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Online Tools To Download YouTube Videos Easily Without Any Software


When it comes to online video streaming and buffering, many users select downloading option and then watching the video rather than wasting time in online streaming. Today maximum number of users of YouTube have video subscriptions in which they get good quality videos on a regular basis, but until and unless they do not have software to download, those subscriptions are a total waste.

However, at online market there are several software which can help you in downloading videos from YouTube anytime and anywhere in the range of internet connectivity. No matter how useful these software are but users want to download it without getting into lengthy procedure. Hence, there are 5 best websites/online tools to Download YouTube Videos easily without any software in the market that you can easily get at online search engine.

Which are 5 websites for YouTube video downloading?


Keepvid.com:- it is a popular site that can directly allow you to download any video from the YouTube window on your desktop in minutes. The quality of the videos does not get affected at all. In fact, you can save videos of any format in the desired layout on your PC without paying a single penny to the service providers.

Savevid.com: – this is also providing downloading feature for YouTube videos for free of cost and no set up is required to paste the link first and then download the file. In fact the speed of downloading is very good and it also saves the file automatically in the drives with the video name. The common formats which it supports are- avi, flv, JPG, mov, amr, mp3, mp4 etc.

Savetube.com:- this website is specially designed for downloading videos to the PC. Here you have to copy the link of the video from YouTube website and then paste it in the specified space. Once the link is successfully accepted and submitted the online tool on the website will start downloading the video automatically.

Deturl.com:- simply use this amazing website for downloading videos. It is entirely dedicated in providing downloading services for free of cost. Copy the url link given below the video on YouTube and then paste at the input field provided at the website. Click on download and then save the downloaded file wherever you want on your PC.

Clipnabber.com: – the outstanding performance of the website made it popular all across the world. You can find the link of the website on the search engine at top rankings because it provides easy downloading options, and does not change the quality of audio and video of the file you save.

The above mentioned websites have online tools; they work as a converter and Downloader. Many websites have corrupt links and files which can corrupt your system, so before choosing any new website make sure your windows firewall is open; so that any spam or corrupt website can be blocked automatically from targeting your OS.

How to download?

You can download videos from YouTube, daily motions etc easily without taking tension of setting up the software on the PC system or using them every time you want to download the video. All videos, which are downloaded are saved in the web browser page also automatically which you can retrieve anytime if the downloaded video from your PC is deleted.

So now feel free and download unlimited videos and movie trailers from the YouTube website anytime by suing the above listed websites. There are several more ways to download but till now online tools and website downloading feature is being rated the best in the market.

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