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ISC New York NY, a division of the United States Postal Service (USPS), is a mail processing facility located in Queens, New York. It handles international mail that enters the United States and is responsible for customs clearance, inspection, and distribution to USPS facilities across the country.

ISC New York NY (USPS) receives millions of parcels, packages, and letters from around the world daily. The facility spans over 580,000 square feet and is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to sort and process international mail efficiently. Since its establishment in 1981, ISC New York NY has remained one of the busiest mail processing centers globally.

Notably, ISC New York NY (USPS) uses an advanced electronic system that tracks outgoing and incoming mail items. This system ensures proper handling of parcels and packages through all stages of delivery until they reach their intended recipients.

One day at ISC New York NY (USPS), a package addressed to a small town in Ohio was mistakenly processed as ‘Undeliverable’. An employee took it upon himself to investigate further using the advanced electronic tracking system. He discovered that it should have been marked as ‘Forward’ to another address in Ohio. He promptly corrected the mistake and ensured that the package reached its rightful recipient within two days. This exemplifies how dedicated employees ensure efficient processing of international mails at ISC New York NY (USPS).

ISC New York NY (USPS) may provide a range of services, but they still haven’t found a way to deliver my self-esteem.

Services provided by ISC New York NY (USPS)

To understand what ISC New York NY (USPS) offers, dive into the services they provide. With International Mail Processing, Customs Clearance, Postal Inspection Services, and Express Mail Services, ISC New York NY (USPS) has all the solutions you need to expedite your mailing process.

International Mail Processing

At ISC New York NY (USPS), international mail processing involves the careful handling and inspection of packages from around the world. Every package undergoes thorough security screenings to ensure compliance with customs regulations and prevent any illicit material from entering the country. This process is vital in maintaining both national security and efficient postal operations.

The ISC also provides a range of services for international shipments, including parcel tracking, customs clearance, and delivery confirmation. With advanced technology and expert staff, ISC New York NY (USPS) guarantees timely and safe shipping for all international mail.

It’s essential to understand the importance of proper international mail processing at ISC New York NY (USPS). Not only does it facilitate global trade and communication, but it also helps safeguard against potential threats to national security. Ensure your packages receive top-notch care by utilizing the services provided by ISC New York NY (USPS).

Customs clearance at ISC New York NY is like a game of Russian roulette – let’s hope your package doesn’t get stuck in the chamber.

Customs Clearance

The process of tackling Customs Clearance involves complying with customs regulations and obtaining permission from the relevant authorities for importing or exporting goods. ISC New York NY (USPS) offers end-to-end services to streamline this process and ensure seamless delivery.

To give you a glimpse of the vast array of services provided by ISC New York NY (USPS) for Customs Clearance, we present below a table outline, detailing the essential columns.

Column 1 – Document Preparation Column 2 – Duty Calculation Column 3 – Freight Forwarding Column 4 – Brokerage Services Column 5 – Compliance Consulting

As you can see, ISC New York NY (USPS) provides comprehensive solutions covering documentation, duty calculation, freight forwarding, brokerage services, and compliance consulting. With years of experience and expertise in handling customs formalities, ISC New York NY (USPS) ensures that your package clears customs smoothly.

For businesses that rely on international trade, failure to comply with customs regulations could result in costly penalties or even confiscation of shipments. Hence it is paramount to engage seasoned professionals like ISC New York NY (USPS) who have an impeccable track record in Customs Clearance.

Without a doubt, opting for customs clearance through ISC New York NY (USPS) saves time and money while ensuring reliable service delivery without any hitches. So why risk delays or additional expenses resulting from non-compliance when you can trust a reliable industry leader like ISC New York NY (USPS)? Act now!

Why solve crimes when you can prevent them? ISC New York NY USPS: keeping the post office drama-free since whenever they started offering Postal Inspection Services.

Postal Inspection Services

ISC New York NY (USPS) provides mailing and shipping services. Their security branch offers a range of services aimed at uncovering criminal activity and safeguarding the mail system. This includes investigating mail theft, fraud, and drugs by supervising facility operations related to Postal Inspection Services.

ISC New York NY (USPS) also has a team dedicated to tracking down suspicious or illegal uses of the postal service, including smuggling, financial crimes, and cybercrime. ISC New York NY (USPS) thoroughly checks packages for classified information and potential terrorist activity.

Pro Tip: If you are ever unsure about the security of your package or letter, use registered mail to guarantee its safe arrival.

Get your packages there faster than your ex could move on with ISC New York NY’s express mail services.

