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How To Record Phone Calls with Automatic Call Recorder


Smartphones have taken up the World to a all new height with their so tremendous services and uses. Nowadays, almost every people do own a smartphone. When it comes to a smartphone, there’s Android. Android has become World’s most popular smartphone platform with its so decent and user friendly interface that even a non techie person too can use Android smartphone at ease.

With this, you can get the access of Millions of apps and games within a Android phone with Google Play Store. You can get all of your favourite apps and games for free by accessing Google Play Store on the go! Apart from this, there comes a time when you receive some very important calls on your Android phone that you might want to hear again. What if you need such calls to listen it back?

Well, there’s an app called Automatic Call Recorder. You can record all of your calls within this app. See, how you can make use of this app by following, “How to Record phone calls with Automatic Call Recorder” tutorial.

With Android, you can do pretty much everything. Starting from showing path with GPS and Goole Maps, to find stolen phone, to play thousands of games, to save documents and much more things can be handled easily within this phone. Android’s Google Play Store has Millions of different apps and games within which are very useful. Being an open source platform, Android allows you to record all of your phone calls with a clear voice. See, how you can proceed.

How To Record Phone Calls with Automatic Call Recorder

Step 1 :

Make sure that Automatic Call Recorder app is installed on your Android smartphone. This app is available for free and you can easily download and install it on your Android smartphone by visiting its official page on Google Play Store. If you are unaware about it, kindly click on to the following link once and you will be redirected to the official page from where you can instantly download and install this app on your Android smartphone.

Step 2 :

Once, the app got installed successfully on your device, you will be seeing a simple yet pretty rich homepage of this app. There you can see a separate settings option of this app to set up your things and recording of calls.

Step 3 :

Automatic Call Recorder’s settings menu is a complete customized menu and from here you can choose the place to save all of your calls recording in order to listening to them again and again, when its needed. Step 4 :

Open application and you would see its settings option. Here you can see where to save your phone calls recording. You are allowed to choose Google drive too to save your call recording onboard within the app. You can set up things to record calls of your contacts list only or unknown numbers and pretty much everything is very well kept here in its settings menu.

Step 5 :

To start recording your upcoming calls, you just need to check besides the Record Calls option. By now, all of your calls will be recorded automatically and you can receive a notification whether you want to hear that phone call again or not.

Step 6 :

You can hear your complete call with rich sound quality like this. You can play and pause it too in order to note down something spoken by the recipient on the call.

Step 7 :

If you find it not relevant, you can easily delete them from within the same page. Just tap on to the Delete button and your calls will be deleted automatically. Isn’t that amazing? You need not to do anything extra just go to your settings option and make it properly. You’re done!

So folks, this is how you can actually record all of your phone calls onboard. You need not to pay a single penny to anyone. However, there’s some restrictions too. This Automatic Call Recorder app is available in two different versions, a free trial version which allows you to save up to 100 phone calls, where as a premium version allows you to save recordings for unlimited phone calls. You can delete them manually by visiting the settings option. It’s actually pretty easy to make use of it and allows you to do things quickly!

What’s going on there? Have you ever tried this app before? Do let us know your experiences with us. You can share your views and opinions too. Meanwhile, if you have any further queries or questions or if you have any doubts, do let us know. For that, put your valuable words as a comment into the comment section below the post. We would like to help you out. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed, till then stay tuned with us and get such useful tech updates!

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