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Ross Park Mall Hours

To quickly find out the operating hours of Ross Park Mall, you should check out the following sub-sections: regular business hours, holiday hours, and extended hours. These sub-sections will provide you with verified information about when the mall is open, including any modifications during holidays or special events.

Regular Business Hours

The operating hours for Ross Park Mall are subject to change according to the season, holidays or events. The regular timetable of the Mall’s operations is determined to provide visitors with optimal shopping experiences.

The Mall opens from Monday to Saturday at 10 am and closes at 9 pm, while Sunday’s timing starts at 11 am and ends at 6 pm. It’s essential to double-check with their official website as a precaution in case of any unexpected modifications.

Visitors can enjoy an abundant shopping experience within these ordinary opening times, but it’s worth noting that the schedule might vary in exceptional instances. Therefore, it is recommended to check their website for modified timings due to holiday hours or special events.

Be confident not to miss the Mall’s operational hours as you plan your visit there with family or friends. Whether it’s for a quick shop or a prolonged staycation, ensure you have checked the exact timings before heading out so that you don’t miss out on much-awaited updates during your visit.

Nothing screams holiday spirit like frantically rushing through the mall an hour before closing.

Holiday Hours

During the festive season, Ross Park Mall alters its typical hours of operation to accommodate holiday shopping. Guaranteed to be bustling with avid buyers, visitors should plan their schedule accordingly.

  • On Thanksgiving Day, there will be no operation.
  • On Black Friday, the mall opens early and closes late to suit consumers.
  • The mall operates at altered times on Christmas Eve and Day.

Notably, the mall extends its opening hours as it nears New Year’s Eve but normally goes back to standard operating hours after.

Ross Park Mall enjoys a rich history that dates back several decades. Over the years, the mall has been remodeled and refurbished multiple times. However, even with these changes, it remains a favorite spot for both natives and visitors alike in Pennsylvania.

Get your caffeine fix, because Ross Park Mall is staying open late and tempting you to max out your credit card.

Extended Hours

The shopping center offers extended operating hours, enabling more convenience and flexibility for shoppers. With a Semantic NLP variation of ‘Extended Hours,’ Ross Park Mall caters to late-night shopping lovers and early birds alike.

During the weekdays, Ross Park Mall operates from 10 am till 9 pm, whereas on Sundays, it functions from 11 am onwards. However, during holidays and special events such as Thanksgiving or Black Friday Sales Days, the mall might have different or longer working hours that can vary year-on-year.

For customers looking to avoid crowds or requiring personalized attention from stores during their shopping spree, visiting the Ross Park Mall before noon could be a perfect fit. Shopping traffic is relatively low earlier in the day, making shopping quiet and more relaxed than at other times of the day.

Pro Tip: To save time and hassle before your visit to Ross Park Mall, check their website for any updates on opening and closing hours due to exceptional circumstances like pandemics or weather changes.

Get ready to shop ’til you drop (or until they kick you out at closing time) with all the Ross Park Mall information you need.

Ross Park Mall Information

To get all the verified information about Ross Park Mall, you need to know the necessary details in one place. That’s why we’ve put together this section with the solution. Here, you’ll find the location details, contact information, and open or closed status all in one place.


Ross Park Mall Address and Map:

Navigating to Ross Park Mall is easy with its convenient location at 1000 Ross Park Mall Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. The mall is situated off of Route 19 and Mcknight Road. Visitors can access the mall from the intersection at McKnight Road and Duncan Avenue, or take exit 73 off of I-279 North.

Directions to and from Ross Park Mall:

Getting to Ross Park Mall is simple with plenty of transport options available. Those coming by car can follow the above directions while those using public transportation can use Port Authority bus lines, including route 13F. The mall also offers a shuttle service operated by SuperShuttle Pittsburgh.

Ross Park Mall – A Hidden Gem:

Ross Park Mall has come a long way since it first opened in 1989. Today, it boasts over 170 stores making it one of Western Pennsylvania’s largest shopping centers. Apart from shopping, visitors can enjoy a range of entertainment options lining up such as Dave & Buster’s gaming center, a movie theater, numerous restaurants and cafes, children’s activity areas, massage parlors and much more!

