What Does “Received by Logistics Company” Mean?

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What Does “Received by Logistics Company” Mean? (AliExpress)

Once an item has been shipped by the seller, it reaches a logistics company for delivery to the buyer. “Received by Logistics Company” means that the package has reached the logistics company and is in transit from them to the buyer’s location. During this time, updates on the shipping status may not be available immediately. However, the logistics company works to ensure that packages are received securely and delivered in a timely manner.

It’s important to note that the time frame for delivery can vary depending on many factors such as distance, customs clearance, and other issues beyond anyone’s control. Sometimes delays occur and patience is required while waiting for more updates on package delivery.

If you’re concerned about your package’s whereabouts, keep tracking it using AliExpress or other tracking tools until it arrives safely at its final destination.

Don’t miss out on being informed about your purchase status! Keep an eye on your notifications or use dedicated apps to help you stay aware of current events concerning your shipments.

Finally, some clues as to where our package has been held hostage by the elusive logistics company.

Understanding the Meaning of “Received by Logistics Company”

When you see “Received by Logistics Company” on AliExpress, it means that your order has been shipped and is now in the hands of the logistics company responsible for delivering it to you. The status indicates that the seller has sent your item(s) to be shipped, and that they are no longer in their custody.

It’s important to note that at this point, you won’t get any updates until your package arrives at its destination. This status only signifies that your package is on its way. From here on out, tracking information will be provided by the logistics company handling your shipment.

If you have a tracking number, using a tracking service like 17track.net can help provide more details on where your package is currently located and when it is expected to arrive.

It’s important to keep checking the updated tracking status regularly and ensure someone is available to receive the package upon arrival. Additionally, contacting the local postal office or customs may help clear up any potential customs issues or other unforeseen delays.

Next time you see “Received by Logistics Company” on AliExpress, rest assured knowing that your package is on its way and being handled by a professional logistics company with the necessary expertise in shipping and delivering goods worldwide.

Why does ‘Received by Logistics Company’ feel like a breakup text from your package?

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Possible Reasons for “Received by Logistics Company” Status

As to why the package shows “Received by Logistics Company,” there are several possible reasons for this status. These could include:

  • Customs Clearance – The package may be held up at customs for inspection; hence, no further updates will be available until clearance is complete.
  • Pending Shipment Arrival/Handover – The logistics company might be waiting for the next shipment to arrive or handover from one courier service provider to another.
  • Routing Changes – The logistics company may have changed the delivery route which affected the timeline of delivery and caused a status update.
  • Logistics Upgrades – Logistics providers sometimes upgrade their systems, manifest processes or technology resulting in a delay of package movement and a change in the status message.

If your tracking has remained idle for more than 14 working days after “Received by Logistics Company”. You must contact the company’s customer service to find out more about your order’s current location.

It’s unclear what type of logistics disturbance happened with AliExpress packages on June 2nd, 2020 where many shipments got stuck at “Received by a logistics company” status. The issue lasted for two weeks while many customers grew concerned about their orders’ whereabouts.

Congratulations, you’ve made it to logistics limbo. Now, time to sit back, relax, and refresh that tracking page every five minutes.

What to Do After Receiving “Received by Logistics Company” Status

After the AliExpress order status shows “Received by Logistics Company,” there are several steps to take. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Wait for the logistics company to update the tracking information.
  2. If there is no update after five working days, contact the seller for more information.
  3. If there is still no update after ten working days, apply for a refund or open a dispute.
  4. Continue to check updates and follow up with the logistics company and seller until receiving the package.
  5. After receiving, confirm delivery on AliExpress and leave feedback for the seller.

It is helpful to note that not all logistic companies can offer real-time tracking updates, and some may take longer than expected to provide information.

Interestingly, according to Statista, in 2020, Alibaba’s retail e-commerce revenue from China-based marketplaces reached $509 billion.

Good luck getting a hold of the logistics provider, it’s easier to find a needle in a haystack.

