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How to Install Windows 8 From USB


Microsoft’s top recent operating system, Windows 8 had been released and people all over the world started upgrading their old Windows PC with this latest OS version. However, the base of this Windows version is for Tablets and other touch screen devices, though people find it quite attractive with respect to the current tech period. There are hundreds of different types of Laptops available in the techworld with all the awesomeness, can now be upgraded with this new Windows 8 version. If you are looking for a decent way of installing this OS into your current Laptop, here we are going to teach you the same. You would get to know, how to install Windows 8 from USB Drive. A complete step by step tutorial with proper description is given below!

Before to get started with this installation process, there are some basic requirements you need to have first. The very first thing you should have is a USB Pen Drive with up to 4 GB of space. Make sure that it’s formatted already. If not, insert it to your PC and right click on it, select Format option and hit the Ok button. Soon, your USB Flash Drive will be formatted. Windows 8 Genuine copy with DVD. These much things are required to go up with the installation process. Now, let’s come to the main point of installing Windows 8 to your PC. Following is a proper tutorial!

How to install Windows 8 from USB Drive?


First thing you need to do is prepare a Bootable Flash Drive of this Windows 8 OS. To do so, there’s a special and official tool available from Microsoft itself. The tool named as Microsoft tool which helps you to create a Bootable USB Drive within no time. It requires a proper Windows 8 DVD or ISO file to go further. If you don’t know much about this tool and want to know from where to download it, kindly follow the below given link to download this tool for free.

After downloading the tool, run it and let it be installed on your PC. You would see a box with browse option there. Click on to that box and select a proper ISO file of Windows 8 operating system. If you have inserted a DVD on your PC, make sure to copy all the folders of Windows 8 into your desktop and then follow the above process of selecting the ISO file.

After selecting it, click on to the Next button and the process of creating a Bootable USB Drive takes place. It takes a while to complete the process, and after that you will be done with a proper Bootable USB Drive of Windows 8 Operating system. Now, let’s see how to install this Windows 8 with Bootable USB Drive.

The actual process of installing a Windows 8 is quite simple. If you are going to install it with the above created USB Drive, you are requested to insert the above prepared Bootable USB Drive into your PC. Now, restart your system. The Windows will restart, make sure to tap F1, or Delete or esc button before the Windows gets started loading. By this way, you would be allowed to go to your system’s BIOS property. From here you can make changes to your actual system. Go down with the navigation keys and select USB Drive from the options. After selecting it, hit the Enter button.

Congratulations! Windows 8 is getting ready to install on your system. The whole process will take several minutes or half an hour to get completely done! You have to be patient at least for this much amount of time. Make sure to select proper things while asking from the system to completing the installation process. Your PC should have proper battery life to handle the process. So you are requested to start the above process with your plugged in.

While the system rejects your USB Drive, you can follow the above process for once again. It will be started getting the files from the USB drive and you will be allowed to go further with the installation process. All it needs is a patience at times and you will presented a whole new Windows 8 within your old PC. There are lots of things available with Windows 8 that would definitely blown your mind away! If not, give it a single try!

What’s your thoughts about the above tutorial? Have you ever tried installing a Windows OS like the above process? Do share your experience with us. Meanwhile, if you have any further queries or questions to be asked, feel free to let us know. We would like to have a coversation with you regarding your queries and questions. Your feedback and suggestions are more than welcome! To do so, put your valuable words into the below comment section. Stay tuned with us for such useful tech updates on a regular basis!

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