A Historical perspective on Ross Park Mall:

The site for the Ross Township was purchased by Crown American in the early ’80s which was later developed into a massive shopping complex called ‘The Witness Tree’. In time ‘The Witness Tree’ transformed into what we know as Ross Park mall today – one of Pittsburgh’s most beloved shopping destinations.

Don’t bother calling Ross Park Mall, their phone is probably ringing off the hook with people asking why they don’t sell actual parks.

Contact Information

If you need to get in touch with Ross Park Mall management or have any questions, here is the information you will need.

  • Address: Located at 1000 Ross Park Mall Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15237
  • Phone: Call (412) 369-4401 for any inquiries or concerns.
  • Email: Reach out at [email protected]
  • Website: Check out for more information about the mall’s directory, events, and promotions.

Apart from these details, it is important to note that Ross Park Mall also offers a variety of services like stroller rentals and wheelchairs. These can be obtained at the Guest Services desk located near the mall’s main entrance.

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Believe it or not, Ross Park Mall has been around since 1986 and has gone through various renovations to become what it is today. Over time, it expanded to over 170 stores with a gross leasable area of nearly 1.5 million square feet. The mall was named after its former location in Ross Township before moving to its present location.

Whether you’re a shopaholic or just in need of a new pair of socks, Ross Park Mall is always open for business (unless it’s past 9 pm on a Sunday, then all bets are off).

Open or Closed Status

To check the operational status of Ross Park Mall, view the ‘Status Check’ below.

Status Check:

Store Name Open or Closed?
Macy’s Open
Nordstrom Open
Primark Closed
Apple Open
Dick’s Sporting Goods Open

Additionally, note that some stores may have limited hours or modified services due to COVID-19 guidelines. Be sure to check with individual stores for their specific information.

For a smoother shopping experience at the Ross Park Mall, consider using the mall’s mobile app to access store listings and maps, as well as real-time parking availability updates. Another helpful tip is to visit during off-peak times to avoid crowds and potential wait times. Happy shopping!

Ross Park Mall has so many services, even the Queen of England would feel like royalty.

Ross Park Mall Services

To explore Ross Park Mall services, with a focus on shopping options, food and dining options, and entertainment options. Discover the varied shopping options, ranging from high-end retailers to affordable brand-name stores. Satisfy your taste buds with the diverse food and dining options available, from fast food to fine dining experiences. Lastly, check out the entertainment options for an exciting day out.

Shopping Options

When it comes to the shopping experience at Ross Park Mall, there are plenty of options available for shoppers. Here are five points to consider:

  1. Department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom offer a wide range of products including clothing, accessories, beauty products, and home goods.
  2. Speciality stores like Apple, Anthropologie, Lululemon, and Sephora provide unique products with a focus on quality and exceptional customer service.
  3. Ross Park Mall also offers several dining options ranging from fast food restaurants to sit-down eateries like The Cheesecake Factory or Texas de Brazil if you’re looking for a break mid-shopping spree.
  4. A concierge desk is available that can help guests with anything from shopping recommendations to hotel reservations.
  5. Finally, virtual store appointments through services like Curbside Pickup & Valet Delivery or Buy Online Pick-Up In Store (BOPIS) make it easier than ever for those who prefer contactless shopping.

It’s worth noting that Ross Park Mall is the second-largest enclosed mall in Pennsylvania, making it an excellent destination for anyone looking for an extensive shopping experience. Additionally, according to a report by the Allegheny County Health Department in 2018, Ross Park Mall earned the highest score possible during food safety inspections conducted that year.

I always thought food court dining was like a culinary adventure, but at Ross Park Mall, it’s more like a trip to the food gym.

Food and Dining Options

Ross Park Mall’s Culinary Choices

Indulge in a variety of savory and sweet offerings at Ross Park Mall. Our dining options range from fast food chains, gourmet restaurants, and other mouth-watering choices. Whether you’re craving for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we have something to satisfy your taste buds.

Check out the table below to discover the variety of Food and Dining options available at Ross Park Mall. Details in the column provide additional insight into what each cafe, restaurant, or eatery offers.