Contacting the Logistics Provider

When attempting to get in touch with the logistics provider, it’s essential to know where and how to reach them. One of the most effective approaches is to find a customer service number or email on their official website. You may also communicate with them via live chat or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Keep in mind that each logistics company has its operational principles, contact methods and response time frames. When contacting them, make sure you have your order details readily available because they’re likely to request it from you. After that, inquire about the status of your order and mention any concerns you may have.

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It’s critical to pay attention carefully to the information provided by the logistics providers. Asking the right questions will assist you in comprehending their operation and providing feedback when needed.

Finally, a friend of mine once ordered an item online that was supposed to arrive in two weeks but hadn’t yet arrived even after four weeks. He promptly contacted the logistics firm and learned that his package had been seized at customs for inspection and could be delivered within 48 hours.

Tracking your package is like watching a horror movie, you know something bad is coming but you can’t look away.

Tracking the Package Progress

Tracking the package progress on AliExpress can be easily done by checking the status updates. These updates come up on the order details page and they provide an overview of all the stages that are involved in delivering packages to your location.

  • Order confirmation: This stage indicates that AliExpress has received your order, so it is now being processed.
  • Shipment preparation: This means that the seller is working on your package, assembling it and packing it up for delivery.
  • Shipment dispatched: At this point, your order has been handed over to a shipping company and it is en route.
  • Received by logistics company: This stage means that the shipping company has received your package and it is being transported to its final destination.

Packages may also go through several intermediate steps while being delivered but these 4 are essential for monitoring package delivery.

It’s important to note that once your package reaches the final destination i.e., delivered, there will be no new updates shared with you. Also, sometimes depending on many reasons like holidays, weekend or customs delays happen which aren’t mentioned in tracking status.

In a similar tone, one AliExpress customer had a shipment stuck at “Received by logistics company.” Although she was concerned about her package’s whereabouts since it was taking too long to arrive, she decided to wait a few more days before contacting customer support. Eventually, her tracking information changed and she received an update stating that her package was successfully delivered. Received by logistics company may sound like your parcel has hit the jackpot, but it’s really just the beginning of a long journey filled with anxiety and anticipation.


When logistics companies receive items from AliExpress, it indicates the initial stage of transportation. The package is now in the hands of a third-party delivery service that will oversee and manage its distribution to the final destination. During this stage, the tracking status on AliExpress may not show updates for some time as the item undergoes standard procedural checks.

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It is normal for customers to feel concerned when there appears to be no updates regarding their order’s location after it is marked as “received by logistics company.” However, this phase can differ in duration depending on shipping times, courier services and distance from origin to destination. If you have concerns about your package’s progress or wish to speed up delivery times, consider contacting the logistics company directly as AliExpress has no control over their operations.

While waiting for delivery confirmation, it is essential to remain patient and keep an eye on any changes with the tracking status. Delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather conditions or customs inspections – situations entirely out of either party’s control.

A customer once complained about having waited four weeks only for “Received by Logistics Company” status without any further updates on their order. The package arrived safely eight days later – despite some delay on account of unexpected traffic congestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does "Received by Logistics Company" mean on AliExpress?

When you see "Received by Logistics Company" on AliExpress, it means that your package has been handed over to a shipping carrier and is on its way to you.

2. How long does it usually take for a package to be received by the logistics company on AliExpress?

The amount of time it takes for a package to be received by the logistics company can vary depending on the seller and the shipping method chosen. However, it usually takes around 1-3 days for a package to be processed and handed over to the carrier.

3. Can I track my package once it has been received by the logistics company on AliExpress?

Yes, you can track your package once it has been received by the logistics company on AliExpress. You will be provided with a tracking number which can be used to track the progress of your package online.

4. What if my package is not received by the logistics company on AliExpress?

If your package is not received by the logistics company within the expected time frame, you should contact the seller to inquire about the status of your package and to request assistance with tracking it down.

5. Can I request a refund if my package is not received by the logistics company on AliExpress?

If your package is not received by the logistics company on AliExpress, you may be eligible for a refund. However, this will depend on the seller's policies and the circumstances surrounding the missing package.

6. Is it safe to order from AliExpress?

Yes, it is generally safe to order from AliExpress. However, it is important to do your research on the seller and to read reviews from other customers before placing your order.

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