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Microsoft Word Tips And Tricks


Microsoft Word is the most popular and essential tool available for all the Windows users for free. MS Word lets you allow to create a Word documents with different types of words and fonts, you can insert anything to a Word documents like a chart, picture, clipart and lots many things on the go. The best thing about using MS Word is that all the Windows users do have this tool installed so it’s the easiest way to share things within this tool. Apart from this, there are some tricks available which can help you out getting things done on the go with MS Word. If you are completely unaware of these tricks, don’t worry, here we have compiled a list of the best Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks for you. Let’s get on to the list and see how it can be useful to us.

10 Microsoft Word Tips And Tricks

1. Move to the recently used place

There comes a time when you need to edit a lengthy Word file of yours. What if you want to edit the recent edited documents from the same place where you stopped working? You can manually search for that particular word or anything in order to edit the documents once again. Well, you need not to look for such time wasting trick, you can easily get on to that space where you stopped working first. Click Shift+F5 button and the cursor will automatically move to that particular place where you have stopped working.

2. Change the sentence current font case

It is always better to write and do your work professionally. To create a complete professional word document, you have to keep many things streamed like where to use uppercase and lowercase and things like this. You can easily sums up all the words of that particular documents by selecting a few words and then clicking Shift+f3. By doing this tasks, you can see all of your words have been settled down completely. The first letter would be in UPPERCASE and then the other words will be in lowercase itself organized.

3. Write anywhere on the Word page

What if you want to write some word into the middle of the page on which you are working on? Well, you actually can do such thing. For that, you just need to double click on to the page anywhere you want to add words. By double clicking to the page you can actually start writing from anywhere on the page.

4. Move texts easily without Copy-Paste

Usually people use Cut, Copy and Paste by using Control X and Control V buttons. Well, in MS Word things can be shorten up easily. Select a particular word which you want to move, click F2 button and hit the enter button. You can move that selected Word easily with the use of your cursor easily. You can replace it anywhere on the page.

5. Use MS Word Hidden Calculator

MS Word has its own hidden Calculator which can handle all the arithmetic operations. To make use of this hidden calculator, you can write the original mathematical equation and hit the calculator icon on that page. It will gives you an exact results. You can add Calculator as a command into the Word documents for that go to your Quick Access Toolbar and add Calculator manually.

6. Remove styling from the Copied texts

When we copy something from web pages or from anywhere and paste it to a Word document, you can see those words are not relevant. What if we want to make all of them as a plain text? You can do so manually but it will take much of your time. To do so, select the blocks and hit Control+ Spacebar. This way you can convert all the files into Plain text.

7. Select Any texts quickly

There comes a time when you want to select some particular texts from the current document. You can select them manually by using your cursor, however there’s a simple trick to be followed to select any texts from a word documents on the go, very quickly. To select the entire paragraph of any Word documents, you can triple click there. Click with your mouse’s three times and the whole para will be selected. You can apply any commands after selecting them. To select the whole sentence, press Control key and click once anywhere in the sentence, the sentence will be selected. It’s very easy and simple! Try it out now!

What’s your take folks? Did you know any of the above given tricks before? Do let us know your experiences using MS Word. If you know any other MS Word tricks, kindly let us know so that we can add them to the above list. Your feedback and suggestions are always Welcomed, then than stay tuned with us and get such tricky tech updates from us!

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