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Top 10 Free Android Apps Every Android Users Should Have


Nowadays Smartphones are ruling the world by providing almost all the features present as on the computer. It makes the people to attract towards it and got addicted to it. Undoubtedly, most of the Smartphones are running on the Android platform, because Android gives the real and excellent experience to the users without any restrictions. As an Android user, they can access any applications developed by any developer, because it is an open source platform. The main advantage of using Android device is that it provides a simple and attracting user interface which helps any users to access it without any difficulty. By a statistic, Android is liked by almost 85% of the people in the world, this shows the attraction towards the people on Android. Here i listed the Top 10 must have Android Apps.

Top 10 Must Have Apps for an Android device:

1. Avast Antivirus:

Basically smartphones will be loaded with huge amounts of Applications, photos, videos, files, etc. In order to protect the device, Avast Antivirus is used to prevent these data and the device from viruses, malware and trojans which could attack the device severely. Adding to that, it comes with a much needed feature that it will protect your device from hackers with the help of the firewall. This app can able to lock your apps which will restrict to access by an unauthorized person.

2. 360 Security:

360 Security App is used to clean all the junk files which will be generated whenever the user access an application. This app helps the users to Boost the RAM memory by a single click maintenance that leads the device to perform faster. Anti-theft feature is enabled to assist you to retrieve the data from your lost device and to protect your personal data. It is available in both Free and Pro versions.

3. Mx Player:

Basically an Android device will have build-in video player, which could not support some complex formats. But Mx Player Android App supports a several numbers of formats and in addition to that, it can support various formats of subtitle. Mx Player is fully designed for simple user interface and the functions are controlled by swiping your fingers in a correct place. It adds a feature that the app can perform Zoom in and Zoom out in a video while playing through it.

4. ES File Explorer:

ES File Explorer is a file manager app that gives a complete view of your data present in your device with some impressive features. It allows the user to view and modify all the data stored in the device and the user can edit all the data easily when compared to the default file manager. This app also allows the user to compress or decompress a data and the media can be played with the help of the Build-in player on the application.

5. DU Battery Saver:

The most popular Battery saver app is the Du Battery Saver, which helps the user to extend the battery life of the device. It has an awesome feature that the app will optimize the user’s device by an one click maintenance. It will protect your battery by enabling an option called Health charging in order to prevent your battery from draining completely.

6. Super-Bright LED Flashlight:

The Flashlight app instantly changes your device into a Torch light, which will help you to travel in a dark place. It gives you a bright LED flashlight and it allows the user to adjust the blinking of the light. You can experience this app as an original Torch light which has the Switch ON/OFF controls as on the original Torch Light.

7. Camera 360:

Normally people love to take more photos on smartphones and Tablets and then they used to share it on the Social networks. Mainly for the people who are mad about photography, there is a photography based application called Camera 360. It helps the photography loved people to capture more and more photos with various effects, which can be changed with a single click. It is also useful for people who loves to take selfies. After capturing the photos, Camera 360 app allows the users to share the photos on various social networks.

8. True Caller:

The True Caller is an Android app which is used to manage the contacts stored in your device. It guides the users to maintain the contacts list and it will show the details of the calls that are incoming to your device. It allows the user to block unwanted or unknown calls from spam callers.

9. Go Launcher:

Go Launcher is a personalization app which allows the user to decorate or change the activities on your home screen. This app has various plugins that will perform different operations, which has to be downloaded separately. The Go Launcher will make your work easier by creating shortcuts and assigning gestures for every actions performing in your device.

10. SHAREit:

Generally transferring large files through Bluetooth between the two devices will be very slow and sometimes it will be cancelled. To overcome this, there is an app available for Android users called ShareIt, which connect and Share any huge amount of files at a very high speed. It doesn’t need any external Wi-Fi or cellular data network.

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