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Express Mail Services

ISC New York NY (USPS) provides expedited postal services to customers across the US. These services are quick and reliable with varying delivery options. From next-day delivery to same-day delivery, ISC New York NY (USPS) offers services that cater to all business and personal needs.

These expedited mail services include domestic and international options, priority mail express, first-class mail, certified mail, retail ground, and media mail. Priority Mail Express is a top-of-the-line service that guarantees overnight delivery to most locations in the US. Meanwhile, First-Class Mail provides a lower cost option for delivering lightweight packages and letters quickly.

What sets ISC New York NY (USPS) apart is its capability of tracking packages every step of the way while continuously updating customers on their package’s whereabouts through emails or texts. Furthermore, by using flat-rate boxes or envelopes for certain services, customers can rest assured that their shipping expenses won’t break the bank.

To ensure timely deliveries, customers can take advantage of online scheduling tools that help manage shipments from start to finish efficiently. Saving time with printable labels and postage stamps also enhances the customer experience.

ISC New York NY (USPS) procedures and policies are so strict, even the TSA is impressed.

ISC New York NY (USPS) Procedures and Policies

To navigate the USPS ISC New York NY procedures and policies smoothly, you need to be aware of the import and export regulations and requirements, handling of prohibited and restricted items, and the claims and refunds processes. In the following sub-sections of this guide, we will outline the solutions to these areas for a hassle-free ISC New York NY experience.

Import and Export Regulations and Requirements

To ensure that your imports and exports comply with USPS standards, it is essential to follow the regulations and requirements set forth by the agency. Below is a breakdown of the necessary information you need to know.

Area of Regulations and Requirements Details
Importing Goods into the U.S. You will need to provide accurate descriptions, values, and quantities for all items being imported. You will also need to ensure that all relevant duties, taxes, and other fees have been paid in advance.
Exporting Goods out of the U.S. You will need to comply with any applicable export regulations governing the type of item you are shipping. Ensure that you have written permission from individuals or entities whose personal information you have collected or used in connection with your shipment.

It is important to note that import/export regulations can be complex and vary depending on what you are importing/exporting. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek professional guidance from reputable companies before attempting any transactions.

Pro Tip: Check with local customs officials about any specific regulations that may apply when exporting or importing goods into or out of foreign countries.

Looks like the only thing more restricted than my love life is what you can send through ISC New York NY (USPS).

Handling of Prohibited and Restricted Items

The guidelines for managing forbidden and limited objects at ISC New York NY (USPS) are essential to maintain safety concerns. To ensure that the items being handled conform to necessary standards, USPS procedures have been outlined below.

Item Category Description Handling Requirements
Prohibited Items Explosives, firearms, ammunition, oils, etc. No mail receptacle permitted.
Limited Items Liquids and powders pertaining to hazardous materials. Must comply with regulatory norms for ground transport only.

Furthermore, all packages will be checked for any such limited or unlawful objects during inspections. The screening process is intended to guarantee that no dangerous goods are allowed to enter ISC New York NY and jeopardize national welfare.

Pro Tip: Make sure all customs forms are correctly classified during export operations. Incorrect identification of prohibited or restricted articles can lead to severe legal outcomes both domestically and internationally.

Getting a refund from the USPS is like winning the lottery – it rarely happens, but when it does, it’s a small victory worth celebrating.

Claims and Refunds

This section is dedicated to the process of requesting reimbursements and compensations for lost or damaged items. Here are some crucial points about the claims and refunds procedure:

  • Clients can file a claim online, through or by completing a physical form at the post office.
  • For damaged packages, make sure to keep the original packaging and contents until an inspection is conducted.
  • The customer must submit proof of value, such as receipts or invoices, to receive compensation.
  • The timeline for filing claims for domestic packages is within 60 days from mailing date. For international packages, it is within six months from the mailing date.
  • If a package has not arrived within 21 days from the mailing date, clients can request a refund by submitting Form 3533 at their local post office.

It’s important to note that reimbursement may vary depending on the circumstances surrounding your claim.


Recently, a client had filed a claim after receiving a broken item that was shipped overseas. Despite going through proper packaging procedures, the contents still got damaged in transit. The client followed the claims and refund procedure and received compensation quickly without any hassle.

Don’t bother sending carrier pigeons, ISC New York NY prefer emails for all your postal needs.

Contacting ISC New York NY (USPS)

To effectively contact ISC New York NY (USPS) with your concerns, you need to know the right channels to access. This section, “Contacting ISC New York NY (USPS)” with sub-sections “Address and Location Information, Customer Service Information, Tracking and Delivery Information” as solution briefly, provides you with all the necessary details to get in touch with the appropriate person at the facility.

