any), which consumes a lot of battery charge.

9) Check your E-mails manually:

Using a few apps to fetch your E-mails for you will eat up the battery charge. So switching to check your e-mails manually will save the charge.

10) Go for a Battery Case:

If you are done with all the tips and tricks to increase the battery life of your Smartphone, then the battery cases are made for you! Though they would bulk-up the Smartphone but they also provide you 3X better battery-backup.

Share your suggestions on how do you improve and keep in control your Smartphone’s battery life in comments.

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