5 Learning Trends For Languages Training

Mark Collins
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learning trends for languages training

The year 2021 was a watershed moment for people from many industries.  Nobody expected a pandemic to have such an impact on all aspects of life, let alone businesses and learning development.

Though most businesses came to a standstill, the eLearning industry remained unaffected. Online learning has become vital, and it has increased at an exponential rate, thanks to Covid-19.

This piece will look at the top 5 eLearning trends for 2021, which will most benefit implementing eLearning projects across enterprises. Despite the existence-threatening Covid-19, you don’t take a vacation from your L&D.

#1 Mobile learning

Mobile Learning is perhaps the most underappreciated and understudied eLearning trend among corporations, higher educational institutions, and other organizations. According to the most recent statistics, roughly 4 billion individuals out of a population of almost 8 billion use smartphones.

Mostly, enterprises have failed to establish a mobile-friendly eLearning platform for their employees (or wards).

Because a mobile device allows your employees/students to study in a personalized and convenient manner. Fortunately, this pandemic has compelled many organizations to adopt mobile learning through specialized learning apps to maintain their Learning & Development plans.

#2 Micro learning

Micro learning produces outcomes in a way that Marco learning does not. Micro learning, on the other hand, is mutually inclusive with Macro learning. This learning approach demonstrates that it is a viable option for achieving Macro learning/training objectives.

Despite the considerable benefits Micro learning brings to the table, L&D managers handle it with a step-motherly attitude. Short pieces of training knowledge aid and are easier to assimilate for your folks when contrasted to the long-winding, unanimated files of Macro learning.

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LMSs and mobile apps, such as custom Preply provide the necessary functionality.

#3 Video-based Training

Following the Covid-19 breakout, it’s safe to say that video-based learning is at the top of the list of learning modalities.

With the pandemic, entrepreneurs have turned to technology to support their learning through eLearning solutions fully. As a result, video-based learning has exploded in popularity.

#4 Interactive content

Give your students large portions of training text and observe what they do with it. It doesn’t have to be written; it might be visual, audio, or any other type of material. Everything appears to be OK at the start of the training. However, as the days of training/learning pass, your learners lose their ‘first love’ for learning and must battle their disengagement from inside.

But what if you had the student interact with you at every stage of the learning process?

That is why Interactive Content Creation is one of the most important eLearning trends 2021 tactics.

#5 Social learning

When it comes to learning, Homo Sapiens splits into two categories. Those that learn on their own are the first group. Those who require assistance or who choose to learn with someone else are the second group.

If you develop your learning platform or L&D techniques without considering the second category of learners, you will be ignoring the requirements of half of your learners. This is where Social Learning comes in to provide a comprehensive learning platform.

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