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So, you’ve ordered something and it’s on its way to you through Canada Post. Exciting times! But wait, you check the tracking and it says: “Item Has Arrived in Canada and Will be Presented for Review.” What in the world does that mean? Are there issues with customs? Is there something you need to be doing right now?

No worries, we’re about to dive deep into what this message means, and I promise to keep things super simple and clear. Let’s get started!

Item Has Arrived in Canada – Guide

Getting a notification that your package is in customs can definitely make your heart skip a beat. You might start to wonder if everything’s okay with your package. Did I fill out the paperwork correctly? Are all the duties paid?

But hey, take a deep breath. Just because you got the “Item Has Arrived in Canada and Will be Presented for Review” update, doesn’t mean there’s any problem with your package.

What it really means is that your package has successfully made it to Canada and it’s just been picked out for a routine check. It’s like a random selection, and it happens all the time.

Imagine you’re at the airport, and sometimes, even if everything is fine, the machine goes off and they check your hand luggage for any trace of bomb-making materials. (I feel like this happens to me every single time!) Well, it’s the same thing at customs. Sometimes, a package just gets randomly selected, and they take a closer look. It’s all standard stuff, really!

What Will Customs Be Reviewing?

So your package is up for review. What exactly is customs checking for? Well, when any international shipment comes into Canada, the customs team has a checklist of things they need to look over to make sure everything is A-okay.

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Here’s the rundown:

  1. Is Anything Restricted?: They’re going to check if anything in your package is on the no-no list for Canada.
  2. Where’s It Coming From?: They’ll see if the package comes from a country that might be flagged for certain issues.
  3. Money Matters – Taxes and Duties: They need to make sure if there are any taxes or duties to be paid on your item, they have been paid.
  4. Is the Amount Right?: They’re checking if the amount you paid in taxes or duties matches up with the value of what’s inside the package.
  5. Paperwork Galore: And of course, they’ll check if all the import documents you sent along with the package are correct and complete.

Now, that might sound like a lot, but don’t stress. Most packages make it through this review with flying colors and don’t face any issues. So, chances are, your package will be just fine!

Tracking Stuck on “Item Has Arrived in Canada and Will be Presented for Review”

Okay, so you’ve seen the “Item Has Arrived in Canada and Will be Presented for Review” message, and it feels like time has just stopped. Don’t worry, this is actually pretty common. Your tracking status can stay on this update for several days.

Why? Well, there could be a bunch of other packages in line for review, and the customs staff might be really busy. They might not get to your package right away. And during this time, Canada Post doesn’t have your package, so they can’t give you any new updates.

But here’s the good news: once your package clears customs, it goes straight back to Canada Post, and you’ll get a new tracking update. The magic words you’re looking for in your tracking are: “International Item Released from Customs for Processing by Canada Post.” This means your package is back on the move!

Now, on the off chance that there is an issue with customs, don’t worry too much. They will reach out to you directly and let you know what the next steps are. So, you’re not left in the dark!

What to do if Tracking Stuck

Feeling a bit antsy because your package isn’t moving? I totally get it. If your package is stuck because of clearance issues, it’s time to put on your problem-solving hat.

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Clearance Issues? Take Action!

Customs is pretty good at reaching out if they need something from you. If they need you to pay taxes or duties, they will let you know. If there’s something up with your paperwork or what’s inside your package, you’ll hear from them about that too.

Follow Customs’ Lead

The most important thing here is to do exactly what customs tells you to do. They’ll give you the steps you need to follow to get your package moving again. So, keep an eye out for any communication from them and follow their instructions to the letter.

No News? Time to Make Some Calls

If you’re not hearing anything, it might be time to do a bit of detective work. Reach out to Canada Post and/or whoever sent you the package. They can help start an inquiry to track down your package and figure out what’s going on.

Remember, you’ve got this! Just stay proactive and follow these steps, and you’ll be unboxing your package in no time.

What Happens After an “International Item Released from Customs for Processing by Canada Post” Alert?

Your package has cleared customs and is back with Canada Post. You’re probably wondering, what happens next?

Quick Stop at the Sorting Facility

First things first, your package is going to make a pit stop at a sorting facility. But not just any facility, it’s the one right at the import location.

Heading Closer to You

Next up, they’re going to send your package to another sorting facility, but this time it’s going to be much closer to where you live.

One More Sort, and Then Delivery!

At this new facility, they’ll sort your package one last time to make sure it’s ready to go out for delivery. And after that, it’s go time! Your package will be on its way to your doorstep.

So, buckle up! Your wait is almost over, and your package will be with you before you know it.


And there you have it! We’ve walked through the whole journey, from that initial “Item Has Arrived in Canada and Will be Presented for Review” message, all the way to your package getting back on the road with Canada Post.

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Remember, while it might feel like ages when your package is stuck in customs, it’s all pretty standard stuff. Customs checks are there to make sure everything’s in order, and most packages breeze through without any issues.

If there are any hiccups along the way, customs or Canada Post will reach out and guide you on what to do next. So, keep an eye on your mailbox or your email, and be ready to act if needed.

But once your package is released from customs, it’s smooth sailing from there! Your package will quickly make its way through the sorting facilities and land at your doorstep in no time.

So hang tight, stay positive, and know that your patience is about to pay off. Your package is on its way!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it mean when my item has arrived in Canada and will be presented for review?

When you receive this message, it means your package has arrived in Canada and will go through a customs review process.

2. How long does the review process take?

The review process can vary in length, but typically takes 1-3 business days. Occasionally, customs may hold packages for a longer period of time.

3. Do I need to do anything during the review process?

No, there is nothing you need to do during the review process. Customs will review the contents of the package and determine if any additional fees or duties need to be applied.

4. Will I be charged any additional fees or duties?

If customs determines that additional fees or duties need to be applied to your package, they will contact you directly to arrange payment. These fees are in addition to any shipping fees you may have already paid.

5. Can I track the progress of the customs review process?

While you may be able to see updates on your package's location, there is no way to track the progress of the customs review process.

6. What happens after the customs review process is completed?

Once the customs review process is completed and any additional fees or duties are paid, your package will be released and continue on to its final destination.

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