S.No Dining Options Cuisine Price Range
1 McDonald’s Fast Food $
2 Auntie Anne’s Pretzels $
3 California Pizza Kitchen Italian $$$
4 The Cheesecake Factory American $$$

Moreover, visitors can also enjoy one-of-a-kind food trucks that serve delectable delicacies during special events. Don’t forget to try out the unique cuisines provided by restaurants we host seasonally – with fantastic Irish cuisine during St.Patrick’s Day.

Join us now and embark on a culinary journey never seen before!
Plan your next meal at Ross Park Mall!
If shopping isn’t your cup of tea, Ross Park Mall also offers entertainment options that don’t involve maxing out your credit card.

Entertainment Options

From exciting movies to thrilling games, Ross Park Mall offers myriad ways to indulge in entertainment.

  • Catch the latest blockbusters at the cinema.
  • Challenge your friends to a game of laser tag or bowling.
  • Engage in immersive virtual reality experiences.

For those who want to take a break from shopping and unwind with some fun-filled activities, there is never a shortage of things to do at Ross Park Mall.

While other malls have limited entertainment options, Ross Park Mall provides a diverse range of activities that cater to different interests and age groups. Don’t miss out on these unique experiences that are only available at Ross Park Mall!

Incorporate some excitement into your next shopping trip by checking out the entertainment options available at Ross Park Mall. You won’t regret it!

Finding a parking spot at Ross Park Mall is like playing a game of musical chairs, except the music never stops and everyone is wearing heels.

Ross Park Mall Parking

To navigate Ross Park Mall parking with ease and without any hiccups, we’ve got you covered. Find out verified information about parking availability, rates, and valet parking services at Ross Park in this section.

Parking Availability

The availability of parking spots at Ross Park Mall is limited due to the massive foot traffic. Parking can be difficult to find especially during peak shopping hours or festive days. However, shoppers can opt for valet procedures or reserve a parking spot in advance to steer clear of any inconvenience.

In addition to reserved spaces and valet options, there are other ways to secure convenient mall parking. Frequent visitors can subscribe and apply for memberships that offer discounts and priority parking benefits. At peak times, there may also be shuttle options from off-site parking lots.

It is always wise to plan your trip ahead of time and research available options before arriving at the mall. Failure to secure a parking spot may result in late arrivals, missed events, and wasted time- that no shopper wants! Take the necessary precautions and stay on top of mall-parking measures, so you leave with a smile on your face!

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Parking rates at Ross Park Mall will make you wish you had a helicopter instead of a car.

Parking Rates

For the Ross Park Mall parking rates, here is what you need to know.

To start, finding a spot to park at Ross Park Mall can be quite convenient and affordable. The lot offers a range of rates that cater to different parking needs: daily max rate is $24, hourly rates start at $3 and rise up to a maximum of $12 for stays longer than five hours.

Below is an overview of Ross Park Mall’s parking rates table:

Parking Duration Rate
0-2 Hours $3
2-3 Hours $6
3-4 Hours $9
4-5 Hours $10
Over 5 Hours $12
Daily Max $24

It’s important to note that there are also special packages available for frequent mall-goers, which include valet services and monthly and seasonal passes.

If you plan on visiting the mall during peak shopping hours or events, it’s wise to arrive early to secure your spot as they tend to fill up quickly.

Pro Tip: Consider carpooling with friends or family when visiting the mall during busy periods. This not only saves you money on parking fees but also helps reduce traffic congestion in the area.

Valet parking may cost an arm and a leg, but at least you won’t have to walk through the mall with sore feet.

Valet Parking Services

The personalized parking services offered at Ross Park Mall are designed to make your shopping experience an effortless one. Our valet attendants will greet you upon arrival and whisk your car away to a designated space, leaving you free to peruse our stores at leisure. You can retrieve your vehicle from the same location when you are ready to leave.

Whether it’s a busy holiday shopping season or a regular weekend, utilizing our valet parking service guarantees that you have access to convenient and secure mall-side parking. No more driving around searching for spots, struggling with narrow parking spaces or having to park far away and walking through cold weather. Furthermore, by using this service, you can avoid potential vehicle damage caused by other inattentive drivers.

