What Does “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” Mean?

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So, you’ve set things up to grab your FedEx package from Walgreens, right? Then you get this fancy notification saying, “Tendered at FedEx OnSite.” But, oh no! Walgreens folks are scratching their heads, saying they haven’t seen your package. Bummer! So, what’s up with that? What does this notification mean, and what’s your next move? Let’s dive in and sort this out.

Simply put, when you see “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” pop up in your tracking, it’s just FedEx-speak for saying their driver handed your package over to the staff at the spot you chose for pick-up. And guess what? Walgreens is usually that popular spot!

Tendered at FedEx OnSite – Guide

Most of the time, that “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” notification you get? It’s a good thing. It means everything is going according to plan. What’s the plan? Well, it’s when the FedEx delivery dude or dudette hands over your awaited package to the team at your chosen OnSite pick-up spot. They use a cool hand scanner thingy to do this. In FedEx’s eyes, your package is now sitting pretty, waiting for you to grab it.

Now, here’s where things might get a bit tricky and probably why you’re here reading this (I feel ya!). Imagine this: the FedEx driver did their job, but the staff at the pick-up spot missed a step. Yikes! They’re supposed to scan your package and let the system know it’s there, ready for you. If they forget, well, that’s a hiccup.

In simple words, sometimes your package might be chilling inside places like Walgreens (which, by the way, is FedEx’s go-to partner for this OnSite thing), but there’s no update telling you so. A little sneaky, right? But don’t worry, we’re on it!

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Arrived at Walgreens for Pick-Up

You got that “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” alert, and you’re all geared up. You think, “My package is waiting for me at Walgreens!” (Yep, we’re using Walgreens as our star example). But then, plot twist! You reach there, and the person at the counter gives you a puzzled look. They’re clueless about your package. Uh-oh.

Here’s the tricky part: if that package wasn’t scanned properly when it arrived, their system won’t have any record of it. It’s like your package turned into a ghost! But you know it’s there…somewhere.

  1. Stay Calm & Be Prepared: First things first, always keep that phone of yours juiced up. It’s your proof! Flash that FedEx tracking info you’ve got.
  2. Show ‘Em the Proof: Point out that “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” update you received. Make sure they know that this Walgreens was the promised land for your package.
  3. Fingers Crossed for a Helpful Clerk: With a bit of luck, you’ll meet a super helpful person who’ll be more than willing to play detective with you. They might check the storeroom, peek into lockers, or just do a bit of sleuthing around.
  4. Believe in Happy Endings: If FedEx did their part right, and the package was truly handed over like the alert said, guess what? Your package will come out of its hidey-hole soon enough. And hey, it’ll feel like a mini treasure hunt!

Package Genuinely Not at Walgreens

  • Give FedEx a Call: If you’ve looked everywhere and there’s still no sign of your package at Walgreens, it’s time to get FedEx on the line. They’ll be the ones to give you the scoop on where your package might have gone.
  • FedEx Plays Detective: Once you chat with them, FedEx will put on their detective hats. They might talk to the driver who was supposed to deliver your package or even have a chat with the Walgreens staff directly. They’re on a mission to find out where your package was last seen.
  • When All Else Fails, File a Claim: In the super rare case that your package plays a long game of hide-and-seek and just can’t be found, you might need to go the official route. This means starting the missing mail claim process with FedEx.
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What Happens After the “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” Update?

Let’s paint a picture of the ideal situation, shall we?

  • A Magical Scan: After the FedEx driver hands over your package to the folks at the OnSite location (like our friend, Walgreens), they should give it a quick scan.
  • Ding! Another Update: When they scan it, magic happens! You’ll get a nifty alert saying your package is all set and waiting for you. It’s like getting a text from your package saying, “Hey there! I’m ready when you are.”
  • Time for a Reunion: Now, with that lovely alert in hand, all you gotta do is head over to the pick-up point. Walk in, show your ID, and voilà! You and your package are reunited. Cue the happy music! 🎶

When everything works like it should, it’s a smooth and easy process. Just a few steps and you’re good to go!

Final Words

So, to sum it all up: the “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” notification? It’s a pretty regular thing. It’s FedEx’s way of saying, “Hey, we gave your package to the OnSite folks!”

The hiccup happens when there aren’t any more scans after that. But hey, if you ever find yourself in this pickle, remember this chat! You’ve got the tools and tips to handle it.

Thanks for hanging with me, and here’s hoping your packages always find their way to you smoothly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” mean?

“Tendered at FedEx OnSite” means that the package has been dropped off at a FedEx location by the sender.

What happens after a package is tendered at FedEx OnSite?

After a package is tendered at FedEx OnSite, it is scanned and processed by FedEx. It is then put into the shipping network to be delivered to its destination.

How long does it take for a package to be delivered after being tendered at FedEx OnSite?

The delivery time after a package has been tendered at FedEx OnSite depends on the type of service chosen by the sender. FedEx offers a variety of shipping options ranging from same-day delivery to international shipping.

What are the hours of operation for FedEx OnSite?

The hours of operation for FedEx OnSite locations vary. To find the hours of operation for a specific location, use the FedEx location finder tool.

Do I need a shipping label to tender a package at FedEx OnSite?

Yes, a shipping label is required to tender a package at FedEx OnSite. The shipping label should be affixed securely to the package before dropping it off.

Is it possible to track a package after it has been tendered at FedEx OnSite?

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