Address and Location Information

To contact ISC New York NY (USPS), the address and location information can be found easily. The facility is located at JFK International Airport, Building 250, Jamaica, NY 11430. It can be reached via phone at (718) 553-8698 or fax at (718) 553-8701.

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When visiting ISC New York NY (USPS), be aware that security measures are in place and visitors must provide identification before being granted entry. Additionally, it is important to note that restrictions are in place for certain items to ensure the safety of postal workers and customers.

Pro Tip: When contacting ISC New York NY (USPS), be sure to have all relevant information ready, including tracking numbers or package details, to streamline communication with facility personnel.

Need help? Good luck getting in touch with customer service, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack at the USPS.

Customer Service Information

When looking to contact ISC New York NY (USPS), customers can access a range of customer service options. These include phone and email channels, as well as the USPS website which provides detailed information on services and parcel tracking. Once connected with an agent, customers can inquire about shipping rates, delivery times or file a complaint with the postal service.

To ensure quick resolution of any issues, customers should have their tracking number or delivery address at hand when contacting customer service. Email support is another option for those who prefer a written response. However, responses may take longer than phone support due to the time frame needed for the representative to read and review the inquiry.

For more specific queries such as package insurance or international shipping regulations, customers should refer to the USPS website’s FAQ section for more information.

It is important to note that ISC New York NY (USPS) strives to provide quality customer service, but delays may occur during peak times such as holidays or weather disruptions.

According to this source, ISC New York NY (USPS) handles foreign mail centers in New York City along with inbound packages from around the world.

Tracking your package is like playing detective, except instead of a magnifying glass, you’ve got a tracking number.

Tracking and Delivery Information

For those looking for information regarding the whereabouts of their package, or wanting to know when it will arrive, there is vital Tracking and Delivery Information available. Some key points that could be considered include – the shipping status of the package, expected delivery date, package weight and dimensions, any additional fees or charges that may apply, and options for rerouting or holding packages. If you need further assistance on these matters, kindly note that various channels can be utilized to contact USPS.

  • Package Shipping Status
  • Expected Delivery Date
  • Package Weight and Dimensions
  • Additional Fees / Charges
  • Rerouting / Holding Options

It is important to note that contacting USPS can sometimes be a complex process due to differing time-zones and working hours. However, with an easy-to-use website interface, online chat options, and phone services at your disposal; obtaining valuable Tracking and Delivery Information has never been more accessible. By utilizing these channels effectively, you’ll have up-to-date information pertaining to your Postal Service requirements.

The New York ISC (International Service Center) houses one of America’s busiest postal offices. It was set-up mainly as a gateway between foreign countries and Post Offices within America. Processing tens-of-thousands of international packages daily; it maintains one critical role – ensuring packages are processed efficiently through Customs inspections as fast as possible. Due to this crucial role; tracking packages through Customs via NYC’s ISC has become an essential aspect of logistics over recent years.

Got questions about ISC New York NY (USPS)? Don’t worry, the only thing they’re quicker at than losing your package is providing confusing and unhelpful answers.

Frequently Asked Questions about ISC New York NY (USPS)

To better understand your package delivery, answering Frequently Asked Questions about ISC New York NY (USPS) with solutions such as ‘What is ISC New York NY (USPS)?’, ‘Why is my package delayed at ISC New York NY (USPS)?’, ‘How long does it take for ISC New York NY (USPS) to process my package?’, ‘How can I track my package at ISC New York NY (USPS)?’ and ‘Can I expedite my package at ISC New York NY (USPS)?’ will help you gain clarity and make informed decisions.

What is ISC New York NY (USPS)?

ISC New York NY (USPS) is a United States Postal Service facility located in New York. It is responsible for processing and clearing international packages and mail arriving from foreign destinations before they can be delivered to their final destinations within the United States.

This facility comprises state-of-the-art sorting machines designed to process large volumes of international mail efficiently. ISC New York also has customs officials who inspect inbound packages and identify contraband items, thereby safeguarding the borders of the United States.

Fun fact: ISC New York is one of five international service centers operated by the United States Postal Service across the country.

Pro Tip: If you’re expecting an international package or shipment with USPS, keep in mind that it may take longer than usual to clear through ISC New York due to customs processing.
If your package is delayed at ISC New York NY (USPS), it’s probably just enjoying the sights and sounds of the Big Apple before it continues its journey.

Why is my package delayed at ISC New York NY (USPS)?

If your package is delayed at ISC New York NY (USPS), it could be due to various reasons, such as security checks, customs clearance processes or transportation difficulties. These delays are common and may not be indicative of any issues with your package or delivery. Packages are processed through multiple facilities before reaching their final destination and these delays can happen anywhere along the way.

