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Stairmaster Adjustable Dumbbells Review


When you want the right dumbbells for an overall body workout, the Stairmaster TwistLock Adjustable Dumbbells Pair is what you need. When there’s not much time to hit the gym, they become your fitness instructors at home. The pair enables you to perform full body workouts without spending a lot of time in adjusting the weights. This Stair will help you understand why this pair stands out.

The dumbbells offer a full body workout as they can be used for a variety of muscle building exercises. You get two dumbbells along with a neat exercise guide. You do not have to worry about those locks anymore as these come with TwistLock option. You can carry these to your gym too. And then, you have an exercise guide that comes with them and two cradles to store them. All good things in one, isn’t it?

Features & Specifications


  • Twist Lock: These come with a patented lock that just needs to be twisted. You don’t have to go through a lot of troubles while adjusting weights. You just twist, and they are done.
  • Adjustability: These are dumbbells with a compact design that offers maximum adjustability.
  • Design: The cradles of the Stairmaster pair of twistlock adjustable dumbbells comes in aluminium which makes it easy to access, and there is ample storage space for them. The handles are contoured and in a soft grip.
  • Inclusions: There are two dumbbells, an exercise guide and two cradles that come with the dumbbells. More so, the cradles are open ended which makes the storage and picking up of the weights much simpler.
  • Weight Windows: You will find dual sided windows for weight selection that are placed at the end of each handle to make sure that the number of weights is clearly visible.
  • Guide: The guide comes with more than 20 exercises that are offered in detail to ensure that there is no trouble in terms of understanding the dumbbells.

Complete Stairmaster Adjustable Dumbbell Review

This is your pair of adjustable dumbbells that solves every fitness purpose. Sure, they come with a few drawbacks but overall the quality and usage makes the deal worth it. These are ideal when you need something on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality at the same time. The pair is extremely handy and easy to use. This is a pair that serves multiple functions. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting too many different dumbbells for a range of workouts.

Lock Mechanism
This Stairmaster come with a twist and go concept. The days of turning nobs and aligning pins are over. There’s no issue of sliding pins to adjust weights. Comfortable, isn’t it?

This is one problem a lot of us have faced over the years. When you change handles, you must have found yourself struggling with it. But in the case of Stairmaster pair of twistlock adjustable dumbbells it is almost effortless. The handles are made from premium quality, and it’s so easy to adjust any weight. You can use them with ease, and the variety of workouts it offers are also great.

Home Workouts
These Stairmaster pair are great for those who prefer to workout at home. They are compact and come with stands that do not require a lot of adjustment. This is why it’s easy to use them at home even if there’s no one guiding you.

Because these come in a unique style of weight adjustment, these dumbbells are usually compact in its size and form. So it doesn’t matter which kind length or weight you use, they remain compact in form. This enables you to keep these compactly in their smallest possible size.

This enables you to work on a variety of curling exercises with ease.


  • Safety – Talk about safety and this model goes an edge further to ensure it. You cannot adjust the weight unless you dock the dumbbell in the storage cradles that it comes with. This is to make sure that you do not end up hurt-ing yourself while changing the weights.
  • Solid – Talk about solid dumbbells and you will realize that these are the most solid adjustable dumbbells out there. That doesn’t mean they won’t rattle. They will, but overall they are stable. You won’t find the dumbbells off balance at any point during your workout, unlike other options.
  • Comfortable Grip – Unlike many traditional sets that usually come with a flat chrome finish, this one comes with a rubber coating that is uniquely designed to provide a more comfortable grip. Your hands can grip the bars easily. The comfort makes it possible for you to hold the weights longer without feeling uneasy.


  • Professional Use – Although great for home use, if you are looking for something tougher, these may not be the best option. These are your regular use dumbbells as against those models that offer professional precision.
  • Buy Stands Separately – Sometimes you have to buy the stands as they are not provided with the dumbbells, and this can raise the to-tal cost ownership of the model. Although the cradles are usually a part of the deal, if you want something more elaborate, this doesn’t offer an amazing stand.


If you want to experience truly the benefits of something close to professional dumbbells at home, these are certainly one of the safest options. Not only can you use them for all kinds of exercises but they hardly take up any space in the house. If you do not have much room for exercising equipment, these are a fitting option.

The lock mechanism that does not require any knobs to turn or pin sliding and aligning. So all you need to do is, twist the handle and your weights are adjusted. This is one of the best features. However, for those looking for a more professional model for aggressive and some heavy duty workout needs, think again before you lay your hands on these.

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