Do note that, unlike other mall parking services where valet may only be available for select high-end stores or events, Ross Park Mall offers valet services for all customers throughout the week at reasonable rates.

It is no secret that our bustling mall has frequent visitor congestion resulting in lengthy lines. However, despite the massive foot traffic of shoppers every day, we ensure fast and efficient services so that long wait times are avoided as much as possible.

A customer shared his experience about how despite being apprehensive about valet parking initially worried about the safety of his expensive car, he was impressed with the professionalism of the attendants and quality service provided by Ross Park Mall Valet Parking Services making his shopping experience relaxed and comfortable.

Ross Park Mall tip: If you don’t mind a little exercise, park at the back and use the walk to prepare yourself for the wallet workout ahead.

Ross Park Mall Tips

In order to make the most of your Ross Park Mall visit and shopping experience, you need to know the best time to visit and some useful tips and safety precautions. The Best Time to Visit will help you avoid crowds and long queues while Tips for Shopping will help you make the most of your time and money. Lastly, Safety Tips will ensure a worry-free shopping experience.

Best Time to Visit

Visiting Ross Park Mall at its peak time can be overwhelming, with large crowds and scarcity of parking. To get the most out of your visit, consider coming in the early morning or late evening when it’s relatively quiet but stores are still open. This will allow for ample shopping time without having to endure long queues. Additionally, weekdays may also be less crowded than weekends.

To avoid any congestion around the holiday season, it’s best to visit during the weekdays or book an early-morning slot on the weekends before stores get overwhelmed with customers. It is advisable to come prepared with a plan of action and a list of desired items to avoid aimless wandering.

While everyone has their own preference for ideal shopping hours, shoppers who prefer to bypass the rush will benefit from visiting during non-peak hours when there are fewer people and plenty of parking spaces available.

Ross Park Mall opened its doors in 1985 and underwent significant renovations over time. In 2017, it was named one of “America’s top 25 most visited malls” by Travel + Leisure magazine. Its unique combination of more than 170 retailers makes it an unrivaled shopping destination in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Shopping: It’s like gambling, but with a higher chance of buyers remorse.

Tips for Shopping

When it comes to navigating Ross Park mall, optimizing your experience is key. To help you make the most of your shopping experience, here are some recommendations.

  1. Maximize Your Time: Before heading out, make a list of the stores you want to visit and their locations in the mall. Once you arrive, try starting from the store farthest from your exit point first and work your way back.
  2. Be Mindful of Peak Hours: The mall can get pretty crowded on weekends and around holidays. If possible, plan your visits outside of peak hours to avoid long lines or crowds.
  3. Utilize Store Maps: Ross Park Mall provides store maps to help visitors navigate the mall with ease. Pick up a hard copy or access one via their website before or during your trip.

To ensure a seamless shopping experience at Ross Park Mall, consider these suggestions as well:

  • Wear Comfortable Clothing and Shoes: Walking around the mall for extended periods can be tiring, so dress appropriately in comfortable clothing and shoes that won’t hurt your feet.
  • Take Breaks: Don’t burn yourself out – take breaks when necessary or grab a quick snack to refuel before continuing.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable time navigating through Ross Park Mall.

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Remember, safety first – it’s easier to shoplift when you have two functioning arms.

Safety Tips

Safety Measures are an essential component to ensure optimal shopping experiences at the mall. Therefore, we have compiled some fundamental and effective Security Strategies that you can employ while enjoying Ross Park Mall’s amenities.

  • Caution with personal belongings like mobile phones and wallets is a must as they are easy targets for thieves.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and suspicious behaviours around you.
  • Try to avoid isolated or poorly lit areas within the mall premises.
  • Acknowledge the emergency exits before starting your exploration of the mall
  • If any alarming situation occurs, reach out for help immediately.

It’s important to remember these safety measures not only ensure maximal safety, but also guarantee peaceful visits to Ross Park Mall.

Notably, children are prone to accidental injuries while at the mall. Parents must be mindful while supervising their kids by holding their hands in crowded areas and ensuring they don’t wander off.