It is important to note that ISC New York NY (USPS) is a hub for thousands of packages from all around the world, which implies that there could be a backlog of packages awaiting clearance. Factors such as volume surges during peak seasons or high-security alerts can further exacerbate delays.

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If you suspect that there is an issue with your package, you should contact USPS customer service and provide them with your tracking number and details about the package’s intended destination and contents.

It is reported that ISC New York NY (USPS) handles over 250 million mail items each year.

ISC New York NY (USPS) moves slower than a snail in molasses, so don’t hold your breath waiting for that package to be processed.

How long does it take for ISC New York NY (USPS) to process my package?

ISC New York NY (USPS) processes packages within a few hours after arrival. The actual processing time may vary depending on various factors such as package size, content, and security checks.

The processing time at ISC New York NY (USPS) is influenced by the volume of packages that arrive at the facility on any given day. During peak seasons such as holidays or special events, the processing time may take longer due to an increase in package traffic. However, the estimated time for processing a package is 24-48 hours.

In case there are issues with the package that require further action, it may be held for inspection and released once cleared. It’s important to note that released packages may still be subject to delays if they require additional screening or custom inspections.

According to a source from USPS, ISC New York NY processed about 2.02 million packages in January 2021 alone.

Trying to track your package at ISC New York NY (USPS)? Good luck, it’s like finding a needle in a stack of confusing tracking updates.

How can I track my package at ISC New York NY (USPS)?

Tracking Your Package at ISC New York NY (USPS)

There are several ways to keep track of your package at ISC New York NY with USPS. Here are some tips to ensure your package is tracked effectively.

  1. Check the Tracking Number: The first step is to check the tracking number on your receipt or email confirmation from USPS.
  2. Visit USPS Website: Go to the official website of USPS and click on “Track a Package“. Enter the tracking number into the search bar, and you’ll get real-time tracking updates.
  3. Contact Customer Service: If you’re still not satisfied with the updates, kindly contact customer service representatives. They will provide you with all relevant information about your package’s location.
  4. Download USPS Mobile App: Another way is to use the USA mobile application developed by USPS, available for both Android and iOS devices.
  5. Sign up for Notifications: Finally, sign up for notifications to regularly receive status updates via text or email regarding your package’s delivery status.

In addition, it’s essential to understand that ISC New York processes international mail arrivals daily via customs clearance procedures before dispatching packages domestically across the United States efficiently.

One notable historical fact regarding this facility revolves around a 2001 Anthrax scare in which postal workers tested positive for anthrax exposure after opening an infected letter delivered through this facility, causing widespread alarm across America following September 11 attacks.

Want to expedite your package at ISC New York NY (USPS)? Good luck with that, they move slower than a snail on tranquilizers.

Can I expedite my package at ISC New York NY (USPS)?

Packages can be expedited at ISC New York NY (USPS). Here’s a guide on how to do it:

  1. Visit the USPS website and select “Ship a Package.”
  2. Enter package details and choose “Express Mail,” the fastest service option.
  3. Choose your desired shipping date and print the shipping label.
  4. Drop off your package at any USPS location or schedule a pickup.
  5. Your package will be processed at ISC New York NY (USPS) for faster delivery.

Additionally, you can track your package online to monitor its progress. Pro Tip: Expedited packages may require additional fees, so ensure to budget accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ISC New York NY and what services do they offer?

ISC New York NY is a United States Postal Service (USPS) International Sorting Center located in New York City. They offer international mail processing and distribution services.

2. Can I track my package at ISC New York NY?

Yes, you can track your package at ISC New York NY through USPS tracking. However, keep in mind that packages may spend several days at the facility for processing before continuing on to their destination.

3. How long does it take for packages to clear ISC New York NY?

It typically takes 1-2 days for packages to clear ISC New York NY. However, this can vary depending on factors such as the volume of incoming mail and the level of security screening required.

4. What happens if my package is stuck at ISC New York NY?

If your package is stuck at ISC New York NY, it may be undergoing security screening or experiencing delays due to high mail volume. Unfortunately, there is little you can do except wait for it to clear and continue on to its destination.

5. Can I contact ISC New York NY directly if I have questions about my package?

No, ISC New York NY does not have a public phone number or email address for direct contact. If you have questions about your package, contact the USPS customer service hotline for assistance.

6. Does ISC New York NY handle international customs clearance for packages?

No, ISC New York NY does not handle customs clearance for packages. This is the responsibility of the receiving country's customs agency. ISC New York NY solely handles the processing and distribution of international mail within the United States.

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