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The PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells Review – The Much Needed Tweak To Help Your Dwindling Workout Routine


Considering the history of the PowerBlock Company, one can conclusively admit that their products are nothing short of standard and quality. In the early 90’s a concept was introduced into the fitness industry by Greg Olson and Carl Towley, founders of Intellbell Inc… geniuses who later decided to start a company based on a technology that provided the fitness enthusiasts with the performance advantages of dumbbells without the space and cost inherent in the old fashioned traditional dumbbells. It also eliminated the time delay involved in changing the weights of adjustable dumbbells. This great concept is the PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells.

The Powerblock Overview


This is one of the most modern-built technology dumbbell in the market today. Since everyone have different tastes as some weight lifters prefer the PowerBlock to some other products by other manufacturers, and here are some reasons why they just might be right.

The PowerBlock comes with excellent features and have lots of advantages when compared with other fitness equipments in the market. They are known for their trademarks like; Safety, Improved Workout, Durability and Speed.

Basically, PowerBlocks are composed of three pieces; the core, the weights and the selector pin.

THE CORE, which is the dumbbell’s handle, fits inside the first weight. The first weight fits inside the second weight, the second weight fits inside the third weight and so on. THE WEIGHTS selector pin slides into the sides of the blocks, so that when you lift the weight, all the weights above THE SELECTOR PIN are lifted at the same time. When you are done with the exercise, you place the block back in the middle of the unused weights.

At first glance the core may seem like it will not be able to handle the amount of weights that the dumbbells handle but on closer examination it is obvious that the material is some kind of industrial composite that gives it the properties of being extremely strong while light at the same time. Precisely, the weight of the core for this particular set is only 5 lbs.

As far as safety, which is a major weight lifting concern, the weight selector pin is well secured once you place it in. In addition, it has magnets for added security and to prevent slipping. The core easily handles all the weight that comes with it, so there are no safety problems there. In addition, these blocks provide wrist support, something that typical dumbbells do not provide.

The weight of the PowerBlock Adjustable Dummbell depends on what you require. They have multiple sets that offer varying levels of resistance. In order of increasing weights and difficulty levels, there are the;

  • 3-24 lbs
  • 5-50 lbs
  • 2.5-55 lbs
  • 2.5-90 lbs
  • 2.5-130 lbs

Furthermore, the PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbell Set has a quick and simple weight change mechanism which is very fast and easy to use. As stated above, unlike other sets, this one comes with a selector pin, which is fitted into one of the several sockets on the dumbbell to decide the 10 lbs range you can choose to work with. You can easily adjust this system within a few seconds, which will surely give you the much needed control over the system. The PowerBlock dumbbells set do come with two superb 2.5 lbs weight bars which are stored inside the handles. These weight bars are made in such a way, that you can easily take them out if you want to.

Additionally, these PowerBlock dumbbells are very tough, durable and secure. Which also prompts us to say, that the weights are well-locked and not at all likely to slide away when you’re busy exercising or working out. After using the PowerBlock, one can be rest assured that the pin lock can’t easily break and the unit is extra strong; so you don’t have to worry yourself about the pin lock unit causing any danger.


Also, the weight increment comes in different sizes, which are between 2.5 pounds to 5 pounds. While the external lock system gives you an increment option of 10 lbs, compared with other dumbells 5 lbs. This particular additional weight cylinders inside the handles give you the ability to adjust the dumbbell set for some 2.5 values, that is, you will get 7.5 lbs but not 12.5 lbs. However, it does take a little time to take out the weights inside the handles so the 2.5 increment is not very feasible. But you should not forget that PowerBlock dumbbells are very quick to adjust in 10 lbs increments, which is a decent increment for any weight lifter.

Another feature here is that PowerBlock dumbbells take a little space as the length increases with additional weight. This is to say, that you can get very small dumbbells for small weights, which is good because you will have more space to do other exercises included in your workout routine. With a huge massive 90 lbs, this dumbbell is 40 cm from one and to the other. At 10 lbs, it is hardly 20 cm, which is an amazing deal for doing several workouts.

PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells Video Review

Note though that when changing or adjusting the selector pin, you need to follow certain precautions, which is, both ends of the pin have to fit into the same weight socket for the dumbbell to function properly, if you are able to do this, then you have no problem. However, failing to do this will not damage the dumbbell in any way or cause any danger, but you will certainly loss some seconds.

You seriously don’t want to get me started on the Warranty, which is something else… It is totally off-the-hook! Well, you may think this is crazy, but the manufacturers give their customers a 10-Year warranty, compared with the 2 years offered by most other competitors. This only further proves that they have full confidence in their products.

On a final note, PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbell Set is just too awesome to pass on… it is one of the best and you are sure to enjoy the benefits that come with this amazing equipment. The price is ideal for it’s features and it only gets better!

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