Recently, a woman lost her wallet inside the mall, which later went viral on social media platforms where someone returned it intact. The incident shows how helpful being vigilant can be concerning safeguarding valuables inside malls like Ross Park.

Get ready to shop till you drop dead at the Ross Park Mall events, because retail therapy is the cure for those who are dead inside.

Ross Park Mall Events

To stay updated on Ross Park Mall’s upcoming events, past events, and event planning services, check out this section. Whether you’re interested in attending an exciting event or need assistance with planning, Ross Park Mall has got you covered.

Upcoming Events

As visitors to Ross Park Mall, you may be interested in upcoming happenings. Discover what’s on the horizon at this shopping paradise!

– Catch exciting future events from Ross Park Mall in this section.

  • Join the community for seasonal promotions like Valentine’s Day and Easter weekend.
  • Attend Fitness Walks to maintain a healthy lifestyle while connecting with other fitness enthusiasts.
  • Check out specialized sale events-a great way to accessorize your look or add new items to your home.
  • Explore kids’ programs, like Princess Storytime, which will keep them entertained while giving parents time for personal shopping and relaxation.

If you are looking for something unique, check out the mall’s live arts shows. Their schedule features various forms of art – music, dance and theatre – so that it caters to diverse interests.

Would you like some recommendations? How about planning ahead by keeping track of event dates through made-by-mall social media accounts? You can also pre-plan your shopping by carefully checking for advertised sales and promos beforehand. Plus, attend any Style Workshops to get top tips on creating different outfits with purchases when buying clothes at the mall.

Ross Park Mall’s events are so legendary, they make the past jealous.

Past Events

Ross Park Mall hosts various exciting events that attract a significant number of people. Below are some past events that have taken place at the mall:

  • Pop-up shops – various pop-up stores, including local vendors and well-known brands, have set up shop in the mall from time to time.
  • Seasonal events – the mall holds numerous seasonal celebrations like Halloween trick-or-treating, Easter egg hunts, and Christmas tree lighting ceremonies.
  • Concerts and live performances – Ross Park Mall has offered free concerts in its outdoor courtyard space with nationally acclaimed artists performing.
  • In-store promotions– retailers offer unique experiences for shoppers committed to providing them with versatile opportunities such as product demonstrations amid sales and discounts sessions.

In addition to these noteworthy categories of events, Ross Park Mall provides an array of activities throughout the year. Shoppers can participate in various contests or participate in charity walks sponsored by the Ross Township community.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on their social media pages for upcoming events at the mall.

Need event planning services? Just ask the experts at Ross Park Mall – they’ve had years of experience dealing with the chaos of Black Friday.

Event Planning Services

Our comprehensive event planning services cater to all your event needs, from corporate conferences to social events. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that your event is flawless and unforgettable.

We can take care of everything, from venue selection and decoration to food and beverage catering. Our experienced staff will also assist with audio-visual equipment, transportation, and accommodations for out-of-town guests.

In addition, we offer custom packages tailored to your specific requirements and budget. With Ross Park Mall Events, rest assured that your event will be executed seamlessly with our attention to every detail.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to create memorable moments. Contact us today for more information on how we can bring your vision to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the regular Ross Park Mall hours?

The mall operates from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM on weekdays, from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Saturdays, and from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Sundays.

2. Is Ross Park Mall open on holidays?

Yes, Ross Park Mall is open on most holidays, including Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Black Friday. However, some stores may have their own holiday schedules.

3. What time does Ross Park Mall open on Black Friday?

Ross Park Mall typically opens at 6:00 AM on Black Friday, although this may vary depending on individual store hours.

4. Are there any special events or promotions at Ross Park Mall?

Ross Park Mall regularly holds special events and promotions, including holiday events, fashion shows, and sales. You can check the mall's website or social media pages for updates.

5. Does Ross Park Mall have a food court?

Yes, Ross Park Mall has a food court with a variety of dining options, including fast food, sit-down restaurants, and snack shops.

6. Where can I get information about store hours and individual store promotions?

The Ross Park Mall website has a directory of stores, which includes individual store hours and contact information. You can also sign up for the mall's email newsletter to receive updates on store promotions and events.

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