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How To Make A Relationship More Exciting


You can make your relationship more exciting by firstly changing the way you think about the situation and taking action.

The romance and excitement you had in the beginning of the relationship is now gone and you miss how happy you felt. So it is time to get the excitement and romance back in the relationship.

Now here you are searching and reading many different sites but one thing is for sure, if you don’t try something to change the situation then all will remain the same.

The time spent with your partner, husband or boyfriend should be pleasurable. There are so many simple things that one can do to keep the focus and excitement in their relationship.

When your partner is cooking why not be in that kitchen with him or her. Help out ask if your help is needed. Always be touching each other and experience that sensual feeling. While in the house together give a gentle touch on the arm and neck which could be followed by a kiss on the neck or back.

Do You Really Want To Spice Up Your Relationship?

OK you live a busy life and you might say you haven’t got the time or energy to try anything. But let me ask you, Are you reading this just for reading sake or you were searching for ways to make your relationship more exciting?

Some people might read this and turn it into a negative because they feel it is impossible for them to do . The advice in this article is only for the ones who are fed up and really want to spice up their relationship with no excuses. If you are not ready to try something then click the back button on the top left of your browser.

What you will read here is based on what works for my wife and I and the many people who have tried it. So use this as for information and maybe ideas of yours will come to mind to help you make your relationship more exciting. If you have tried them and they don’t work send me an email.

Make Your Relationship Exciting


Here are a few simple things you can do right now to spice up your relationship.

  • Steal a quick hug and walk off and say “you know I love you, right?” Don’t expect an answer back just walk off and let that sink in your partners head. I hope you see where I am going with this.
  • When your partner is having a bath or shower grab the rag and soap or whatever you use and pamper him or her.
  • Make it exciting, laugh a little, and whisper a few sexy love talks. Tell your partner how lucky you are to have him/her in your life and give a reason why.
  • Tell your partner you love him or her everyday no matter what.

Make Good Use of Your Cell Phone

Everyone has a cell phone in this day and age make good use of it. Don’t use it to check where or what your partner is doing. Use it to send a text simply saying “I Love you honey.”

Why not Text something exciting: just like in the beginning of the relationship when it was all exciting. Tell your partner how much they have been missed and can’t wait to see or to come home.

Make your partner know how much he or she is needed. Surprise your partner with things you know they will enjoy.

This is For The Ladies

  • When he comes from work greet him with a big hug and a nice long kiss not the peck on the lips.
  • Tell him that you miss him today and been thinking about him all day. Make him notice you and you notice him. Ask him how his day was, listen and pay attention.
  • Give him a shoulder massage and a few kisses. He will love those things.
  • Flirt a bit with him let him know you want him.
  • Play a few love games (I leave this to your imagination).
  • Don’t forget to ask him if he is hungry. Cook his favorite meal once in a while. Light some sweet scented candles and have a little romantic dinner at home. Dress to tease him. Keep his eyes focused on you always.

Ladies, after all don’t forget to keep yourself looking good at all times, workout do some activities together like going to the gym. Ladies a man loves to see a sexy woman.

Why not make that sexy woman you? Remember it is all about keeping the excitement in the relationship.

Men This is for You


  • Guys pay attention to your woman. Let her know it is all about her. Play with her give her great sex and always remember when it’s time for sex it’s about her not you getting it off.
  • Concentrate on pleasing her. Whisper in her ears and compliment her every day. Wake up in the middle of the night to make love to her. Make the love making exciting. Not just sex, make love to her.
  • Tell her how much you love her.
  • You see something she likes buy it for her.
  • Guys keep your body looking good so she can feast her eyes on you. Keep her focused at all times.
  • Remember, is the little things that count. Know what she likes and dislike. Always think of her even while you at work. Don’t always be tired.
  • Take her out and when you walking with her hold her hands or your arms around her waist.

Be proud that she is your woman the love of your life. Improvise and make every moment an exciting one.

For Both Men and Women

One rule I believe all couples should follow is that there is never no to sex. Whenever you want it take it and give it. It works for my wife and I.

Nothing like too tired or don’t feel for it. You should always be turned on by your man.

Remember excitement and communication is the key to a lasting relationship.

Also remember to “live your life as you want it to be not as the world wants you to live it.

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