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Language Bar Missing or Not Showing in Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 – How to Fix it Now?


Computer, the most advanced tech device available in the market. Nowadays, almost every types of businesses run on Computers and one can not do much things without using a Computer. Starting from Government sectors to all the private companies, Computers are must. In addition, with Computers you can make use of various languages like if you are living in India, with English you could also use Hindi to type something related your needs. There are Thousands of different languages available to use and to type in.

I am sure you are using a Windows OS based PC at your workplace or home. There are many services Windows has been offering since decades. One is Language service. By using this service, you can add multiple languages to your work and with this you can type your own religion’s language with Language bar. Following tutorial will teach you, Language bar missing or not showing in Windows fix. This problem can now be fixed easily. See useful details from the following report.

This problem occurs when a proper care is not taken at the time of startup service. This problem is being faced by Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users mainly. So, if you are one of them, you got to follow the below given tutorial so that you can easily fix this problem. Mainly there are two different methods available to fix this problem. One is manually and the other is from command prompt of your current Windows system.

Language Bar Missing or Not Showing in Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 – How to Fix it Now?

Method 1 :

It is said that Control Panel is a heart of a Computer. Seems all legit here. To fix this problem in your Windows 7 PC, go to your system’s Control Panel and then select Regional and Language Option and then Keyboard and Language option and at last Change Keyboards.

Control Panel>> Regional and Language>> Keyboard and Language>> Change Keyboards

By following the above path you would have a whole new window with a Language bar option. This is what you are actually needed. Click on to the Language Bar you would see a whole new list with available languages. Select any languages from the list which you need to be added and then click on to the Add button. This way you can get back your Language bar in Windows 7.

However the entire process of Windows 7 is different from Windows 8. If you are using a latest Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 version on your PC, there’s a little difference between these two. Go to your PC’s control panel and select Region and click Language Preferences. Click on to Add a Language option and you would be allowed to select and add all the languages that you wanted to be added on your Language Bar. You could see that the Language bar is now available on the system tray of your PC. This was the simplest method of getting back your Language Bar. Now, let’s see how can we get is back from changing a registry key. Here’s a second method.

Method 2 :

First thing you need to do is open command prompt in your PC. To open it you need to type Run and then cmd and then Enter button. You will have a Command Prompt Window on your desktop. Now, to open registry folder, enter regedit.

By entering the above command you can have a page of Registry key of your PC there. Right click on blank space and select Sting Value. Now, you would have a new folder as you clicked on to the new String Value Option. After this again right click on to the folder and select modify option. Now, enter the following letters into the box.


Make sure to enter the above given same letters into the modify box and then click the Ok button. You’re done! You have just changed the registry option in your PC. To get the best set of results at the end, you are requested to restart your system once. This time it will take a little but of more time to start as it needs some time to complete the new installation process. When it get started again, you would see a Language Bar back at its place.

So folks, these were the simplest ways of getting your system’s Language Bar back. What’s going on there? Do you know any other methods of doing so? If there’s any, do let us know. Share your experiences and views with us. Meanwhile, if you have any other questions or queries regarding the process, feel free to let us know. For that, put your valuable words into the following comment section. We would like to interact with you. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed! Till then stay tuned with us for more tech updates in the future!

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